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Video: A Taste of Sri Lanka in 3 Minutes

Great video as usual, but with all due respect, you need a new music consultant. The video for the Mumbai tiffinwallas had an obvious South Indian song accompanying it and this one on Sri Lanka is scored by a Hindi song.

Video: How to Poach Eggs, the Foolproof Method (Really!)

This is a good technique, but Heston's method uses a slotted spoon and he places a plate in the pot of boiling water. Here is the link to his great show on eggs (8:20 for the poaching segment).

Can I Make Vegan Mapo Tofu That's Better Than The Real Thing?

This is amazing. I actually was looking for some veggie recipes for Lent, but the dried mushrooms I get around here are kinda lousy. Would you recommend adding a certain three letter food additive to bump up the flavour? And is said additive vegan/veggie friendly?

Cook the Book: 'Vietnamese Home Cooking'

Whenever I'm feeling a cold coming on, nothing beats a good bowl of pho. I don't know its name in Vietnamese but my go to is with well done brisket, rare flank, and beef tendon.

The Food Lab's Complete Guide to Pan-Seared Steaks

I just recently watched an episode of one of Heston Blumenthal's newer shows where he cooked steak similar to the method you described here. (No surprise, as both of you seem to be big disciples of Harold McGee). My big problem with pan searing steaks is that I always tend to get uneven browning, but I guess basting and constant flipping takes care of that.

We Taste All The Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Biscuit Flavors

I used to make pigs in a blanket using canned biscuits. I make PIABs pretty regularly so I once stocked up on the cans when they went on sale. However, I then came across a recipe for PIABs that used puff pastry (I'm pretty sure it was on SE) and as a result, those cans are somewhere in the back of my freezer, which according to the label is not recommended.

Snapshots from Israel: My Love For Knafe

Love knafe. I get mine from a local Lebanese bakery. They actually eat it for breakfast, usually sandwiched in a sesame seed bun. I find that the bread nicely tones down the sweetness, but I prefer eating it straight with a nice cup of black coffee.

The Food Lab: The Best Korean Fried Chicken

Here's a link to the Modernist method of using Wondra and potato starch. Would love to see a side-by-side comparison or better yet I'll try it myself :)!/show/all/126738/how-to-make-the-crispiest-fried-chicken-wings-ever

Bronx Eats: Why You Should Go on a 6 Train Food Crawl

I have to say, as a Bangladeshi that could never will himself to try shutki, it's pretty surreal to see a mainstream American website suggest trying it at a restaurant.

First Look: Chicago's First Maid-Rite Opens in Lincoln Park

I first saw this sandwich on the PBS special "Sandwiches That You Will Like". I always thought it was a cool concept and remember that with the sandwich you were always served a glass of cold tap water. And I remember it from Roseanne reruns too!

A Tour of a Singaporean Wet Market

This place looks great, love these features on Singapore. Sounds like one hell of a trip!

And just to clarify, only about half the Indian/South Asian population of Singapore are Hindus (and of course not all Hindus abstain from eating beef or meat). A significant portion of the South Asian community are Muslim and Christian, who do eat beef (hence the word Halal under that picture of the cute cow).

13 Classic British Foods We Love

Finding chicken tikka masala in India is difficult, you'll find murgh makhni/butter chicken, but CTM is largely a British invention. Same goes with onion bhaji and kedgeree is completely different from the South Asian dish its supposedly based on, the South Asian version never has fish. So really they are British and for something to be considered British in the 21st century is completely different from what was considered British in the Victorian Age. And I've never bought the argument that scotch eggs are based on nargisi kofta, in the same way I don't think Marco Polo brought noodles to China (or vice versa). I don't think it's too far-fetched to think that similar food items to be conceived in two different places.

The Food Lab: How to Make a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich at Home

I was looking for a skinless fried chicken recipe and this looks great, thanks again Kenji!

The 25 Best Things I Ate in Israel

Toast with an egg in it pan-fried in bone marrow...that's just beautiful.

The Pizza Lab: Three Doughs to Know

Would you recommend freezing any of these doughs for later use? I would love to make the Sicilian at the cottage for the weekend, but I don't wanna lug the heavy stand mixer along.

My 5 Favorite Episodes of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations

The best episodes are the ones where he genuinely enjoys the locale, so my favourites are the ones that took place in Southeast Asia, the episodes in Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Singapore stand out (the latest one in Penang was pretty great too). Loved the Cajun Country episode as well and all the New York ones, particularly the Disappearing Manhattan one. My favourite moment in the entire series was in the Haiti episode, where he decides to buy out a street vendor and giveaway the food to the locals...which of course leads to skirmishes between the people fighting for food. It's hard to explain why that scene sticks out so much to me. I guess there was an incredible sense of honesty in that scene. Following the earthquake, a lot was made of how we can help out Haiti; this scene put that into perspective and demonstrated that problems in the world are not so black and white. The complex nature of how the world operates has been a recurring theme on No Reservations. Because the show and Bourdain himself refuse to sugarcoat things is why it has been such an endearing watch over the years. Can't wait for the last few episodes and I look forward to his new show on CNN.

A Guide to a Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast

"Milk was introduced in Asia by Westerners and before dairy, soymilk was, and still is, the staple breakfast drink. "

Should that say Taiwan, or East Asia, because milk has been a staple in South Asia for millenia.

Either way, now that's what I call breakfast!

Chain Reaction: Harvey's

A lot of people up here have this patriotic/nostalgic allegiance to Harvey's, but I've personally never been a fan. I'd much rather prefer a burger from McDonald's or Wendy's, because the meat patty tastes like filler, not beef nor grease, but some bland substance used to stretch out the meat. They do make good chicken sandwiches and it's almost always fried to order.

The Food Lab: The Best Way To Grill Sausages

I'm really freaked out now because I just picked up sausages yesterday hoping to grill them off today, but I was having a hard time finding resources to show how to do that. Thanks again Kenji.

The Bronx: An Evening of Celebratory Bangladeshi Food at Neerob

Wow as a proud Bangladeshi I can tell you that your host pulled out all the stops and made a meal truly befitting of a "daughter's wedding". It's great to see authentic Bangladeshi food finally being available to the masses and to see people even experience the food authentically by using their hand to eat! It was especially to cool see that they served patishapta (which is part of a huge subgenre of Bengali sweets made from rice flour known as pitha). Pitha are usually reserved for the most special of occasions; for instance, the only time of the year my mother makes patishapta and other pitha are for Christmas.

7 Can't-Miss Dosas in NYC

@digital Being a big fan of dosa and Das Racist, I can't wait for that film to come out.

A good friend of mine who has travelled his fair share across South India came over the other day and whipped up some masala dosas for a great little Sunday lunch. He used the stuff from the box and it isn't as hard as you might think. You do need a special pan called a tawa to get the conical structure, but theoretically you can use whatever you have that can make crepes.

This might be sacrilege to say but one of my favourite variants of dosa are the ones filled with processed mozzarella or cheddar. The cheese gets a nice crispness and it's quite reminiscent of how you get the cheese from a grilled cheese sandwich to ooze out and then essentially fry in the pan. Dip that stuff in an extra potent sambar and you're set!

A Tour of Kalustyan's, the Indian Specialty Food Megastore

Wow that is impressive. I have a lot of South Asian markets around me here in suburban Toronto, but I don't ever remember seeing a loose tea collection like that...which would go great with the Parle-G biscuits (these biscuits are iconic in the South Asian diaspora and the packaging was recently spoofed by the rapper Heems on his "Nehru Jackets" mixtape cover art).

There's a package of those multicolored wagon wheel pasta in my parents' pantry that has always puzzled me, because the packaging is from the local Indian grocer. As someone stated before, they are meant to be fried and apparently there is a similar snack in Mexico called duros or duritos.

A Midnight Street Food Tour of Queens with Jeff Orlick

Awesome post. My homebase when I visit New York is Jackson Heights where my cousins live and I'm definitely checking out some of these places, if not the entire tour, the next time I'm down there.


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