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Muffin Myth-Busting: Don't Waste Your Time Tossing Berries in Flour

Down with flour! The bleed of the unadulterated berries is my favorite part. I'll try this method next time I have huckleberries on hand.

Roasted Potato and Shallot Salad With Marinated Mushrooms and Kale

This was dinner tonight, and, I have to say it was a fantastic surprise.

I wasn't sure how it would turn out, with the harshness of white vinegar, and the seeming disconnect between the raw kale/roasted potatoes and mushrooms. But, kale is a popular winter salad green in our house, so I am always looking for new ideas.

Definitely a repeat recipe, and the dressing will make a recurrence in other salads.

Staff Picks: Our Go-To Airplane Foods

Usual suspects: Sandwich built on frozen bread (PB&J, tapenade and vegetable), gorp, hummus and radish, apple, water, alcohol wipes. I've also brought leftover Indian food and egg salad with kimchee ... you're welcome seat mates :-)

I always pack food, which served well on two international flights where the airline ran out of the requested vegetarian/vegan meals.

The Trouble With Strawberry Ice Cream: How to Nail the Trickiest Dessert

I've made Jeni's both with and without the buttermilk — it's a solid recipe either way, and more strawberry and cream w/o the buttermilk tang.

The New Rules of Pasta Salad

I generally go for a flavor- and proportionally vegetable-heavy pasta salad. Sauces are optional, and, occasionally, unnecessary when a good spice and flavor is applied (as in the example).

Extra gooey and semi-hard cheeses can work. Toss small chunks of gooey or shredded semi-hard cheese ( 1-2 ounces per lb of pasta) with hot pasta until combined — no sweaty weird cheese.

+1 on no mayonnaise ... especially when combined with tons of sugar and hardboiled eggs. Urk.

How to Make the Ultimate Poutine

@gaffer don't think of it like French fries with a side of ketchup. If you're looking for a comparable, poutine is more akin to nachos with the crispy bits on the outside of the pile, softer as you reach the center.

mmm. Poutine. Now I want some!

How Cereal Became the Quintessential American Breakfast

Interesting history. Cold cereals were foreign to me as a kid, but hot grains made an occasional appearance in the winter.

As a result, I was horrified the first time I encountered cereal. Milk and sweet cardboard? No. Where was my peanut butter toast? Or, better yet, cheese toast

My husband's a huge fan of raisin bran and lucky charms.

Easy No-Knead Olive-Rosemary Focaccia With Pistachios

@Arlius — mine didn't "rise dramatically" either on the first rise, less than 1x to my eye. A combo of a really large bowl (4-6 quart) and 60° kitchen? But, I persevered and moved the dough to the cast iron skillet. It's rising nicely now.

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 4

- Vegan desserts that will appeal to a super-sweet, dairy-loving audience
- Tofu, tempeh and such
- A few simple, quick week night meals

And, I know you cover this anyway, but in case you need encouragement: techniques, flavor enhancements, etc.

How to Make Maryland Fried Chicken With White Gravy

Maryland fried chicken is the state's best-kept secret. My MD-native husband had never heard of it until we were in Georgia and saw a restaurant advertising their version of Maryland fried chicken.

Still haven't seen it in Maryland!

Creamy Roasted Broccoli Soup With Buttermilk and Spiced Pepitas

This is quite possibly the best broccoli soup I've ever had — rich and complex flavor without being bogged down by tons of dairy.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Forbes and Economist ads are taking over the entire screen on iPad/iPhone right now. Any chance the full-screen ads can be taken down?

Use Your Slow Cooker to Make This Easy Creamed Kale

Yes, please post more kale recipes! Substitute another green if you're not a fan.

The Food Lab: Introducing Vegetables Wellington, the Plant-Based Vegan Roast Even Meat Eaters Will Want

@Leang Chaing — not the OP, but I have been experiencing the same problem over the last few weeks. I haven't noted a recurring/specific ad, but I generally give up and move on if the page doesn't load quickly.

This is on an ipad4 and iphone5S, software up to date on both.

The Food Lab's Emergency Cooking Kit: How to Fit All the Tools You Need in One Small Box

I've done this a time or two (military brat, wife, frequent mover) and having learned from my mother pack a box with:

Paper towels
Chef knife
Paring knife (or, more frequently, pocket knife)
Cutting board
5 qt Dutch oven (or similar pot)
Cast iron skillet
Mid-size mixing bowl
Place settings (2 for us)
Water bottles
Dish soap
Salt, pepper and small bottle of olive oil
Trash bags

Manner Matters: How to Curb an Over-Orderer

I am that girl. Give me a new to me, well-regarded place and I will be tempted to order everything.

Between myself and my mother, we attempted to order 2/3 of the vegetarian menu at an Indian restaurant. The waiter finally exclaimed "too much, too much!" while my husband just covered his face :-)

It was too much, but the leftovers were fantastic.

Manner Matters: Can I Bring My Own Tonic Water?

No no no no. If you are a regular, ask the restaurant to stock a bottle or two of tonic. Otherwise, grow up and order something else.

Know Your Tahini: The Many Sides of a Sesame Powerhouse

+1 on the fridge. We go through a jar (tin?) rather rapidly, so it probably wouldn't have time to go rancid, but I'd rather not get a nasty surprise.

In addition to the above, I use it in potato kale salad.

The Bloody Mary: The History and Science of an Oddball Classic

@magtured & marais

I was just coming here to add the all-important gin. Vodka is used on occasion, when someone's left the remnants of a bottle after a party, but if I'm planning to make a bloody mary as a treat, only gin will do.