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  • Location: BROKE-LYN
  • Favorite foods: good chinese (anything, dimsum especially), charcoal grilled porterhouse (rare only), tripe (eating it as i write!), pate on toast with blackberry jam, milk tea, super chunky tomato sauce....the list goes on...
  • Last bite on earth: perfect sushi in japan, or a really great steak tartare....can i have both in the same bite?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

bone in ribeye, super rare!!! with an ice cold coke!!

Poll: Panettone, Way or No Way?

is this a real question? of course. you eat that shit until it's gone. i like it with ham and cheese!!!!!!!!

Dessert help for XMAS

i've been wanting to make this recipe for coffee jello for some time, it looks so simple and amazing, maybe add some cool whip? i imagine it's pretty lo cal....

The Crisper Whisperer: Broccoli and Walnut Pesto

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks


What's your stuffing / dressing recipe?

my mom always makes a bread stuffing but starts with TONS of celery & onion sauteed in butter and sage...then she adds breakfast sausage, sometimes craisins &/or walnuts. it's soooo f'ing wake up to smell it cooking in the morning is my favorite part of thankgiving!

Grilling: Butterflied Leg of Lamb

LOVE that you're still grillin' in november! i wish i had a bbq! i love it so much!

Time for a Drink: Bloody Mary

MAN, only this site can make me salivate while i'm home on a saturday night w/ a nasy little stomach bug...i LOVE gin. someone said cilantro - never had it, but me wanty. i live in williamsburg brooklyn and a spot right down the ave from me called Enid's makes theres with a long toothpick full of differnet kinds of wonderful little pickles and olives. WONDERFUL. anything else pickled a bonus. in fact, two long toothpicks full of a variety of pickles. this a fantasy right?! another place called double down saloon on ave A in the east village makes theirs with bacon vodka, and a SLIM JIM swizzle stick. i will also steal the slim jim idea and include it in mine, instead! so that is: gin, cilantro, spicy and horeseradishy/blackpepery, pickle explosion, and a meat stick. a-thank-ayou.


@zhong li qiu: that sounds amazing, i would love a little sampler menu of some kind if it's not too much trouble - i would like to avoid anything TOO complicated (i.e deep fried, etc) but i would like a chicken dish, a veggie dish, and a few appetizers, spareribs included! i live in NYC so asian groceries are quite easy to procure, so any specialty stuff won't be a problem. thanks so much!

How to Make an Ice Cream Smore'wich

i just popped a serious food boner from this one!

Rising Hipster Trend: Obscure Deli Meats

obscure? lol...what about those of use raised in bensonhurst brooklyn? i've been eating every cold cut under the sun since day 1, ain't nothin' hip about it, just how it is....

Video: How to Make a Hot Dog Flute

why don't you just skip all the terrible sexual metaphors and go out and get yourself a real weiner?

Video: How to Make a Hot Dog Flute

Cooking for someone on medical marijuana?

to echo what a lot of commenters said, THC is fat soluble so you can't truly have a SUPER nutritional dish (that is, fat free) if you want to make the most of your THC. I would say make an olive oil or a butter, you said you've done that already, and just cook freely with it. A WORD OF WARNING: medical grade marijuana is extremely potent and its potency is increased significantly when eaten. if this person doesn't like to get "too stoned" then use sparingly. eating too much THC can result in a trip that many people find way too intense, feelings of disassociation, auditory hallucinations (i've heard monkeys screaming and bells ringing) which can occasionally lead to flipping the f*ck out, or as hunter s. calls it, "the fear".

too many bananas!

oh man! @ martinime & @ hungrychristel, those sound so so amazing, paling in comparison to the millionth damn banana i've eaten in the past few days! i'm staring at it right now i don't think i can take another bite. however, i could totally cram a banana walnut bread with DARK CHOCOLATE CHIPS in my face. this may be the winner. thanks lady!

One word answer only, please...Coke or Pepsi?

Who Likes Grape Soda?

y'know, i DO like grape soda. i just never ever drink it. grape kool aid too - there's something about it! i like artifical flavor with a bit of tartness, have yet to find a grape soda like that. any suggestions? i'm also a fan of schweppes grape ginger ale...and concord grape juice...but again, they are not regular parts of my life.

favorite stoned snack

@steamsoldier i LOVE it when food materializes whilst stoned like that! it's called destiny! once at school, i wanted chocolate, and was waiting for the elevator back to my floor and the doors opened and there was a simply wrapped GOLDEN chocolate bar on the floor of the elevator. like no brand or anything. i took this as a "sign" and proceeded to take it off the floor, unwrap, and eat it.

also, on the same note of chocolatey goodness, a few months later of the same year my (stoned) friends and i discovered that the vending machine was spitting out coins after you dropped them in, but REGISTERING AS PAID, so we used the same dime over and over to clean the damn thing out! i remember pressing peanut m&ms into a drake's cake little round pound cake. something about plain butter cake and m&ms...mmmmmmm.....

New Pizza Blog 'Slice Harvester' Plans to Eat at Every Pizzeria in NYC

i was JUST going to say, who is this shmuck with too much time on his hands?

hahahah, must be nice to only have to eat pizza all day. something about this makes me mad. i don't understand why there is this QUEST for "the best" pizza. there really isn't such a thing. it's all contextual. stop the madness!

In Season: Corn

lately just been choppin' them off the cob and throwing them into a really green salad, maybe some kale, gorgeous tomaters, etc. so good raw!

In Season: Corn

lately just been choppin' them off the cob and throwing them into a really green salad, maybe some kale, gorgeous tomaters, etc. so good raw!

Flushing’s Hunan House: The Real Deal

holy crap, pardon my fronch, but the tofu dish described above in conjunction with those piggy ears (so closely resembling chichis mouthwatering business last week or so...)

i'm drooling at my desk. i'm so in love with chinese food its scary. i never go to queens and i know that's a total dummy move, i will get on this! thank you!

Standing Room Only: Bari Foods

giardiniera is my FAVEY, just bought all the tools to pickle some of my own & i can't wait. my only gripe with this sandy, as a native of bensonhurst brooklyn, is the choice of genoa salami which i was brought up to regard as "no good". replace that with a few slices of soppresata, hot OR sweet (i prefer hot), and we got a deal...

Brooklyn Bowl: Can Bowling Alley Food Be Finger-Lickin' Good?

man, how many people ate all this food? did they have a defibrillator at this joint?! i've been such a lazy williamsburger i haven't even made it over to this place, don't really like bowling, but what may sway me is that glistening hot fudge sundae, something i've been craving all summer and i need to GET ON real quick. right to the face! hope the fudge is thick n' a little that's the best...

Video: Frank Bruni Reviews the Choco Taco

i really wanted to like these, but they have that "bendy waffle cone" thing going on which is a total bummer. maybe this freshly made - with a warm waffle cone bent into taco shape, some fresh hot fudge, etc. we could have something going on. choco tacos as they currently stand are lame! much better off with a king cone...


So my friends and I often get together and cook large meals that we gather nice ingredients for. I brought up the topic of a Chinese dinner for the next meal and as lover of Asian food I know there are many ways to approach this but I would be open to suggestions, anything ya got, single dishes but also full menus would be helpful! Has anyone done this before? Just for some guidance, I think we want spare ribs, but I also really loved the look of a recipe for lion's head meatballs I think that was featured as a recipe on here months ago....

Whattya think??

too many bananas!

guys, i have about 9 crazy ripe bananas that need to be put into SOMETHING by tomorrow. my sister and i bought a bunch on the same day like dummies and i couldn't bear to see them all go to waste. i'm crazy about banana bread, so something of that nature would be great, though i'm not limited to that. preferably something i could eat over a few days being that there will probably be tons of it. always love what you guys have to say, so whattya think? what will become of these nanners?

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