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Typical Weekday Breakfast

Sausage burrito from Mickey D's and a coke Buck 75

Alternative uses for things..

Montreal steak seasoning is da bomb! I use it on everything! scrambled eggs with a slice of cheese and the seasoning..heaven!

Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

salpico can you say snobby foodie..just read your food list jeez

Food Humor On Sitcoms

@Rhonda Chicken Lady and my favorite episode The goddess of Workmens Comp

Gluttonous murderer ruins it for everyone

My question is 'who granted this obviously bogus request?" Would it have killed them to say No?

Food Sins

And just a ps to starving..did you know welfare bucks go sooo much farther with junk food than healthy. A welfare parent could Never feed a family healthy with thier welfare money as much in a month as they could on junk food. If healthy food were as cheap as junk..jus sayin.

Food Sins

@lemon..thank you. As a single out of work mom..summers feeding my boys is sooo hard..thanks so much for helping and knowing without a school lunch program..2 hungry teens at home all day is so difficult. God Bless

Food Sins

Wow..if it weren't for food pantrys and free school lunches, kraft mac, ramen, cheap frozen pizza and banquet 88 cent frozen dinners..not to mention a good old frozen burrito my two boys would actually be starving students. I come to this site to dream about what I would cook if we had the money..not to read ignorant statements from fake foodies like you. If you want to starve..rather than eat these things be my guest, I'm sure your mother would be so proud

Food you were denied as a kid and crave now

My Mom made the best Tollhouse cookies..her dough was so delicious but we could only have a small taste all the rest became cookies..It took me many years to master her recipie..finally got it right in my 20s a few years after she died sadly, she never got to tast my cookies. Now I make the dough for my 2 boys and we almost never bake them just eat the dough..not often but satisfying to be a grownup...Also, I lived on MTV and HBO I was 12 when it premiered..loved my parents for letting me do that

Bad Restaurant Reviews

@rat That may be, but how does it really make you feel?

Are you a keeper or a giver?

Mine is out of necessity, as we don't often have a lot of food, n I'm 130lbs with 2 strapping teenage boys, I give. Doesn't matter whether its my fav meal or not. My boys always get the biggest portions or the last of something before me. However, I do put myself before the 2 dogs :D

Something Different

Thank you for all the great suggestions! @ Teacher, yes there's no substitute for SE that's why I run out of things to read..I read it all!

The $3 Big Mac (sort of) mini meal

Ok..this comment is prefaced with a warning label Back in the mid 60's my Dad worked at a local burger joint much like a Mickey D's and the onions came dehydrated in 5gal buckets..You used water to rehydrate them, that is, unless you were a buch of high school jocks..then you..well ..relieved yourself on them turning them purple. So the moral of the story? If your Mickey D's has purple onions..don't go there :D

Soul Daddy Closes Final Restaurant

Just an update to this..The restaurant has already been turned into a Buffalo Wild Wings and Jamawn's brother says his brother is out with nothing and is heartbroken. I knew the minute it premiered it was a can't just open and reproduce a restaurant idea like that..I know I owned my own for all of a yr and half..It's not as easy as the show made you believe..not for anyone. Not even Bobby Flay

New McNugget Sauces from McDonald's

For my son and I it has and will always be sweet n sour dunk and then a hot mustard dunk..those two flavors are magical we use it for our fries and it tastes even better on pretzels! Viva la Sweet n Sour n Hot Mustard!

The $3 Big Mac (sort of) mini meal

At my house we keep a few cups of "special sauce" in the fridge in case we want to make a house big mac. 25 cents a cup and it adds flavor to almost any burger or sandwich.. LOVE MY MICKEY D'S

The $3 Big Mac (sort of) mini meal

@kanger lol! my thoughts exactly! Foodie snob I'd say..

I *did* eat it as a kid...and I never stopped!

Last nights dinner pizza rolls n spiral KRAFT mac n cheese since I was born and I'll never stop mwahhhaaa!

Favorite Things to Grill

I know it's basic but much better caramelized! Yum!

Kitchen (Injury) Nightmares

Omg! Same story just different place. I worked at Hardees in high school and while working the fry station on a busy night got crazy with the salt and boom hand goes up and sticks to the heating lamp still have the scar 27 yrs later

Has the whole chef-advertising thing finally gone too far?

Collichio defended that ad on an ep of Top Chef..he said he drinks diet coke and sells it in his restaurant .. so why not?

How do you clean the inside of an oven w/o a self-clean feature?

I clean apartments for a living and ovens on a daily basis. We use a strong but effective product called Proforce Oven Grill and Fryer Cleaner. You'll need gloves and a razor blade in a holder. Spray the entire area and wait a few minutes untill the white foam becomes clear and then scrape your little heart out. People are surprizingly unaware of how rough you can be on an ovens surface. My ovens are spotless unless the stain is inbetween the window panes. After scraping just wipe with paper towels and then a clean cloth. No hot oven leftover white mess. I hate when someone has tried to use that Easy Off Not white crap. Always have to re-clean those before I can clean them. Comes out of their deposit everytime.

Seriously Ronald?!?! WTF

I went to McD's this morning and scored several hot mustard, new packaging but here in ND they said the chipolte bbq was being replaced by the new sweet chili..So I'm good to go :D

Seriously Ronald?!?! WTF

Oh NOOO! Say it isn't so Joe! hot mustard mixed with their sweet n sour has been my go to ever since it came on the market..I've got a few packs stashed in the fridge..better check my McD's tomorrow and stock up I don't eat them often but I don't want new sauces..If it aint broke..