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Brewery to Watch: Propolis Brewing, Port Townsend, WA

"We'd like to see interest in herbal brewing expand, but we don't want to put ourselves in that category," says Robert Horner of Propolis Brewing. "So much of what we're doing is influenced by place, French-Belgian brewing, the countryside, old England, Old World. Our ales, they're herbal, but they have a lot more in common with a Westmalle or Dupont than most of the gruits on market." More

Beer Tripping: How to Plan a Perfect Beer-Focused Vacation

@TheRoamingPint Yes, I love GoogleMaps for pre-planning! Only problem is I can't access My Maps via iPhone anymore, unless you log on to Safari. Huge pain--I hope Google corrects it soon.

Would You Date a Bartender?

My motto's always been, "Don't date where you drink." A good bar should be a safe space where you can go after a meh date, flirt with the bartender if you like, and leave it at that.

Ask a Cicerone: Breweries to Watch in 2014

I'd definitely keep an eye on Side Project Brewing out of St. Louis and founder/brewer Cory King. All barrel-aged beer, from stouts to saisons to really interesting wild and brett beers. I think King's got that great blend of brewing smarts and patience while being able to push the boundaries of beer.

Trillium Brewing in Boston (only the third brick and mortar brewery in Boston proper) already has a huge following of their IPAs and farmhouse ales and I think it's only going to get grow as they release more beer. Watch out for their barrel-aged offerings, especially.

Tree House Brewing makes one of the best IPAs in MA (Julius) and just opened in a new location. They've hinted before about canning their beer, I'd love to see that happen in the next year.

And seconded Idle Hands/Enlightenment Ales. A pretty cool brewing/business agreement that will benefit both sides and the beer.

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