Luke Davin

Co-Founder of Eat My Heart Out Supper Club, Cook at YUJI Ramen, Intern for The Food Lab

  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Favorite foods: Biscuits and gravy, Poached eggs and toast, ice cream
  • Last bite on earth: slab-cut slow-grilled bacon, summer tomato, mustard greens, poached egg, black pepper, deep-fried crouton

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Behind the Scenes at Sun Noodle's Ramen Factory in LA

Cady36, that's a great idea! Now I want to test it out too. Let me know what works for you.

A Ramen Crawl Through LA With Sun Noodle

Thanks for the heads-up johnnytakes5 and The Offalo, the links should be gravy now, or at the very least, functional code.
Blaine, you should definitely try it out. It's great theatrics and an unexpected way to thicken the mouthfeel of a soup or sauce. I'd love to know what else you work it into.

Four Pacific Northwest Cheeses Fit for a King (or Queen)

I was also shocked Rogue wasn't included. The hazelnut-smoked blue is a great example of a well-executed classic with one twist that puts it on another level.


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