7th Street and 1st Ave

If you get the chance try the Caracas Arepas in Williamsburg bk .. much more room to sit down and enjoy- even a garden in the back!

dinner in NYC

Scalini Fedeli in tribeca is great upscale italian my 1st choice..
Del Posto is also very good.

Dinner in East Village?

i lived in the hood for 3 1/2 years and some of my faves are:

Cafecito (cuban .. ave C and 12th st)
Sunburnt Cow (for unlimited cocktail brunch -- Ave C. also)
Do-Sirak (korean food NOT korean bbq)
Mama Mexico Centro
Hiro (for sushi)
The Smith (for Brunch only)
Caracas (venezuelan arepas)
Momofuku Ssam


going to wd-50 for the 1st time soon and im looking forward to it.. I would LOVE to get a tour of the kitchen (i'm a bit of a food AND chemistry geek!) and I have no idea how to arrange this .. even for a quick 5 min behind the scenes.. any ideas? anybody know anybody that can help out? Would be greatly appreciative!

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