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The Food Lab's All-American Meatloaf

I know anchovy paste is probably a poor substitute for whole anchovies in a tin, but would it be possible to use a certain amount of anchovy paste (say, a teaspoon) to substitute for the three whole anchovies, and maybe then add less salt to the mixture before baking? I don't use anchovies very often, and would hate to waste the unused anchovies from the tin if I only need to use three of them...

The New Rules of Pasta Salad

I'm wondering if you also have any "rules" relating to the proportion of pasta to mix-ins. Whether hot or cold, I tend to lean more toward pasta dishes that have a lot of mix-ins; perhaps I feel better about eating a plate of starch when I know I'm getting something healthy out of it as well, or my taste buds just get tired of eating the starchy pasta. Your salad, while surely flavorful with chorizo fat and pickled onion, looks to be very pasta-centric. Could a pasta salad that's chock full of vegetables (prepared like you describe above--blanched, roasted, etc.) be an acceptable pasta salad?

How to Clean Out Your Spice Cabinet and Organize it—for Good

I recently bought sets of these stackable storage containers to rein in my lesser-used, bulk-purchased spices:

I get a lot of my spices at Penzeys and like the uniformity they lend to my spice cabinet. I bought little 3/4" round labels and labeled the tops of all the containers so I could easily see what's what. (my spice cabinet is a pull out cabinet under the counter.)

One question I have about spices is whether they can be frozen. For some spices I go through quickly (like cumin and aleppo pepper), I bought bulk bags from Penzey's and put them in the freezer, refilling the jars as they ran low. Is this not a good approach?

Indian-Style Stir-Fried Spiced Carrots

I assume "grated coconut" means fresh coconut but in the absence of that, what's the best supermarket alternative? sweetened or unsweetened? does it matter if it's flakes or shreds?

Spice Up Your Holiday With Three Spiced Nuts Variations

also, I've done lots of comparison shopping and it seems Trader Joe's nuts are the cheapest option available (at least in the Boston area)--even better than bulk nuts at the supermarket/health food store, or supermarket nuts on sale. Since spiced nut recipes can often be one of the most expensive holiday baking recipes, saving a few dollars is helpful!

Spice Up Your Holiday With Three Spiced Nuts Variations

Are there any good tips for "rescuing" spiced nuts that didn't turn out too well? I recently made a (non-Serious Eats) recipe for nuts that didn't call for egg, nor butter--maple syrup was apparently the sweetener AND the binder--and a lot of the spice mix didn't stick. Is it possible to reglaze these and re-bake them at a lower temperature so they don't burn? Or can they not be salvaged with another turn in the oven? I'd hate to turn a mediocre-but-edible batch of nuts into an inedible batch.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

could the ganache be dropped into a pastry bag (or ziploc with the corner cut off) and piped in or would the consistency not work well?

Chicken Liver Pâté With Bourbon and Cranberry Gelée

I made a half batch, which was a huge amount in and of itself, and used pomegranate juice (from a small Pom bottle, which I thought was a better bet than buying a huge jar of cranberry juice that I wouldn't use up fast enough). I thought it tasted good but it ended up looking rather muddy; the pate was definitely cooled enough, but perhaps I hadn't waited long enough for the liquid gelee to cool and it started to dissolve a bit of the top layer of pate. In any case, I thought it tasted great; very rich and indulgent and the tangy-sweet layer on top was a good counterpoint.

Roasted Cauliflower With Pine Nut, Raisin, and Caper Vinaigrette

I realize this is a pretty silly question, but a is there a decent substitute for capers, either in flavor or texture, for this or other caper-flecked recipes? my husband *hates* capers and pretty much won't touch a dish if he sees them, nor will he order a dish at a restaurant with them listed on the menu, but I know capers add good flavor and don't want to just leave them out entirely. thanks!

Hazelnut Maple Cookies With Orange Zest From 'Ovenly'

Bob's Red Mill makes hazelnut meal/flour...would this be an acceptable substitute? If so, how much of the pre-ground meal would be used? One pound, like the original weight of whole nuts?

Knife Skills: How to Prepare, Peel, and Cut Butternut Squash

A couple people mentioned contact dermatitis; it seems to me less of an irritation problem than a coating problem. There seems to be something in the cut flesh of the squash that adheres really well to the skin and is hard to take off. (that might explain someone above saying the squash contact makes their skin come off--intense scrubbing to take it off?) I try to wash/rinse my hands as frequently as I can when cutting squash to minimize the waxy/glue-like coating on my fingers, but would love to know if there are any ways to remove that stuff once it's stuck on! (I do find that using the knife to remove the peel, and not a peeler, does help a lot in this regard.)

American Chop Suey: The Cheesy, Beefy, Misnamed Stovetop Casserole That Deserves a Comeback

Made this last night for dinner and it was delicious. I really like the suggestion of mashing up the ground beef, worked like a charm.

So You Like Flavor? Don't Soak Your Black Beans!

is there a general ratio of beans to water for cooking via this method? I think most recipes call for "covering the beans by 1 inch" or something like that but pan sizes vary. If I get a one-pound bag of black beans from the supermarket is there a standard volume of water (say, 2 quarts) that would be good to use each time, regardless of the pan, allowing them to fully cook while having just enough water left over to evaporate into the "gravy" at the end?

Recipes From Chiang Mai: How to Make Real Deal Khao Soi Gai (Coconut Curry Noodle Soup With Chicken)

I was introduced to Khao Soi at a new Northern Thai restaurant here in the Boston area and it's been a favorite ever since. So when you wrote about it recently I was looking forward to seeing a recipe!

Friday Night Meatballs: How to Change Your Life With Pasta

Sarah, I like the idea of making/freezing the meatballs in advance and letting them cook in the crockpot the day of, whether it's a frequent or once-in-a-blue-moon occasion. Do you freeze the meatballs uncooked, and then drop them in from frozen into the sauce? Or cook them fully (or partially) and then reheat (or finish cooking) them in the crockpot?

Tangy and Creamy Macaroni Salad

You said the salad should chill at least an hour, but how far in advance can it be made? I'm having a BBQ Friday evening but won't be home Thursday night, so could I make it Wednesday? I worry rushing home to make it Friday right after work won't give it enough time to chill.

Cinnamon-Apple Baked Oatmeal

to ensure even mixing and avoid spills (since the pan is shallow), could I scoop the apples into a large bowl after taking them out of the oven, mix them with the other ingredients, and then dump everything back into the baking pan? Since you have to mix the butter, sugar, etc. in a pan anyway, it seems you wouldn't be dirtying any extra dishes...

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

marshmallows! and red (or any other color if red is not available, I'm not picky!).

18 Sweet Corn Recipes For Summer

What's SE's take on boiling corn? I can't seem to find definitive guidance on how long to cook it, whether to add salt and/or sugar to the water, etc. My friend swears by boiling it for about 10 minutes with salt and sugar in the water; my sister-in-law thinks that's blasphemy and says corn should only be boiled for one minute with nothing added to the water. And I know lots of people leave leftover corn in the hot water after cooking it. The complicating factor, of course, is that sometimes corn is really sweet and sometimes it's sat around and is a bit bland. Any guidance is appreciated!

Smoky and Spicy Yogurt Marinated Chicken Kebabs

I assume full(er)-fat yogurt is preferred, but can nonfat yogurt work as well? it's hard to find full-fat yogurt in smaller portions.

Yogurt and Dill Crackers From 'The Nourished Kitchen'

Could the butter be brushed on the dough (and perhaps salt sprinkled on top) BEFORE it's cut into squares? that seems much easier/cleaner than brushing a bunch of individual squares.

Yogurt and Dill Crackers From 'The Nourished Kitchen'

Could the butter be brushed on the dough (and perhaps salt sprinkled on top) BEFORE it's cut into squares? that seems much easier/cleaner than brushing a bunch of individual squares.

Homemade Chocolate Graham Crackers

can you gather and reroll the scraps, or would the rerolled dough be too tough?

Flourless Bitter Lime Coconut Macaroon Cake with White Chocolate Whipped Cream

You note that the heavy cream is "divided" but you don't indicate how much cream should be mixed with the white chocolate in the microwave. I assume it's not much, but can you clarify?

How to Descale Your Automatic Coffeemaker, and Why You Should

Is there a formula for DIY citric acid descaling? Is it just plain ol' citric acid, with a certain amount used based on the capacity of the pot?


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