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Win a Copy of 'Downtown Italian'

I was fortunate to find two Italian friends in nursing school who would invite me to their homes on the weekend. Their mothers knew the way to my heart. I will never forget how their food made me feel like I belonged....

Win a Copy of 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'

Goodness, I have different foods associated with comfort: chicken soup with matzoh balls when I am sick; Lidia Bastianich's papperadelle with mushrooms when I want to revel in a meal with friends; angel hair with caviar when I want to soothe my wounded soul; and fried chicken when I am at my wit's end....or just plain mad.

Win a Copy of 'Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food'

Had a wonderful Coq au vin at Daniel last December that I would give my left leg to recreate....simply magical.

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

I definitely need one to monitor my next London Broil...too easy to screw up without this little baby. I'm a black or white kinda gal.....

The Best Margaritas in Austin, Texas

La Condesa does a fine margarita with fresh juices and an assortment of tequilas. And watered down, they are not.

Crisp-Skinned Butterflied Roast Turkey With Gravy

I am having 14 people for Thanksgiving and want to spatchcock 2 12 lb birds. Can I roast the two turkeys in the same oven at the same time without altering the temperature of the oven or the cooking time?

Where to Eat a Pre- or Post-Theater Dinner in NYC

I second Blue Fin. I was just there three weeks ago and had a wonderful lobster roll before a Saturday matinee. Their brunch menu was also lovely. Really nice Gruner veltliner by the glass.

Cook the Book: 'The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen'

Shrimp and grits in Charleston, seafood gumbo in New Orleans, and fried chicken wherever it is marinated in buttermilk.

Looking for dining suggestions in Venice, Italy.

Thanks all. I appreciate your time and good humor.

Cook the Book: 'Around the Southern Table'

As a transplanted Yankee, good shrimp and grits is hard to beat. And pecan pie, warmed with vanilla ice cream....pretty close to heaven.

Bake the Book: Edible DIY

This year it was limoncello that I made from a recipe from Il Buco in Sorrento. I have very happy friends.

Bake the Book: The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook

I'm a fan of creme brulee from anywhere if the custard is light and flavorful, but my absolute favorite regional dessert was a chocolate silk pie I had many years ago in Minneapolis. I still salivate when I think of it....

Knead the Book: Southern Biscuits

Depends...savory or sweet. Savory: country gravy with pork sausage or instead of pie crust on a chicken pot pie. Sweet: strawberries and whipped cream.

Cook the Book: 'Rustic Italian Food'

Loved the last meal I had at Osteria, but my all time favorite meal was the Feast of the Seven Fishes shared on Christmas Eve many years again with my best friend's family. Just heavenly.

Knead the Book: 'The Italian Baker'

White bean and escarole soup with an entire loaf of ciabatta (well, almost)!

Cook the Book: 'Good Food to Share'

It's a DIY year...limoncello and Irish Cream for gifts. Angel hair pasta with caviar for me with champagne on New Year's Eve.

Cook the Book: 'American Flavor'

American flavor is anything that is made with love and that brings people together. It is whatever reminds us of home, wherever that might be.

Cook the Book: 'Home Cooking with Jean-Georges'

Roast chicken with Thomas Keller....and a side of his Leek Bread Pudding. Life may not get any better.

Cook the Book: 'The Mozza Cookbook'

I celebrated a Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes with my best friend's family in New Jersey. Seven courses of Italian seafood and homemade manicotti that was lighter than a feather. Different courses were prepared by different family members. Truly spectacular meal....truly spectacular memory....truly spectacular experience.

Cook the Book: 'Home Made'

Since I started phasing out anything with preservatives or stabilizers several years ago, I've resorted to many DIY kitchen projects: home made yogurt is an essential, love home made ricotta, pestos of all sorts, barbeque sauce, breads and crackers, and home cured bacon. Worth every minute I spend in the kitchen....

Cook the Book: 'The Glorious Pasta of Italy'

Homemade manicotti made by my best friend's mother. Transcendent pasta with clouds of ricotta. Light as a feather. Heavenly....

Cook the Book: 'Canal House Cooking Volume No. 6'

The most exotic thing my mother ever served for dinner was pizza, so imagine my surprise when I first went to Paris and found the open air markets!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I have dreams about walking through the Raspail opened my heart to food!


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