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Does Mission Cantina Make the Best Burritos in NYC?

Farley Elliott: "New York, I love you, but you[r burritos a]'re bringing me down."

Well played, sir.

We Try the Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's

can I just say that Tom Brock is becoming the Will Gordon of fast food? an entertaining read, indeed.

Current Toronto Recommendations? Aug 2013

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet for "new Italian": Enoteca Sociale.
Also for "new Canadian": Woodlot, Keriwa Cafe.

It's been a year since I lived there, but I don't see why these places wouldn't still be around or be absolutely delicious.

Cook the Book: 'Hiroko's American Kitchen'

I'm a big fan of the Japanese author Haruki Murakami. Whenever his lonely characters eat dinner, it's almost always an omelet over rice, a small cucumber or edamame salad, and half a can of beer.

Maybe I just appreciate the literary-ness of it, but that is one of my favorite flying-solo meals as well. Often some toasted nori makes an appearance on the rice bowl too :)

My Thai: Stir-Fried Luffa Gourds with Eggs

Would a luffa gourd also be called "Chinese zucchini" by any chance? Without having any idea what I was getting into, I recently ordered a dish from a restaurant in Boston's Chinatown called "Chinese zucchini with salty egg" and it looked a lot like this. It was delicious :)

Toronto Restaurants Near Royal York Hotel

ehhh don't go all the way to Toronto just to eat at a New York restaurant.

I've heard good things about Grand Electric, but the hype and lines always turned me off. If you're willing to head into Parkdale anyway, go to Keriwa Cafe or Parts and Labor.

as for what's good near your hotel, well there's not much. a lot of tourist-traps, unfortunately. Khao San Road is good, or C'est What for a great beer selection and decent food.

My other public transit/cab ride suggestions: Woodlot, Kenzo Ramen, Pizzeria Libretto, Enoteca Sociale, Porchetta and Co., One Love Vegetarian (the latter two have very limited seating).

have a good trip and good eatin'!

Do You Agree with New York City's Soda Ban?

okay, okay, guys, yes, we're Americans and we really like our freedom. But I'm sorry, complaining about the government being a nanny state misses the point.

There are two social systems going on here: one being the market, in which we all have the right to consume what and how much we want; the other being the political state in which individual choices are often restricted for the sake of a greater public good.

In this case, that greater public good is public health. And whether we like it or not (yes, of course, fat stigmas suck), obesity is a public health issue. And where there's a public health issue, government WILL intervene. If anyone has a problem with government intervention, then they can go live in the woods and make their own damn soda.

There shouldn't be concern about a slippery slope here, either. For example, despite ALL the restrictions on smoking, it remains legal.

(full disclosure: I'm a grad student focusing on urban food policy/planning, who happens to be writing a paper on public policy right now, which may or may not be implicating itself into this response. hoorah distracting myself with the internet.)

Cereal Eats: Kashi's Seasonal Flavors

nooooooo Good Friends should never have a 'new look'! I love the anachronism of a good 90's-tinged design. That, and those sincere yetmaybesortofcreepy smiling faces. Makes me crave twigs and flakes every time.

A Taste of the Menu at 'Pork Slope,' Dale Talde's New Park Slope Bar

dale talde sardonically twirling a fake mustache... gif of my dreams!

A Sandwich A Day: Pizza Grill at The Grilled Cheese in Toronto

Also to note about this place: they'll walk over and deliver to the patio of the bar across the street. Beer + grilled cheese + squeezing onto picnic tables with hipsters = a good ol' time!

Serious Entertaining: A Higgs Boson Discovery Party

This reminds me of pi-day and other far fetched ways of celebrating science/food puns. In high school science class we definitely ate guacamole and chicken mole in honor of "Mole day". From wikipedia: "October 23 is called Mole Day. It is an informal holiday in honour of the unit among chemists in North America. The date is derived from Avogadro's number, which is approximately 6.022×1023. It officially starts at 6:02 A.M. and ends at 6:02 P.M."

Video: Super Squeaky Piglet Coaxed Down Stairs with Oatmeal

Hey, how did you guys get a video of me first thing in the morning?

*tired, reticent stumbling about... YEAH OATMEAL!!*

Weekend Cook and Tell: Put an Egg on it!

claireOOTO, thanks! your recipes look delicious as well!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Put an Egg on it!

my love for eggs only slightly surpasses my love for puns. ergo, eggs are the perfect food. In fact, I just so happened to write a blog post devoted to them, with a comprehensive list of my favorite ways to eat them:

Can Vegans Still Enjoy Pizza?

Recently, when a group of vegans served me some pizza, I had low expectations.

However, these pies were sprinkled with coarsely ground almonds, which, with their hard yet powdery texture and nutty flavor, did a better than expected approximation of parmesan cheese.

behold! the easy-vaguely-cheesy vegan pizza topping that does not suck!


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