I'm addicted to Peanut Butter! Anyone else a Food Addict?

My dear fellow food addict you are not alone. For several months I satisfied my odd craving for tuna-directly from the can, adding nothing but lemon juice. For another period of time I could not go to bed without a diet fudge bar. I have relied on pasta, cookies, cheese and potato chips. I have also postponed the regular meals that I prepare for my family so that I might add it all up into one big salad.because I HAD to have the crispy sweet crunch of Romain.
Have you experienced this type of binge eating before? I would be happy to share my story. Good Luck to you!

What should I put in my Christmas treat packages!?!

Two ideas I have gifted-homemade worcestershire (I used a recipe from Emeril) and my personal favorite, Pear Butter. Both went over very well. If you are up to perserving, they can be shipped that way.

uuuuuuuuugggghhh Olive Oil Mayo

@ simon---gave me a giggle. But the convenience of spooning out a dollop from a jar for one measly sandwich is too tempting.

holiday party recipes?

ALL of you are invited....A few food knowledgeable friendlly helpers would be most welcome! Just beware, you might have to trudge through cold and snow to reach me in the Ohio burbs. Thanks bunches to all for the app ideas. All of them sound delish, and are very appreciated. Now I have to decide which ones! A daunting task to be sure. I will be sure to share the results. I can only wish that the dishes I prepare don't go to waste on the number of bohunks that have been invited. (same will no doubt want to know where they can watch football and swill cheap beer from a bottle) So wish me luck as I try to shove a little class at these people.

Too Much!

I have the most lovely in-laws (gagging as I type). Anytime one of my husbands plentiful siblings decides to blow into town, it inevitably falls to me to entertain. This is mostly because we have the space, and I am the only one who cooks. I have learned over the years that by planning a large menu that keeps me busy in the kitchen for most of the visit (invasion) is the healthiest way to stay sane. I only have to pop out of the kitchen to serve, and then stand back as the ingrates snarfle it all up. Best of all, they do clean up while I take a nice walk. There the perfect visit!
The only person I tolerate in my kitchen is my 3yr old. She is too sweet trying to help momma.

Help with skewered beef tenderloin appetizer recipe

Some may remember that there is a Holiday Party in the works. I have been ever so lucky with all of the responses that I received from my post "Holiday Recipe Ideas".
Now that I have settled on most of the menu, I wanted to include some sort of fancy beef H.D.
So here was my idea, skewer a grape tomato and then a nice tender 1" x 1" cubed piece of tenderloin.
I have purchased a number of swanky clear rectangular tasting vessels (picture a rectangular shot glass with a slanted top).
My question is...I feel the need to include another layer of flavor, some saucy thing to deposit in the bottom. Blue cheese is my first choice, but please oh please any other ideas???

uuuuuuuuugggghhh Olive Oil Mayo

That about covers it.
Except: I attempted to make tuna salad with the mayo, and yuck, I added salt and pepper, ick. I ended up dousing the whole mess with lemon juice. I barely managed to get almost half of a sandwich down, and then threw the rest in the trash ( "mayo" and all).
If anyone out there can tolerate that stuff with all of it's claims of lower fat, calories blah blah blah, good for you.
I believe I have learned my lesson. Next time I plan on indulging in Mayo's creamy goodness, I will remember to go whole hog.

holiday party recipes?

Yikes, help please! Word got out that we were having a holiday party and my guest list has ballooned. I am now expecting about 40-50 people. I'd like to be able to maintain my elegant holiday cocktail/hors d'oeuvres gathering, without running myself ragged filling up platters of food all night. I would love a few ideas other than the usual suspects. I'll have shrimp cocktail, but would welcome any other shell fish recipes that can feed a crowd. Thanks bunches!

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