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Leftover Creme Fraiche

@AnnieNT, I have at least a cup leftover. That pasta sounds delicious!

@sobriquet, Here's the link:

Cookbooks for Gifts

King Arthur Flour's Baking Book. All you need for baking!

Scottish/English Oat Cookie Recipe

@PlumGaga, I saw this recipe as well but isn't quite what I'm looking for. The kind I've had while traveling in the UK are more "oatier" for lack of a better term.

Thanks for sending this my way, anyway!

College Tours: Where to Eat Near Wesleyan University

What about O'Rourkes?! And Catina; family style Italian under the Sons of Italy. Or Haveli, some of the best Indian food I've had...ever.

Gluten Free Options for a Tailgate

Thanks to everyone for the great ideas!

Simple food = best meals

Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes, and parmesan
mashed avocado (with salt & pepper) on toast
bacon & eggs
burrata with heirloom tomatoes (salt, pepper, olive oil) and good bread

How to save recipes from magazines

Thanks to everyone- I do have a recipe binder and am a big pinterest user so I will definitely be using both!

If you could have one cooking item...

@KevinRyan, I totally agree. I would love to get an atlas pasta maker.

Also would love a food processor; I have a mini cuisinart one which is great and I use all the time but would love one with all the slicing capabilities and dough blade.

Win a Barbecue Tour from Ed Levine at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

I had eaten BBQ prior to this, but fell in love on a college tour in North Carolina when I was a junior in high school.

What's On Your NYC Bucket List?

As someone who recently made the same NYC to SF move, I created a bucket list for myself before I left. I'd add Prune, Mile End, Essa Bagel, and Vanessa's Dumplings to your list for both their deliciousness and my nostalgia. I could not agree more about Motornio! I'm looking forward to a trip back home in a few weeks to go to all my favorites!

Snapshots from Foodstock, Wesleyan University's Food Conference

I, too, am quite upset that this did not happen while I was on campus. It looks like an amazing event.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

My wustof santoku without a doubt- bringing it back east for the holidays to use at my parent's house!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Thanksgiving Pregame

Pre-Thanksgiving prep includes: making cheesewheel biscuits and freezing them, making cranberry sauce (pear-ginger sauce this year from America's Test Kitchen menus cookbook), making scalloped potatoes and freezing, making pie dough for buttermilk sweet potato pie (smitten kitchen), and finally getting everything together for stuffing so its just combining day of. We're into prep, can you tell?

The Vegetarian Option: Akdeniz Turkish Cuisine

this place was one of my go-tos when I worked in midtown (awesome for late nights at the office). next time try the spicy veggie appetizer and you MUST get the baklava. It is amazing.

Serious Eats NYC-Maine Road Trip: Suggestions Please!

Without a doubt O'Rourkes diner in Middletown, CT. Very easy to get to, on the way, and you CANNOT miss Brian O'Rourke's specials, breads, and actually just about anything on the extensive menu.

Cook the Book: 'Canal House Cooking Volume No. 6'

My most memorable food shopping experience is when I went to Berkeley Bowl with my boyfriend's mother only after meeting her a few times. She is of Chinese decent but born in Trinidad so her knowledge of various fruits and veggies really opened my eyes to so many new things!

Last Meals In NYC (Under $20)

This is so funny, I'm in the midst of creating my "to eat" list as I am leaving for California in a month or so. This is what I have so far:

Meatball Shop
Corner Bistro
Stanton Social
Mile End
Pies N' Thighs
Four and Twenty Blackbirds
Shake Shack

Yes, I know there are some repeats but they're so good its worth mentioning twice!

lunch suggestions in manhattan?

Motorino in the east village--they have the best lunch time deal. Its $12 for a pizza and a salad. Best pizza I've ever had.

lunch suggestions in manhattan?

Motorino in the east village--they have the best lunch time deal. Its $12 for a pizza and a salad. Best pizza I've ever had.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Dinners in Under 10 Minutes

My go to eating alone at night meal is a ton of garlic fried in olive oil tossed with tomatoes, a ton of pepper and parmesean cheese on top of pasta. Quick and delicious.

Also, I recently saw something on crostini (maybe in the NY Times?) with ricotta, peaches, and prosciutto. I tossed some arugula on last night as well for a fast and summer tasting meal.