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Weekend Book Giveaway: 'The Amateur Gourmet'

I had a lovely homemade beef pot pie with a biscuit crust in the oven in a stoneware baking pan my Father & Mother-in-law bought us at Cosco. I should've known something was up. All of a sudden we heard this tremendously loud crack & a violent sizzling. The pan had broke because I had the oven up a little too high to bake the biscuit crust properly. The pie filling was all over the oven & we had a huge mess to clean up. Never again! Now I use my trusty Pyrex baking dishes!

Refrigerator magnets, do you collect?

Our kitchen cabinets are the perfect metal for magnets. We have soooo many. My favorites are ducks that appear to be flying out of the cabinets with wings that really flap & the Imperial bottle opener we picked up in Costa Rica. The useful ones are clips that keep my recipes at eye level when I'm cooking. Yeah for magnets!

Do you wear an apron?

I love aprons. I have one that my Mom bought me a few months ago from Ikea. I keep forgetting to wear it! I also have a vintage black Christmas one with gold sparkly poinsettias on it that I love. I've been wanting to collect some more vintage ones to display. Now I'm inspired to do an apron post on my blog. Thanks!

Metal lunchboxes pack plenty of nostalgia...

This is so fun! I had a Strawberry Shortcake metal lunch box & ended up hating it. I was soo jealous of the kid that just moved into our neighborhood because he had a Clash of the Titans one. I had a serious crush on Harry Hamlin. I also remember seeing kids with Mork & Mindy, The A-Team, and The Fall Guy lunchboxes. Nowadays I carry a vinyl one in the shape of a Chinese take-out box. I love it!

What's Worse???

Well done. Oh, & Cheez Whiz, Global Warming & Cool Whip are all the absolute worst things in the world! I actually use A1 in my bloody mary's. Plus, my husband could mainline the stuff, so I can't say that's worse.

toppings on your hamburger... your "go to" combination?

Mayo, swiss, sauteed mushrooms. Great, now I need a burger fix!

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Fightin' Words on Vodka

Wasn't Smirnoff the best tasting vodka in a blind New York Times Dining tasting? I actually prefer it. I think people buy vodkas for the packaging as well as the price.

What's your favorite way to use honey?

With butter on biscuits!! I also love it in tea & hot toddy's.

I eat _____ with my fingers

I can't work chopsticks to save my life, so sushi definitely. I never worried about etiquette, does that make me a bad person? I like eating big leaves of lettuce in a salad with my fingers. I pile up the goodies (veggies, tomatoes, cheese) and make a little wrap to dip in the dressing on the side.

Best books / web sites for a real newbie of a cook?

I agree with flip: Adam Roberts, The Amateur Gourmet is the way to go. So funny & posts great, simple recipes. I also think the Julia Child Way to Cook is an excellent choice.

Cook the Book: 'The Young Man and the Sea'

I like fresh mountain trout caught earlier that day, wrapped in foil with fresh herbs, lemon & butter & thrown onto the hot coals of a campfire. I also love cod breaded with crushed saltine crackers & fried in light oil.

Let's Go Sippin' Now

I LOVE tiki drinks. They are so fun & festive. Perfect to cool down in the hot summer & to warm your spirit in the depths of winter. Plus, they have such a kicky retro vibe.

Is Tupperware Good Stuff? (The New Tupperware Man)

I would love, LOVE, to go to your tupperware party!

Cook the Book: Taming the Flame

I love my Weber kettle charcoal grill. It rocks! Plus, it is aesthetically right on for me!

Cook the Book Giveaway: 'Pork & Sons'

Is there any animal that provides as much culinary enjoyment as the pig? Not for me. Every preperation is fantastic. Pulled pork? Grilled chops? RIBS? Sausage? ALL OF IT!!!! Although, lately I'm loving bacon cooked in the oven brushed with a maple syrup glaze. Dude, I just made myself so very hungry!

Photo of the Day: Bacon Mat

OMG!!! I'm in heaven. But, I don't think I could not eat the bacon long enough to form the mat. Maybe you weave it before cooking?

What's Your Favorite Food Book of All Time and Why?

Reading "Beach Music" by Pat Conroy always makes me hungry. There is so much good food in that book. But, it's not a food book. I loved "Kitchen Confidential" & "Julie & Julia." I will have to read all Ruth Reichl's books soon. They have been on my list forever. I am sure you want to know my favorite wine book: "The Accidental Connoisseur" by Lawrence Osborne.

We Need More Sausage Makers and Fewer Investment Banker Cupcake Makers

Being a savory more than sweet person & a huge fan of any encased meats, I totally agree! There are too many cupcake shops. I'm sorry Mich23 didn't get to fulfill their dream, but the market is just saturated. We need more sausage makers.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite doughnut style?

My Mom used to make fantastic homemade doughnuts. I have to try it myself. But, in a crunch a maple or strawberry frosted Dunkin' Donuts will work for me. Occaisionally, I like a jelly doughnut too.

AGTV: (Lobster) Roll Your Own

Awesome as always! I can't wait to try the recipe. Poor Craig and his little pet lobster. Sniff, sniff.

Wine: A Look at Corks and Screw Caps

I do love the romance of a cork. There is something special about popping out that cork. Although if the cork crumbles and gets in your wine, it wrecks the moment completely. I like the ease of the screw top. Plus, I have had several corked bottles of wine and would hands down prefer for the wine to have the best flavor possible. In the end, I think both methods will continue to be used for several years.

My First Recipe

Congratulations Adam! I can't wait to try it out. It looks fantastic.

Question of the Day: What are your hometown favorite eats?

I imagine that not many people will be visiting Wheatland, WY. But, if they do, the broasted chicken at Vimbo's Motel & Restaurant is great. A juicy ribeye from ranch raised Wyoming cattle at El Rancho is amazing. And, if you want a truly unique experience, El Gringo's in downtown Wheatland is a Mexican restaurant owned by a Korean family. There is a section on the menu for "Oriental Delights." This includes sweet & sour pork, eggrolls and fried rice. I don't know why they don't serve traditional Korean dishes. Wheatland is a crazy town.

Question of the Day: Any former vegetarians out there? What happened? Why'd you go back to meat?

I am with both of you! Bacon got me everytime I had been veggie for over a year. Also, salami and sausage are big contenders.


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