Market Scene: La Boqueria in Barcelona

Just got back from Barcelona + Girona. I loved the little, fresh tasting green olives with the tiny pits called pelotin olives but can't find them anywhere in NYC, Despana, etc. They have invaded my dreams. Help!

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 80: Remembering Our Serious Eater Beagle Brass

Ed and Vicki,
What a wonderful piece abt Brassy. Another passing of an era, like college graduation.... I still remember you "just walking the dog" in the morning -- staying 2 blocks behind W when he first started going to school on his own. Time moves on but the memories continue to glow--
Best, Gael

My son turns 21 this June: a special way to celebrate?

It is interesting how my question brought up so many memories for many of you! I really appreciate what Mich23 wrote, too. Our son will be home from college and is into good food and cooking. We are looking for a way to celebrate the wonderful adult he has become, and since we have never gone to a great restaurant before this would be a special experience for us to share. (We are still allowed to do this, even though he is officially a grown up :-) Also, the exact day we do this doesn't matter.) Like Mich23, we care most about truly great food -- but we want to have fun and feel comfortable (so I don't think we want a place that's too "chic" or "stuck up" or that costs as much a the airfare to France...) All, please write back with any recommendations you can think of, re: those restaurant jewels that I wish I knew about! (P.S., Ed, where would you take your son on an occasion like this?) Thank you!

How can one make a perfect canele at home?

I love these and don't know where to buy great ones in NYC anymore. How do you make them -- (they seem so complicated)? Do you really need to spend $20 for each copper/tin mold for them to be crispy on the outside? What about the aluminum molds ($8 ea. on Amazon) or the silicon ones? Recipe? Technique? ... (Oh, and calories while we're at it?...:)

A great, crunchy canele now that Bouley Bakery is gone?

I thought it would never end: a great canele and coffee at Bouley bakery, that wonderful crunch through the burnt sugar to the creamy, not too sweet interior..... I have tried Balthazar and Dean and DeLuca: good flavor but chewy exterior. Is it really all over?

My son turns 21 this June: a special way to celebrate?

My son turns 21 this June and we were thinking about a special way to celebrate. I was thinking about taking him to a really wonderful restaurant that has, perhaps, a tasting menu w/ good wines? (vs going out to a bar w/ his college friends....) We tend to live a modest, UWS-type life but fondly recall attending one party catered by Daniel years ago at which I truly came to understand the difference between the food we eat to live (though tasty) and food that is more than that: art. He has been cooking with his friends at school and think he will appreciate it. Suggestions? Where should we go? How would we arrange it? How much should this cost?