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Top 10 Celebrity Chef Earners: Who Isn't on the List?

This has to be salary from food-related activities. Todd English and Vongerichten probably award themselves a relatively small salary from their corporation, in the hundreds of thousands, and not in the millions. This say nothing about how much money their companies make or how big their expense account is...

Best books / web sites for a real newbie of a cook?

Basically hold you by the hand and show how to do everything. Perfect for newbies.

Bruni Praises the Lard

Basically the whole menu Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal is a fat overdose. Last time I went I ate a Lobster roll that had torchon foie gras on it and was made with a brioche bun, not to mention the mayo... Lipo-coma here I come, it is so freaking good too...

Is Imitation Always the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

I think a lot of people here are missing the point. I don't think Mr Levine assertion is that anyone or their mother has invented a lobster roll recipe ( and from that Serious Eat video with the Amateur Gourmet, Mrs Charles recipe is about as traditional as its gets) it is rather about stealing a whole business model. This is like McDowell's restaurant in "Coming to America" (you know the Eddie Murphy movie), don't you think McDonald's would sue this entrepreneur into oblivion? Same thing. This nothing short of industrial spying, and is not only morally shameful, its legality is iffy.

NY recommendations: Lunch.

Alright, I already booked a lunch at Esca, at the request of somebody I can't say no to... I would rather not go with a "pure" french like Jean-Georges or Boulud... Spotted Pig look like a good idea. The Modern is a good idea too but I might go to the bar instead and order a few things... I'll keep Pearl Oyster bar in mind...

What to serve with quail?

I made a quail with a mushroom risotto the other day. I wrote it up on my blog, check my profile...

Love Song to a Hand Blender

I've had an old braun for years and use it pretty often. I wonder how different this one is. It is a good tool but I would't use it for salsa that's for sure...

That said, maybe I am a bit of a nerd, but "accouterment" is a bit of a stretch of the english language. I mean, when borrowing a word from another language, at least spell it correctly...

J: Jams, Jellies (and Preserves and Conserves)

What's confusing me here is not the term preserves, jam or jellie but conserves. Conserves in french is anything canned/in a jar one way or another. I mean a can of beans is "fèves en conserves", and when you cook up a bunch of green beans in a mason jar for the winter it is conserves. Not only that fruit business....

You Want Fries with That?

What is unclear from the article is the process you used and the process Keller uses at Bouchon. It very well might be to save time on the prep that he buys frozen fries, that doesn't mean he doesn't use the double frying technique nor that he actually uses them frozen. My guess is that the potatoes are defrosted and fried as any decent fry is done: fried twice.

That said, I don't understand. I am from Montreal and every diner and greasy spoon with any respect for their customer use fresh potatoes and that's all of them. And they make their living with their fries, they must go through hundreds fo pounds of potatoes every week. I mean if "La Belle Province" and "Lafleur" can use fresh potatoes why would Keller do otherwise....

Bagel Love

Ed, then you must like Montreal bagels, the best bagels in the world (let the fight begin!! ;-)

An Offal Good Book

The recipes in the book are basically what is served in the restaurant (barely normalized for home cooking actually) so I am thinking not. There are simple things like the deer tartare (if you can find some) and possibly the foie-gras grilled cheese (that is heavenly). I'll take a look tonight to see if there is anything really simple in there.

An Offal Good Book

The book is indeed a treat, just like the restaurant is.

Is there such a thing as a responsible and environmentally friendly take-out container?

a few local greasy spoons around here, Montreal, serve their hotdogs in cardboard little trays, hamburger in non-waxed paper, fries in paper bags and the actual take out containers are cardboard boxes as well... the only thing non-biodegradable they haven't figured out is something to hold poutine in...

Does Cooking Make You Gay?

I am a bit like jdrussel right above. I am not sure about any of this home cook thing. As far as I know: I am male, I am straight, I watch football and other pro sports, like sports cars and am the best cook in my family (that includes sister in laws, mother and grandmother.) I know that sounds cocky but that's what they tell me. I think, in my case, that it has a lot to do with being an Epicurian and an Hedonist in most of their definitions. Unlike you, I was allowed in the kitchen and my mother would always give me things to do in the kitchen, either stirring stuff or making whipped cream with beater, and I was the only one of my 2 brothers to do that, simply because I loved to eat and loved to see how it was done. Perhaps I am not the most refined of cooks (my presentation mostly sucks compared to a restaurants but I try) but my interest in food, how it works, what makes it good, how to make it better is a well that is not soon to be empty. I read about food, I cook food, I eat food and most importantly: I live food.

For Hanukkah, Latkes

I was just about to suggest your recipe Spanky... beat me to the punch...

Who and What Makes You Feel Good?

I made quail eggs in the hole just a few weeks ago... I didn't know Danny Meyer was reading my blog! More seriously, is this on the menu at the Tavern or the Shake Shack because I really didn't know about it?

Starbucks Breakfast: Doomed from the Get Go

I tried the Timmy breakfast sandwich yesterday and it was OK, better than a McMuffin but only marginally so. The main point for it is the biscuit that actually tastes a bit like a biscuit instead of the microwaved much of an english muffin at MickeyD....

Starbucks Breakfast: Doomed from the Get Go

I think McMuffins are an insult to teeth. Seriously, its all mush. I can't believe these Starbucks things being much better.

A Toast from Serious Eats

I lift my crappy-coffee-from-the-machine-at-work cup to you!

'How Moist Was My Turkey'

Adam is the best culinary comic-making New Yorker writing on

Your Worst Meal Ever

For me, everything is in the expectations. I remember one particular meal with my then girlfriend as a university student. The whole thing was for an anniversary of some sort (can't honestly remember what) and I had reserved in some classy Tunesian/Morrocan restaurant in town, I even reserved a place in the small moroccan salon they had with the pillows and the low table, the romantic lug that I was. Ended up ordering the most insipid and tasteless couscous royal in the history of man. The lamb was like cardboard, the Mergez awful and dry and everything about the experience incredibly disapointing. My date's tagine was just as bad. Terrible.


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