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Daily Slice: Sake Bar Hagi's Tempura Pizza

Love that place. They also have spaghetti with ketchup.

Understanding Chocolate Basics: Bean-to-Bar Tutorial with Jacques Torres

Olive & Sinclair is a new bean-to-bar in Nashville. Only one I know of in the South...

How Much Should You Tip on Pizza Delivery?

"You might consider tipping extra if... I called you for directions." Hilarious.

Your Kitchen Hacks?

Use butter in place of everything

Grown-ups should not eat SpaghettiOs

Get the ones that include the little hot dogs to cut the sweetness.

What's Your Favorite New York Deli?

Katz - those Bud drafts seem to taste better there than anywhere.

AHT Poll: Do You Prefer to Eat Your Burger Whole or Cut in Half?

Cut, to see how bad they've screwed up the 'medium rare' request

A Guide to Gravy

Who only eats gravy once a year? And let's not forget sawmill gravy.

The Burger Lab: Mastering the Art of Burger Blending with Eight Cuts of Beef

AHT is killing it lately, between this and the 'guide to burger types' post...

Do you twitter?

I'll vouch for Kuban's Twitter...highly entertaining, and I don't even know the guy...

Atlanta's Enrico Liberata Moves from Fritti to Antico Pizza Napoletana

Went yesterday...I'll vouch for it. The pies are bigger than your usual Naples job as well...

Best Burger in the World at The Little Owl?

Minetta Tavern might be it...or possibly a Steak 'n Shake double.


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