Grav Weldon

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  • Location: The American South
  • Favorite foods: This one is complex. I am a recent pesci-vegetarian, that is I don't eat land meats accept certain land shellfish. In truth I only eat fish once every three to four days. With my current dietary choice: Indian Curries... especially eggplant masalla.
  • Last bite on earth: Escargot swimming in garlic butter

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10 Best Vegetarian Foods at the Texas State Fair

When I lived in Chicago I would often indulge in fried cheese curds as I traveled through Wisconsin, Minnesota, Western Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan. Sometimes a hankering would overcome me, and I would find any excuse to escape the city to go to Kenosha to visit the Mars Cheese Castle and Tenudas for stocking up on cheese and to get some locally made fried cheese curds. It is the freshly made deep fried curds I think of most when I think of my travels of what I think of as the Midwest within the range of my own personal experience.