I love to eat ,cook,and bake.

  • Location: oregon
  • Favorite foods: Elk, Lamb, Goat.Buffalo, Cod. Pecans, Maple, all vegetables except eggplant. All fruit except persimmons. Herbs and spices except caraway and nutmeg.
  • Last bite on earth: Sun drenched raspberries fresh from the bush.

My interesting friend Alcohol

Never in a million years would I have thought that someday I would drink gin neat. I had gin and tonics, gin and guava juice, gin martinis and sloe gin and orange juice. Then one chilly evening 9 years ago, in Oregon's Roseburg Station Mc Minnimens pub and brewery, I had their gin neat. It was the flavor of junipers, I liked it. You must understand that I like the smell of tomato plants too, I could just be weird. Anyway after that, I tried other gin's and thought they tasted like rubbing alcohol smells. Three years later, while in the liqueur store I stumbled onto Hendrick's. I love the taste, so I drink it neat so as to not water down the flavor. It is the only gin I really want to drink.
Similar story with wine, tried many and found Pinto Gris suited my taste.

Recipes you can't screw up

Flour tortillas, over easy eggs, mashed potatoes, gravy, rib-eye, roasted chicken and lamb, fish and chips, dutch babies, pies, angel food cake, pasta, rice, fried rice, biscuits, shortbread cookies, cake, frosting, lemon coolers, puddings, pancakes, kabobs, salads and salad dressings. With the exception of some cakes, I usually do not need to look at a recipe to make these from scratch.

Confessing The (Dinner Party) Blues

Two ovens and not a home baked or home roasted anything ? tisk, tisk.
As a designer I see it time and again. "If I have a nice kitchen, I will learn to cook".

When I plan, the word is plan, a party, the guest are the first thought. What do they like, if I am unsure I will ask out right in a strait forward manner. Then the menu is planned with a plan "B" as well. If any one asks what they can bring, I will say whatever you would like to drink. Those that know me well, usually bring flowers; which are put into a vase at once to show appreciation. I have found most people like to feel that have contributed.
Yes the company is important, so much so that effort should be made on their behalf.

Confessing The (Dinner Party) Blues

A plastic fruit basket would have been the right hostess gift for that "dinner party".

Who can tolerate raw onions/scallions/garlic?

No, you are not a weakling. As a kid I would watch my father eat green onions as if he were eating celery. I tried and it burned my mouth. Even now as an adult I find raw onions strong. Everyone has a unique set of taste buds. That is why I think it is silly to think everyone would like the same things.
Back to the onions, I do know a sliced onion soaked in water for at least 15 minutes, has a lot of the "bite" or oils removed.

Fine Dining - who understands/appreciates it?

What Jedd63 said with the exception of French Laundry, I have not yet dined there.

Help! Picky Boyfriend Challenge!

I would start with altering his tried and true pasta and sauce just a little bit at a time. Add something new to the sauce, be it pork instead of chicken. Add fresh basil or oil of sun-dried tomatoes. Then at another time, I would get creative with the pasta, serve with brown butter instead of pasta sauce, or even just poppy seeds and a lite olive oil. Fresh grated Parmesan is pretty hard to resist too.

FYI - Pioneer Woman will have a program on Food Network

@Boobird, "fir" is the correct pronunciation of "for", as I have learned whilst living in a country town surrounded by ranches the past 8 years.

Help! Picky Boyfriend Challenge!

I was going to say that Salpico was spot on right. Then I realized that couples do not have to agree about everything, just agree to dis-agree. You should just go on being who you are exploring the world of food and not take offense at his dis-interest. Let him eat what ever pleases his own taste, if he were to try to control your taste, that would be wrong.

Best brandy for brandied cherries?

Thank you Jerzee Tomato.

How Hard Would It Be To Add A Simple LIKE Button In Talk Threads

I came to SE just to give a vote for the like button.
I would be coming over to SE more often if they would activate my "notice of comment" they once had me on. It is like a drug that they got me hooked on and then for reasons unknown to me, banished me from the feature. Yes, I do have the box checked.

Where did the quizzes go?

I agree with lemonfair, quizzes are for learning.

Absence makes the heart grow fungus

What Jedd63 said, he/she said it so well.

Let's talk mashed potatoes!

White Rose is my favorite potato.

Boston Baked Beans, and Other Foods Named After Different Foods

No pine or apple in a pineapple

Boston Baked Beans, and Other Foods Named After Different Foods

No cock's tail in any cocktail that I have enjoyed.

Boston Baked Beans, and Other Foods Named After Different Foods

No hush in puppies

How do you take your coffee?

Sea food on pizza. Yay or Nay.

I would not but, I say, have it anyway you want.

Grapeseed Oil

I use it for deep frying, it is the only oil that my system can handle.

Cupcake Flavor Help

The white cake with holes poked in after baking and filled in with unset-cherry jello came to my mind as I was reading your criteria. Have you made those before? Remember to set the jello after filling the holes, before frosting them. As a cake , you can see the color of the jello before you have a bite, you expect a flavor. When made as a cupcake, you cannot see a flavor, your surprised at first bite.

sweet and savory

Feta broiled with jam is really good in my book.


You can eat the tops too, fix it as you would Kale.
I like kohlrabi, raw sliced into a "chip" dipped into brown butter.
I like it raw, made into a slaw, dressed in lime and a touch of smoked Paprika.
I like it steamed, served with cream.
I love them in the baby size, like most vegetables, babies are sweet and tender.

What to do with extra fenugreek?

I love to make tea out of it.

Best post-pregnancy food ideas to bring to a friend?

My daughter, after giving birth to her first baby, just wanted a dark beer.

Stone Broke

My Pizza stone was maybe ten years old, it was a gift so I am uncertain of the quality. I used it a few times a month on average.
This evening, it broke in half as I was retrieving the pie with the peel as usual. My question is this, would cheese being under the crust have caused it to break ? For some reason the pie did not easily slid off the peel onto the stone. Some cheese popped from the top as I did the wrist jerk and I saw cheese go under the crust. Some cheese dropped to the oven floor too, which caused all windows to be opened least the smoke detector be alarmed. We withstood the smoke for 5 minutes for the pie to bake. Pizza turned out fantastic, but my stone is busted in half.

The sounds of meals made...

Our sense of smell is powerful. I too find that the sound of some foods being prepped, fried in the case of frying chicken, popped as in popcorn being popped are so pleasant to me. As I was slicing cucumbers last night I thought of melon. Cucumbers smell melon like to me, but I thought of the sound of a watermelon as it cracks whilst being cut. What are the foods you like the sound of?

I am a Snickering Kit Kat what are you?

I know that giving out treats has changed over the course of my life and perhaps you've seen changes too. I know that my choice to give out treats of Snickers and Kit Kats is because that is what I wanted as a kid. Candy bars with or without peanuts were the gold.. What about you? It would be interesting to note the regional differences too. Kinda like on the West coast we like the Redvine and on the East coast I am told Twizzlers are preferred. I am a North westerner.

Food topic tee- shirt?

Was I just dreaming or did someone ask the question as to whether or not you wear a tee-shirt about food? I was going to respond that my daughter gave me a tee-shirt that says, " save a cow eat Wisconsin cheese." It has a little gal and a cow on it. It is the only tee shirt I have with a saying on it.
What about you?
I really enjoy reading tee shirts. The last one I laughed at was," does this Bass make my boat look big?"

Work or play?

My mom use to tell me that the only difference between work and play was attitude. She stated some folk work a lot harder at their play than at their work. I thought about that statement whist envisioning Catboy cracking open pounds of apricot pits. I told him I had cracked many pits for the apricots I had canned in the past. I disliked the cracking but loved the eating. He no doubt counts his labor of cracking apricot pits as a labor of love for his ingenious use of them in his cookies. Then the subject of the food bubble appeared and that got me thinking about how to some people food preparation is work and to others it is not.
To me it is art. It is at times a fantastic puzzle. It is always play.
What about you? does it make a difference if your cooking for yourself or for others? Or, are you a project type? as in holiday, special events...

Ancient techniques from your fore-fathers/mothers.

A few days ago I had a few left over biscuits, which is rare for this household. I found myself going on auto-pilot doing a re-heat the way my father taught me when I was a ten year old. I heated my oven to 400, ran water over a small paper bag until it was wet but still able to open. I placed six biscuits into the wet bag and put the wet bag of biscuits into the hot oven. By the time it took me to prepare sausage gravy in five minutes maybe, I took the bag out of the oven. The bag was dry and very hot. The biscuits were as if they were fresh baked,steaming flaky pull-apart layers of tender crumb.
I had a thought that other serious eaters had techniques they learned from their elders in the past years that they use today. Do you have one?

What a treat?

God forbid you were stuck a mile under the earth for several months. Yeah, not on an island. What would you request for sustenance? what treat?

Sweet Dreams

Do you dream of food? Do you dream about cooking? I have had dreams about food since I was a little girl. I dream of eating, cooking, harvesting produce ect... Is it just my weridness?

Kitchen Complete?

While reading the post about the must have items for your kitchen I saw a lot of what I myself have and enjoy. As I started a mental list all of my favorite tools, I realized many were given to me as gifts over the years. The tools I purchased for myself are not any more important to me. I had a house fire thirty years ago and lost all I owned. It really put a light how a person can "make do" with very little. Now that I have my kitchen well appointed, the thought came to me as to just what do I really "need' to function. Thirty years ago, it was the "woodburning" hibachi, castiron, stainless steel bowls...I found I did not really need dishes, they were some of the last items to be replaced. I think my "needs" might just be the same as thirty years ago. Whats yours?

Best kitchen advice to pass a long to others.

Maybe it is because I am selfish or maybe I just love to learn new things but I always want to learn more. I maintain every person knows something worthwhile, given each of us has had different experiences. In the kitchen or about food specificallly.
Would you share something you where told, tried and found to be true or something you discovered on your own?

Must have fruit.

While making a shopping list, my daughter told me that we were out of lemons. Then she stated when she has her own home she will never be without them. I thought to myself that I never like to be without fresh pineapple and that there was a time when I could not be without apples. What is your must have in the house fruit ?

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