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Open Thread: When Did You First Fall in Love with Pizza?

The Union Hotel in Whitehouse Station NJ around 1954 (I was 7 or 8). The pizzaiolo (sp?) was the 14 year old son of the owner. Very thin simple pies with good ingredients and a nice char. There was a lot of great Jersey pizza to come over the next 20 years, but Murphy's pies are still the benchmark.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Burgers

Egad! Serious Eats and frozen microwaved "burgers". Does not compute.

Watch Jon Stewart Tear Into de Blasio's Pizza-Fork Faux-Pas

I like to eat stuff without using utensils. However, on those rare occasions that I'm confronted with overloaded pizza, I will knife and fork it until the droopy tip is eliminated and eat the rest by hand. That said, now that I know that there are those that frown on that, I'll be sure and use a knife and fork more often.

Alinea and 'Babygate:' Should Babies Be Allowed in Fine Dining?

First of all, I don't even understand WHY anyone would even want to bring a baby with them to a place like this. This should be a special thing for the couple as well as for the rest of the diners there. Why take the chance that this special night could possibly made less special by a wailing infant. Get a baby-sitter and leave the kid home.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Although it's difficult to find in my neck of the woods and the rest of my family certainly wouldn't agree, I think a topping of thinly sliced Guanciale is my favorite single topping of all time.

From Behind the Bar: My Cocktail Costs How Much?

And God help you if you don't leave a generous tip. Btw, is 20% still acceptable if you're served by a "mixologist" ?

The Best Surface for Baking Pizza, Part 1: Cheap Pizza Stone

I bought a large Fibrament rectangular stone over 4 years ago and I would recommend it to anyone.

Raritan NJ: De Lucia's Brick Oven Pizza

I'd had my last taste of De Lucia's pizza about 35-40 years ago, when pies like that were "almost" taken for granted. First the Union Hotel and later the Wonder Bar in Whitehouse made similar pies and were much more convenient to this Whitehouse boy so De Lucia's was seldom visited. In 1979 I moved south and learned to make my own. Flash ahead to a couple of weeks ago and there I was at First Avenue in Raritan with my sister TOTALLY enjoying the taste of my "youth". "Zero textural contrast" was never an issue. Thin, with some crunch and some chew; nothing fancy, probably nothing imported; bargain price and zero wait (we arrived at 3:15). I suggest that all you "seekers" put De Lucia's on your bucket list.

The United States of Pizza: Florida

@wednesdayvail - We have Mellow Mushroom pizza here in Georgia and, except for the long list of toppings, there is nothing to make their pizza anything special. Mediocre at best.

Super Peel Aims to Make Pizza Transfer a Breeze

@Lou T - "Ho Hum. At best, a training tool, sort of like training wheels on your first bike."

I'm sorry, but when you began your "opinion" like that you changed the tone of this thread. Condescending bs at best and preceded by a
"Ho Hum". That's what's up my behind!

Super Peel Aims to Make Pizza Transfer a Breeze

If one doesn't want cornmeal/semolina/flour all over the place and stuck to your bottom crust which really screws up the texture and mouth-feel and one wants to eliminate the possibility of screwing up the pie by falling prey to any one of the many other obstacles presented by an "old-fashioned" peel then I say a SuperPeel is a "need-to-have" and for $36 I doubt the extra cost is going to break anyone.

Super Peel Aims to Make Pizza Transfer a Breeze

Sorry Lot T, but that just sounds like a lot of purist bullshit. It certainly doesn't take "too long" to load a pie in the oven and the average home pizza maker doesn't have to worry about combustion in the average home oven.

Super Peel Aims to Make Pizza Transfer a Breeze

I've been using a SuperPeel for over 3 years and think it's a "super peel". No more nasty flour or cornmeal mess all over the floor and oven door. Assemble the whole pizza on your counter top and pick it with no problems. The only limition is the 14+" diameter on mine. When making large pies I start them on a screen and transfer to my Fibrament stone as soon as I can (2 or 3 minutes). Great product!

Madison, Wisconsin: A Disappointing Dud at The Roman Candle

The "Big Bambino" was Babe Ruth. This pretender is just an asshole.

Tonecapo's Portobello-Mushroom Crust Pizza

Looks good, but isn't it really just a stuffed mushroom?

HELP!! my pizza dough is too elastic, I think.........

Go to and peruse the threads that discuss a low yeast, 2 or 3 day retarded rise in the fridge. You won't believe how easy the dough is to handle.

New Jersey Dispatch: Charlie's Pool Room

A great place, owned by wonderful guys, who serve a dynamite hot dog. Oh yeah, pretty crappy "dispatch", Yarvin.