I need help making Mushroom Crackers

Hi Littauer, I experimented with my recipe over the holidays.

I tracked down some xanthan gum and added about 0.2% to the mix. It helped bind the dough together and gave me the "puff" that I was looking for. Unfortunately after about 3 days the uncooked crackers became very fragile and easily broken, when holding them up to the light you can see small cracks like broken safety glass. See image: cracker sample

I get the same problem with or without xanthan gum so that's not the problem. The cracker may need something to hold it together so I have decided to increase the percentage of gum to see if that helps.

I have just cooked a batch and the results are good so far, the cracker is a lot more robust compared to previous versions. I will see how it holds up the next few days. These crackers should really keep for months or years without degrading.

I need help making Mushroom Crackers

Hi Littauer, I'm pleased to say that re-hydrating the mushrooms worked, the dough cooked through in under 40 minutes.

The crackers puffed up a little but not as much as I would like. I may try adding some xanthan gum when I can find it. Do you know how much to add? Are there any alternatives? Do you think agar agar would do the same job? I've also read that flax seed meal may be a good alternative.

I would prefer to avoid gluten or eggs if possible.

I may also try adding a little baking powder.


I need help making Mushroom Crackers

Thanks littauer, I appreciate your help with this.

Unfortunately I don't know anyone that has tried it with shrimp, I may give it a go first to see if it works.

I understand what you're saying using re-hydrated mushrooms. I read somewhere on the internet about replacing prawns with mashed potato which probably have the same water holding capacity. There may not be enough moisture inside with the current recipe to achieve the same effect.

I will be frying these and hope they puff up like the standard shrimp crackers.

I'm going to have a go with your suggestion and I will let you know how I get on. :)

I need help making Mushroom Crackers

Thanks for the reply. I haven't tried with shrimp. I really wanted to make a vegetarian version.

I will try your suggestion and see if it works. :)

I need help making Mushroom Crackers

I need help making Mushroom Crackers

I'm trying to make shrimp style crackers with mushroom instead of shrimps however I'm not having much luck.

I believe the recommended time for steaming the dough log is around 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the thickness. I have tried both times however the middle always remains dry and uncooked. I have tried increasing the cooking time up to two hours and it is still the same.

This is my recipe:

1. Mushroom Crackers

Tapioca starch 97g
Mushroom (shiitake) powder 20g
Tarragon 2g
Coriander 1g
Garlic powder 1g
Sugar 2.3g
Salt 2.3g
Black pepper 1g
Water 88g

This is my cooking method.

Add salt, sugar, coriander and tarragon to water and let soak. Add mushroom powder, pepper and garlic powder to flour and mix together.

Add water and need knead dough for several minutes until completely mixed together. Form two 1 1/2 inch logs, place on banana leaf and steam for 1 hour.

Does anyone know where I could be going wrong?

I tried adding a little more water however that made the dough too soft and did not hold its shape.

I would post a photo however I don't see how I can do that on here.

Thanks in advance.

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