I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be - Douglas Adams

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  • Location: Lil Rock, AR
  • Favorite foods: All of them! But largely CHEESE!
  • Last bite on earth: Beef Tataki, Tropical Maki, and Kimchee soup from my favorite local sushi bar - Hanaroo... eaten on a gorgeous beach somewhere.

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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: 'Round Things Are Tasty' Tote Bag

oh goodness.. I wanted to say cheese, but if I say PIZZA then it's like cheese-plus! So, pizza!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Phantom of the Fridge Secret Stash

usually nibbles of cheese sliced off a block, but lately the wasabi/soy sauce almonds have been stealing the stage

Cook the Book: Roy Choi's 'L.A. Son'

The stuffing my mom makes (dressing if you wanna be a dick about it) is very important to me, but grilling out delicious meat would be a close second. Family has been a fluid dynamic for most of my life, but everyone seems happy to gather around a grill for some steak. :)

Giveaway: Win A Copy of 'Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese'

Some sort of green veggies (peas, broccoli, spinach, etc), maybe some bacon or onions. Always garlic. Doesn't matter, mac & cheese is the best.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I tried to sing Stuffing Waffles.. thanks for that. It's not like the Bacon Pancake song is an incredibly power earworm or anything.

*walks away humming*

How to Make a 7-Layer Candy Bar Dip and Become a Halloween Hero

Oh yes.. I could do this (well, maybe a mini-version). Do need to include Reese's though.

We Try All the Desserts at TGI Friday's

Not surprised the Oreo ice cream sandwiches were top of the top. I was getting those under-the-table about 14 years ago from a friend in the back (not-for-resale packages & all). Of course, Klondike has since capitalized on it and they are available at grocery stores (by all means, save yourself a trip to TGI Fridays).

Cook the Book: 'Kitchen Garden Cookbook'

more herbs, tomatoes, anything really. so ready for a yard to turn into a garden!

Cook the Book: 'The Adobo Road Cookbook'

My answer is almost identical to kdroste, my family doesn't serve any food that would be traditional to our heritage.

Bake the Book: Home Made Summer

Fresh tomatoes.. on a BLT or caprese or just with salt on a plate. YES

A Sandwich a Day: So Good at Shopsins

I came here just to say, "Hooooooray for the H*R love!" (That's Homestar Runner for the uninitiated.)

Cook the Book: 'The Chinese Takeout Cookbook'

Dumpling, dumplings, dumplings. Gyoza or potstickers or whatever the name, they will be added to my order.

Cook the Book: 'Try This at Home' by Richard Blais

More a twist on a classic day/dish - have been doing roasted chicken dinner on Sunday nights instead of fried chicken dinner. Really the only sort of dinner party I hold with neighbor/friends :)

Bake the Book: Cookfight

Not mine, but I'd pitch my boyfriend's saffron risotto against a lot of other risottos ;)

Cook the Book: 'Around the Southern Table'

shrimp and grits.. there ought to be andouille involved as well. :)

Cook the Book: 'Classic Snacks Made from Scratch'

I don't remember what my actual favorite snack was, but it was probably cheesy and crunchy.. like cheezits or goldfish.

Ask The Food Lab: Why Do I Pound My Breasts?

@lijwf: You would get the benefits of more surface area and same sizes for faster/even cooking times, but not the tenderizing benefit of pounding.

Ask The Food Lab: Why Do I Pound My Breasts?

(edit: got a funny title out of it).. well that was a little delayed. Ha!

Ask The Food Lab: Why Do I Pound My Breasts?

Thank you for posting my question! Honestly, I thought maybe it wasn't cool enough to be spelled out (*cough* like Lorenzo also thought, apparently), but I'm very glad you did and got a funny title as well. :)

Cook the Book: Food and Wine's 'America's Greatest New Cooks'

Haven't had any recently, perhaps I should be expanding my restaurant tastes.


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