Have a milkshake today for Jakey. She will be missed

Yes, we will for sure all miss Amy. She only found out she had cancer a couple of months ago and was taking chemo and seemed to be responding well. However, last week she took a turn for the worse. She leaves behind a legacy of humor and friendship, along with her love of cooking. RIP, dear Amy.

The Elusive Secret Dipping Sauce aka SDS, secret no more.

I've been hearing about this for awhile now . . . excited to finally have the recipe! Can't wait to try it.

Ever Tried Peanuts in Coke?

All kinds of people were doing this in the Midwest in the 60s when I was growing up and in the 70s when I was a teen. I tried it, and, like the earlier poster said, was underwhelmed. Just didn't get what all the fuss was about, but I'm not a huge peanut lover, either. Apparently, people have been doing this for years.

Staff Picks: Our Last Burgers on Earth

What about Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe? Their burgers (specifically the green chile cheeseburger) has won a variety of national awards over the years. I had to try it for myself last time I was in SF, and it MOST DEFINITELY should be on this list! Apparently none of your staffers have had it, or it would be!

What is happening to TALK?

I must add that I do think the site was more conducive to commentary before the big change (last year? 2 years ago?) whenever it was. Can't exactly pinpoint why, but just liked the older site setup better, maybe because that's the way it looked when I joined SE years back.

What is happening to TALK?

I used to be on here a lot, too, but have just been too busy for a good while to give it an everyday check in. I am in the Cooler group, but not even one of the more active posters, but I do like to check in with what's going on. I love the SE groups, and even if I'm not in "Talk" mode, I try to check in.

Good Mail Order Steaks?

My aunt always gives us Omaha steaks at gift time and they are NOT what everyone thinks they are cracked up to be. Not sure why they have such a high reputation, but a lot of older people really like them. I would try to go with some other recommendations on here.

Food myths

Dont drink milk if you are eating fish

Food Waste... who's really to blame???

On another level, what bothers me is all the wasted food from buffets. Maybe some places give to the food banks, I don't know, but would be interested to know from the people on here who work as caterers or in restaurants that have buffets.

For instance, we dined at a local Indian restaurant last week and were the last to leave. I looked at the buffet on the way out and there was LOTS of food still left. Also, at the wedding receptions I photograph, since as the photographers, we are always among the last to leave, I see the food left on the buffet tables and 90% of the time there is tons of it, usually high-end foods, i.e., tenderloin, etc. What happens to all this food???? Do these places just constantly over-prepare?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Filet Mignon Roast from Pat LaFrieda Meats

How do I get crispy crust w/ a pizza stone??

@Adam, do you have a link to Kenji's pizza sauce for the above-mentioned pizza? I checked the recipe, but it didn't show the actual sauce part . . . unless somehow I just looked over it.

I ain't eatin' THAT again !!!

Chicken feet. I ate them, but not by choice. I had accidentally ordered them in a Chinese restaurant (the menu was totally in Chinese) and when they placed the plate in front of me, I just dug in, as I certainly wasn't expecting chicken feet. As I was chewing, I figured it out and felt nauseous, they're just not for me. We raised chickens when I was growing up, and I know where those feet have been!

Video: Porcupine Doesn't Want to Share His Corn

LOL @dbcurrie! His little smacking sounds were cute : )

11 Burgers That Are Worth the Hype

Glad you included Bobcat Bite . . . I was in NM a couple of weeks ago and made a special effort to go to this out-of-the-way diner. Well worth it--one of the best burgers I've ever had! And the old-style diner atmosphere can't be beat. Be warned, if using your GPS, Google Maps has the location about a mile sooner than it really is. Just keep driving and you'll see it on up the road. I've heard some people have to wait up to an hour or so to get seated, but luckily there was no wait when we went.

Happy Thanksgiving, Serious Eaters

Thankful for the SE crew! You guys do an awesome job and are appreciated. Also thankful for serious eaters out there who contribute comments/recipes/anecdotes and make this site so much fun/interesting/inspiring! Happy T-Day to all : )

Least favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Least favorite? Brussels sprouts. Try as I might, I just can't like 'em.

Grilling: Turkey Breast with Cranberry Stuffing

Can this be done in an oven instead?

Dallas: 9 Enchiladas We Love

Every time I go to Dallas I HAVE to eat at El Fenix! They have the best Tex Mex ever!

Chipotle sour cream ideas?

I bought some some of that recently, too, very good stuff! I used mine in some mac & cheese I made from scratch.

The Serious Eats Book: On Sale November 1!

So excited! Will definitely be at my local bookstore on Nov. 1 for this!

This Post Has Been Rated...."R"

Talenti belgian chocolate gelato. I have gained 15 lbs this summer because of it : (

Preview: Pioneer Woman's New Food Network Show Premieres This Weekend

I live in OK and happen to know the Drummond family that Ree married into, and yes, they are the real deal. The Drummond Ranch is a historic ranch in northern OK and is an actual working ranch. I think Ree's recipes and presentation are just as good as anything else out there and the fact that she's created such a successful blog along with everything else she does is just amazing. Just home-schooling 4 kids would do me in! I love it that not only does she feature food on her site, but also photography (along with lots of how-to's), and other things of interest. Quite a multi-tasker, in my opinion.

What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Candy-cap mushroom ice cream! Don't knock it till you've tried it.

Taste Test: Ready-to-Drink Lemonade

Count me in for Chick-fil-A lemonade! It is the best, but I think Tropicana is a close 2nd. Just don't get why it got beat out by Minute Maid, which (to me) has an artificial flavor. I also agree with the poster who said Country Time powdered lemonade was good.


Bring back small chicken breasts!

I started noticing about 2 years ago that all the chicken breasts are now HUGE and the texture is tougher. Used to, I could buy a 4 pack of bone-in breasts and bake them in whatever recipe . . . they would be tasty and flavorful. Now, it not only takes forever to cook them, but they just taste weird. Where did the smaller sized ones go??? Did we really need to supersize them??

Pop Ups

Ugh, all of a sudden on I am getting all these pop-ups when I get on SE! Please make it stop (grabs head in agony)!!!

Soaking walnuts?

Has anyone ever heard of soaking walnuts in water before eating them? I was reading an article about Dr. Oz and apparently he does this, but it didn't say why. I googled it and couldn't find out much either. Do they taste better? Are they healthier???

Bundt cake removal

I just made a rum cake in a bundt pan and took it out of the oven--the recipe doesn't say how long to cool it before removing from the pan. Should I wait about 15 minutes or so and then invert it onto a plate?

Why is my cake dry?

Just made a bundt cake tonight using fresh apples, the recipe also called for 4 eggs and one cup of oil. So why is it dry and has the texture of cornbread??? I expected it would be quite moist. A friend gave me the recipe and had raved about how delicious and moist it was. Guess I can make some kind of sauce to serve with it, but am still wondering what I did wrong : (

Storing leftover turkey

Have been enjoying reading everyone's musings on their T-day adventures (or misadventures!), esp. loving the new recipes I am picking up here and there. I was sick with a terrible cold through the whole thing, but managed to host the fam, since it seems to have become our tradition. Must admit, I was glad to get to rest up the next day : )

Even with our brood of 14, we still managed to have lots of leftover turkey. I just can't bring myself to eat any more of it tonight, but may make a turkey noodle casserole tomorrow night. Just how long is it safe to keep leftover turkey in the fridge? Tomorrow will be 4 days . . . My freezer is (literally) packed full, so I am hoping to just be able to keep it in the fridge as long as is safe. Thoughts?

Metal TV trays

The post by amm18 got me to thinking about TV snacking . . . and TV trays. Remember the old metal free-standing tv trays? My mother-in-law has some that she won't part with and I have search high and low for some, to no avail. The only ones I can find are the wooden ones that don't have an edge around them. I don't like those because 1) they are heavy and 2) it's easier for a drink or plate to slide off the edge. Also, I like the retro vibe of the old metal ones. So any ideas please on who would have these gems? My TV snacking would be much less inhibited if I had one or a set of these!

Bite-size dessert for 20 people

I'm having a party tomorrow evening (OK, it's a jewelry party) and for snacks we're having mini ham & cheese muffins, California rolls, crudites, and brie with a fruity/pepper jelly a neighbor made for me. For dessert? I'm stumped. Don't want cookies (just made some for a different party on Sat. nite) and would prefer something chocolatety, but not brownies. Not too complex, please, as I have a house to clean in prep for the party! Any ideas? Thanks in advance : )

Ideas for using leftover gravy?

I made a pot roast last night and am freezing and saving the leftover meat for another meal. However, there was lots of delicious gravy left and I would like to use it for something tonight, but can't think of anything. Ideas please!

Settle an argument

One of my favorite fish to cook is trout. Sometimes I pan fry, sometimes I bake or broil. I love to eat the skin, however my husband (and his parents, who happened to be over one night when I made it) says trout skin isn't to be eaten, and they scrape the fleshy part away from the skin to eat it. Is this bizarre? I had never heard of anyone NOT eating the skin. How do you eat yours?

Should Stilton be salty?

I am not averse to salty foods--in fact I get chastised by friends and family sometimes for over-salting. I am not a fan of blue cheese, but had read that Stilton is less pungent tasting (milder), so I bought some. I'll admit it is milder, but OMG, it is so salty I can barely eat it. I wanted to try it for our weekly fruit, wine and cheese dinner, so I had a sample bite tonight and I just couldn't believe how salty it was. Is this the way it's supposed to be?

Trout shortage?

I absolutely love trout . . . trout amandine, grilled trout, cornmeal coated fried trout . . . any kind! And I know it's good for you, omega 3s, etc. It used to be offered in many restaurants, but now it seems that all anyone has is either catfish or salmon. What's up? Has trout become that scarce?

Can Merlot taste salty?

We opened a bottle of Ecco Domini merlot tonight, and I swear it has a salty taste. I am not usually a merlot drinker, but we did have a bottle a few months back and I certainly don't remember it tasting like this. Any ideas?

Mac & Cheese go-withs

I'm going to be making Martha's mac & cheese and adding diced ham (just a little bit) . . . just trying to come up with two side items to serve along with it. Any ideas?

Uses for ricotta?

I have some whole milk ricotta in the fridge and am looking for some good ways to use it, either sweet or savory (except lasagna). Any favorite uses / recipes?

Missing chick salad ingredient?

I made a relatively tasty chicken salad tonight--chicken breast, mayo, a bit of unsweetened whipped cream, toasted pecans, celery, and grape halves. However, I wasn't sure how to season it and it just tasted like it needed SOMETHING. Maybe tarragon? Chives? Just not sure. Any ideas out there?

stinky watercress

After searching high and low for watercress (apparently stores around here don't carry it all the time) , I finally found a sealed bag of it at the local supermarket in the salad area. I wasn't going to use it for a couple of days, so I stuck the bag in the crisper in the fridge. So last night I opened it and was going to use some on my smoked salmon sandwich; when I opened the bag it REEKED! I couldn't quite pinpoint the smell, so I pulled the whole thing out and it was attached at the roots to a dirtball (like some herbs I've bought) and when I sniffed that, I about fell over. I'm talking manure smell, so bad I gagged. Is this normal? The watercress itself looked really fresh, but I was afraid to eat it after that awful smell . . . I threw the whole thing out, then took out my trash!

Indoor grills

I'm thinking about buying one of those countertop indoor grills. We usually charcoal, but there are days when it's too rainy or too windy or we're just too lazy to fool with it out there. I was at the grocery store Saturday and they were using a George Foreman grill to cook on-the-spot steaks and cutting them up as samples to sell their steaks that day. The sample I had was so good that I had to buy the steak (thin ribeye that had been marinated). I brought it home and we fired up the charcoal grill and cooked them. To me it didn't taste that much different than the one I had at the store on the indoor grill. So . . . . my question is . . . do you indoor grill and if so, which one would you recommend to me? Also, what foods have you had success with in grilling indoors? Thanks SE'ers!

Oats for granola--help!

I make granola every so often using this and that from three different recipes that I have customized (no cinnamon! no pecans!) and for the oatmeal they all just say "oatmeal" , not old-fashioned or one-minute (I'm certain it's not "instant"). I can't remember which kind I used before, but think it may have been one-minute since I have several containers of that in the cupboard. Would the old-fashioned oatmeal make it too chewy? Which would you use? Thanks in advance!!! I'm craving granola and yogurt . . .

Uses for truffle butter

I had a nice surprise the other day when I found out the local French restaurant here has opened a gourmet mini food store in an add-on area. Among their many offerings is a truffle butter they whip up there . . . seems like I have read on here about uses for black truffle butter, but now am not finding what I'm looking for. How do use use it? How does the taste differ from white truffle oil (which I have)? Does $10 for a small container (@4oz) seem reasonable?

Grilled Cheese ideas please!

I am looking for what makes a great grilled cheese sandwich. Sourdough bread? American cheese? Cheddar? Brie? Do you add things like apple or pear? Just wanting to know what your idea of the quintessential GC would be or is. Also, what do you serve with it . . . tomato soup? Fruit salad? Thanks for giving me some new ideas!

Can honey sub for molasses?

I am making the Strawberry Ricotta tartlets in this month's F&W and you have to make a gingerbread cookie base for it. The recipe calls for both honey AND molasses . . . can I just use all honey? I am not real big on the taste of molasses, but realize that using all honey would alter the flavor of the gingerbread cookie a bit and I am okay with that. Just wanting to be sure the texture wouldn't be altered . . .

Am I crazy or just a foodie?

Do you have anything food-related that you obsess about? I guess mine must be iced tea. I grew up in the South and it was a staple for lunch and dinner. So I have become very discerning about it. I like it somewhat sweet, but not the syrupy-sweetness that you find in many places (my guess is, lots of those places where it is TOO sweet is where they have used HFCS); it is best with good old sugar, and a lemon slice.

Well, I found the perfect place for tea near where I live . . . even the ice was right. Yes, the best ice for tea is NOT crushed, but clear cube or disc shaped ice. The crushed ice tends to melt too quickly and also tends to lend an off flavor to the tea, whereas the clear ice has more of a clean flavor that doesn't conflict with the taste of the tea. Well, imagine my dismay to learn that this perfect place where I have been buying my tea for months now has changed ice machines to the crushed pellet kind! I am just really bummed out about it. I just had to vent!

Have you ever had an experience like that where you are SO happy with a food or drink item and then . . . poof! it's gone ? For the record, my husband thinks I'm nuts and that all tea tastes the same.

Buttermilk subs?

Ugh, I just dumped out another remainder of the carton of buttermilk that I had to buy awhile back for a recipe, wasn't able to use it right away for anything else and it is now past its prime. I used to be able to find pint sized containers of buttermilk which worked great for cooking . . . no unused portion to sit in the fridge for weeks. Anyone out there got a good substitution for buttermilk? I've heard about adding lemon juice to milk, but wasn't sure if that was as good as using real buttermilk. Thanks for any ideas!

Elusive watercress

I have several recipes calling for watercress as an ingredient, yet I can't seem to find it anywhere! Is it out of season? Is there a good substitution?

Easy Pie Dough

This makes enough for two single-crust pies or one double crust pie. For a slightly more tender crust, replace up to 6 tablespoons of butter with vegetable shortening. Pie dough can be frozen for up to 3 months. Thaw in refrigerator before rolling and baking. More

Seriously Asian: Shredded Tofu

For lack of a snappier marketing term, these bean curd noodles—also referred to as tofu strands or shredded tofu on the packaging—have been taking the place of wheat noodles in my kitchen when I'm in the mood for a flour-free staple. More