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Have a milkshake today for Jakey. She will be missed

Yes, we will for sure all miss Amy. She only found out she had cancer a couple of months ago and was taking chemo and seemed to be responding well. However, last week she took a turn for the worse. She leaves behind a legacy of humor and friendship, along with her love of cooking. RIP, dear Amy.

The Elusive Secret Dipping Sauce aka SDS, secret no more.

I've been hearing about this for awhile now . . . excited to finally have the recipe! Can't wait to try it.

Ever Tried Peanuts in Coke?

All kinds of people were doing this in the Midwest in the 60s when I was growing up and in the 70s when I was a teen. I tried it, and, like the earlier poster said, was underwhelmed. Just didn't get what all the fuss was about, but I'm not a huge peanut lover, either. Apparently, people have been doing this for years.

Staff Picks: Our Last Burgers on Earth

What about Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe? Their burgers (specifically the green chile cheeseburger) has won a variety of national awards over the years. I had to try it for myself last time I was in SF, and it MOST DEFINITELY should be on this list! Apparently none of your staffers have had it, or it would be!

What is happening to TALK?

I must add that I do think the site was more conducive to commentary before the big change (last year? 2 years ago?) whenever it was. Can't exactly pinpoint why, but just liked the older site setup better, maybe because that's the way it looked when I joined SE years back.

What is happening to TALK?

I used to be on here a lot, too, but have just been too busy for a good while to give it an everyday check in. I am in the Cooler group, but not even one of the more active posters, but I do like to check in with what's going on. I love the SE groups, and even if I'm not in "Talk" mode, I try to check in.

Good Mail Order Steaks?

My aunt always gives us Omaha steaks at gift time and they are NOT what everyone thinks they are cracked up to be. Not sure why they have such a high reputation, but a lot of older people really like them. I would try to go with some other recommendations on here.

Food myths

Dont drink milk if you are eating fish

Food Waste... who's really to blame???

On another level, what bothers me is all the wasted food from buffets. Maybe some places give to the food banks, I don't know, but would be interested to know from the people on here who work as caterers or in restaurants that have buffets.

For instance, we dined at a local Indian restaurant last week and were the last to leave. I looked at the buffet on the way out and there was LOTS of food still left. Also, at the wedding receptions I photograph, since as the photographers, we are always among the last to leave, I see the food left on the buffet tables and 90% of the time there is tons of it, usually high-end foods, i.e., tenderloin, etc. What happens to all this food???? Do these places just constantly over-prepare?

How do I get crispy crust w/ a pizza stone??

@Adam, do you have a link to Kenji's pizza sauce for the above-mentioned pizza? I checked the recipe, but it didn't show the actual sauce part . . . unless somehow I just looked over it.

I ain't eatin' THAT again !!!

Chicken feet. I ate them, but not by choice. I had accidentally ordered them in a Chinese restaurant (the menu was totally in Chinese) and when they placed the plate in front of me, I just dug in, as I certainly wasn't expecting chicken feet. As I was chewing, I figured it out and felt nauseous, they're just not for me. We raised chickens when I was growing up, and I know where those feet have been!

Video: Porcupine Doesn't Want to Share His Corn

LOL @dbcurrie! His little smacking sounds were cute : )

11 Burgers That Are Worth the Hype

Glad you included Bobcat Bite . . . I was in NM a couple of weeks ago and made a special effort to go to this out-of-the-way diner. Well worth it--one of the best burgers I've ever had! And the old-style diner atmosphere can't be beat. Be warned, if using your GPS, Google Maps has the location about a mile sooner than it really is. Just keep driving and you'll see it on up the road. I've heard some people have to wait up to an hour or so to get seated, but luckily there was no wait when we went.

Happy Thanksgiving, Serious Eaters

Thankful for the SE crew! You guys do an awesome job and are appreciated. Also thankful for serious eaters out there who contribute comments/recipes/anecdotes and make this site so much fun/interesting/inspiring! Happy T-Day to all : )

Least favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Least favorite? Brussels sprouts. Try as I might, I just can't like 'em.

Dallas: 9 Enchiladas We Love

Every time I go to Dallas I HAVE to eat at El Fenix! They have the best Tex Mex ever!

Chipotle sour cream ideas?

I bought some some of that recently, too, very good stuff! I used mine in some mac & cheese I made from scratch.

The Serious Eats Book: On Sale November 1!

So excited! Will definitely be at my local bookstore on Nov. 1 for this!

This Post Has Been Rated...."R"

Talenti belgian chocolate gelato. I have gained 15 lbs this summer because of it : (

Preview: Pioneer Woman's New Food Network Show Premieres This Weekend

I live in OK and happen to know the Drummond family that Ree married into, and yes, they are the real deal. The Drummond Ranch is a historic ranch in northern OK and is an actual working ranch. I think Ree's recipes and presentation are just as good as anything else out there and the fact that she's created such a successful blog along with everything else she does is just amazing. Just home-schooling 4 kids would do me in! I love it that not only does she feature food on her site, but also photography (along with lots of how-to's), and other things of interest. Quite a multi-tasker, in my opinion.

What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Candy-cap mushroom ice cream! Don't knock it till you've tried it.

Taste Test: Ready-to-Drink Lemonade

Count me in for Chick-fil-A lemonade! It is the best, but I think Tropicana is a close 2nd. Just don't get why it got beat out by Minute Maid, which (to me) has an artificial flavor. I also agree with the poster who said Country Time powdered lemonade was good.