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The 12 Days of Dumpling in a Halloween Costume: Corn on the Cob

I guess this will be my final post on SE... I am signing off today and yes, I will miss some of you.
For this greally funny costume post, Why the heck to do I have to CLICK so many times to see the variations. Probsably to generate more page hits, but a really dumb, inconvenient presentation to the send user. Great fun, we everyone loves Dumpling. Why is the techno stuff so complicated.

Kindest regards to all. SE IS is fun space, but finding the relevant stuff is too often, too much work. See you (maybe) in a few months.

Tired of the Same Old Side Dishes....

@CJMcD: Sent another place at table, I'm on the way.

More seriously, I don't know squat about cooking for kids, except that has to be interesting and well withinm their comfort zone. Some off the wall ideas...
When introducing a new veggie, ask them to help with the prep or cooking. For those with much younger kids, even help with washing is particpation.
As much as Ihate to say it, (for almost any veg) start with a prep that is a bit a bit sweet or rich; they sell better. If they will eat that, ASK them how it can be made better. If a new herb is introduced (and sells well) ASK the Kids how else it myght be used. If they have some ownership of the foods that they eat, they might take some pride in their work and push it to their sibs - and their parents. (Supervision and moderation are necessary...).
Sorry, but those very young taste buds are sensitive and far different from ours. Strong flavors do not sell well and many good things must be toned down a bit to achieve the "OK" list with kids.

Please do not push and Super-Please, do not force or punish. Forcing a kid to sit at table for six hours, until that 'One Small Serving' of [take-your choice] is consumed, comes close to abuse. Been there and had to eat it more than once. Please don't go there.

Lastly, don't push the new stuff too much. Kids of 13 and 10 are NOT adult eaters and their culinary objectives are more comfort than research. They are not small adults. And my very best wishes.

What Foods Do You Miss Most as an Expat?

Oh yes, the infamous Kraft Dinner! I ate it as a kid. It is a very rare thing today, but I confess that I do have a few in the pantry. On those rare ocassions that I make it, always gets one or more Serious adjustments. If I have to say this, there is a reason that the world-wide Kraft Foods conglomerate does not offer this 'stuff' in many/most foreign markets: The locals know better and won't eat it!

What Foods Do You Miss Most as an Expat?

More than 38 years ago, I was an Amerikan GI serving in Germany. I has access to Amerikan food products through the PX and commissary systems. Before regular visits to extended (civilan) Amerikan family in Switzerland, I always asked my hostess what I could bring. Without fail, she asked for a variety of Jell-O flavors and the then-new multi-bladed shaving razors from Gillette for her husband. She never served that awful substance to me. Thank God!
Of note: They had a large, modern, wonderful home outside Geneva. The kitchen was smaller than the closet in some Amerikan apartments and the 'fridge was 1/4 the size that we are used to. Somehow, she managed wonderful meals, did not bat an eye at a sit-down for 8 and managed 'walking eats' for much larger groups from said closet. It was REALLY small. Entertaining artsy folks and itenerant musicians was part of her 'job' and she managed with an unbelievable degree of class. (Thanks M&L M. I enjoyed those visits more than you know.)

Happy Birthday Slice!

Happy Birthday SLICE!
Here's wishing you good crust, great sauce and heavenly cheese -

After the quick meet-up, you'd better head to Paulie Gee's. That's sthe style that most Slicer's seem to follow. And we already know that he's got the world's best tomatoes .

Paulie, can you handle 250 hungry pie-crazed nuts on a Sunday? Best bed is to hang the closed sign and run like hell!

Hide Chan Ramen - a bit of a letdown

Wow, this place must be in serious trouble. Multiple dings on two different places. It won't be on my list (but then neither is NYC).

Meat and Potatoes is a shameless rip-off of Man vs. Food!

No TV for >10 years and very happy about it. Would please explain Food Network, 50 words or less should cover it.

Food tax are you for it or against it?

As much as I would love to agree with some who want to tax "Junk Foods," to each his or her own. Why do these folks want to tax some items but not others?
Many generations of history have demonstrated that governments cannot TAX citizens into 'better' or 'modified' behaviors, including what they consume. Alcohol and tobacco are classic examples, but there are more. Perhaps an honest and noble idea, it won't work and we know it.

Hide-Chan Review Redux?

Sorry to hear about your experience. As Kenji has noted, it may get a re-look. Who knows what has happened. Maybe the chef is ill and they hired a replacement from Kelly Girl.
Ramen is not a world-class favorite of mine, but a 150 pound dude should not 1) pay $15 or 2) leave hungry after visiting a ramen joint. (Page 4 of the basic rule book.)
We'll stay tuned for more from Kenji. He is The Man!

Beginner Baker

For a great start, find Donna's blog, Cookistry and read through some of her older posts and BASIC instructions. The essentials are there and very well written. She is a master.
Experiment! Cookies are fine, but bread is the art.
Ask questions - like you just did; there are no dumb ones and folks will help.
Frankly, before spending a fortune on books, read some blogs - like Cookistry - and try a few things.
Best wishes and please keep us posted. Someone will always offer thehelp that you knead...

Stacking cookware

Don't know what this is (can't see a pix), but does not sound great.
Kitchenware is not tableware, if that helps...

Electric stove cooking

You will get the hang of it. As some have noted, don't leave the stove until you do...
Again as others have noted, it is about using heavy pans and matiching the pan to the burner size. Some heat faster than others; home stoves often have one Fast Heat coil, so know where it is.
In 50+ years of cooking, I've used both gas and electric and with +/- equal results. I guess I'd prefer gas, but it is not an option where these old bones will remain. And I'm certainly not starving! Practice and experiment. Lifting off is my salvation, if something gets out of hand. Best wishes.

How do you like your Grilled Cheese?

Seriously Classic, with serious (real) cheddar (No "Yellow Food," please) and the best bread that is available at the moment. No substitutions or additions, please. Mebbie a little mustard on the side, but not essential. Griddled (or fry pan) gently, with just a wisp of USB is plenty for me. And good heavens, no salad or fruit in the sammich. I don't mess with a classic that I've been eating and enjoying for >55 years.

Croissant Burger

It might be OK, but I just don't see the need. I guess I'm also hung up on round meat, so it would look funny. THis might slide onto the "Experimental List," but at the bottom of page three. Even with a long, natural life, I probably won't get past page one.

White deposit on flatware and glasses

Yup. It is all about the reduced or no phosphates in the dishwasher soaps. The change became effective some months ago, but folks are just now using up on-hand stocks and experiencing the "New, Improved" formulations. It is a big problem in some areas, depending on water chemistry.
I've tried a couple of work arounds, but not found anything Seriously effective.
@byrdbrain, please try to find the name of that stuff you use. It might be a winner. Thanks.

Onions Now For the Wealthy?

I get 5-6 pounds a month through our neighborhood food coop. Full sized, organic and paid $0.49 the pound for several years.
Frankly, *Some* of our monthly produce options are poor quality and expensive, so most folks don't order those items. The onions have always been very good. (Rural Western Oregon)

Do you think eating pickles and ketchup together is weird?

No thanks.
Wondering... A possible hormone imbalance? Perhaps pregggers?

Taco Bell's XXL Chalupa -tried it?

Have not, will not, but thanks for the offer.

Very Good 'Craftsman' Burgers at 26 Beach in Marina Del Rey, CA

Been there and done that, several years ago. The short, simple burgers were much better looking and ours tasted fine. Those over-stacks are gross. If they could improve one thing for my simple burger, it would be switching to a leaf lettuce that is green. If a get another buger with chopped, white iceburg, a may return even the eaten portion. Ug.

Otherwise, a reaonable GMS.

My Pizza Oven: Dave Konstantin

A moment of truth: The pies look good, but do not sing to my soul.
The oven looks truly wonderful and can be used for so many other great things...
I am not going to build one of these things, though a have plenty of space. In that moment of true pizza confession, if ai had an oven like this, my pesonal tastes in pie would probably change and I am not too proud to admit.
Nice article and a fine oven. Thanks folks.

Chicago: Cuckoo for Pizza at Coco Pazzo

Thanks for a great review and good pix. While these pies do not tend toward my ideals, I would eat them, probably to excess, given the opportunity. The pizzas have with eye and word appeal. I;ve eaten enough pizza to transplate that into the all important Mouth Feel. These pies think good. Thanks for posting.

Daily Slice: Motorino's Cherrystone Clam Pizza, East Village, NYC

Oh I love this! Clam pie is worth some serious work, be it red or white. As for the shells, they stay in the kitchen. Cooking and kitchen for playing with the food, table for eating it. When it reaches the table, it should be read to eat, NOW and without further picking and fussing.
As soon a I finish the slightly thincker sauced shmip pie, the seafood tarket may be clam.
Of note: I have serious safety concerns about 'cracking' clams and removing the contents by force and then, apparenly using everything. With the simple steaming method, the is often the odd critter that will not open. There are reasons for this and you do not want any of them in your food - or on your pie. If your steamer has a lot of these, perhaps you need a new clam vendor. Eat well, my friends, but keep it safe.

Frozen Pizza: Amy's Cheese and Pesto Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust

1. Nice, very objective review, Maggie. A credit to your words.
2. Sorry I missed this when it was semi-live. Perhaps retired, but still have to work and cannot play with my food 24/7 as I would like.
3. Hardy Har har for the jokesters.
4. Adam's short list of topics know to generate comments is right on the mark. And he (or assistants) get to read them all.
5. Best pizza: Mine! I know what is in and on it and I'm getting better.
6. Best lesson, so far: Eight hundred degrees plus is just NOT necessary, unless a purist has his/her nose up the wrong skirt. Get over it. Damn good pie can be made at 450F - 550F if one pays attention to the details.
7. Although I live from my freezers for 3/4 of the year, frozen pizza is not eaten here, ever. Things like Pizza Puffs are for city folks that don't know any better.
8. Want to make a friend: Cook a Pizza.
9. I offered this to Adam some weeks ago, but he did not bite: "All pizza is good pizza until proven otherwise."
10. While I truly do understand the convenience and popularity of NYC's 'slice and dash' culture, substantial reading on the subject suggests that it remains a record-holder for high-margin trash. Of course it is pizza and worthly of discussion, but see #9; the proof is in the eating.
11. My salute to all: Pizza, more pizza and Better Pizza is our goal.
12. A special tip o' the hat to Girl Slice: You are one brave woman!

Mixed Review Disclaimer/Note

Oh, good heavens. Adam dinged me recently for attention to minutae, but I'm still hanging around (sorry, Adam!) 'cause it is FUN! In the end, wunami's brain storm is pretty darn good.
In the end a professional presentation is a good thing. Ten years ago this sort of forum did not exist. As a relatively new type, SE and associated sites are doing an excellent job. The technical side is obviously a work in progress, but the editorial work is first-rate and the reviews are as objective as is humanly possible. In my never humble opinion, the SE staffers are dead SERIOUS about their work. And the humor shows through as well. WIthout a scoop of humor, SE would be a dead spot. I think that have achieved a wonder balance of the two. Now, if they could just address some of the teckie issues... the sites would be perfect. Happy grazing.

What would you do with a can of hominy?

It makes a pretty decent starch side, +/- as is. A little butter, S&P, mebbie, but it is perfectly OK as-is. YOu don;t really have to DO anything to it. Perhaps on the bland side, but many simple starches are. It is processed corn, no more and no less. There are thousands of modifications, but basic, warm hominy (fat, processed corn) is not a bad thing on it's own. Enjoy.
Note: I sometimes serve serve pretty plain hominy when I have a guest that cannot eat wheat - as in no bread. (Not my favorite guests, but still nice folks, so...) Try it plain with a meat dish. You may like it!


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