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From Behind the Bar: Real Estate

First of all for every two people you upset and will never visit your bar again there are likely three more coming up behind to order drinks. The issue isn't whether or not business is going to decline. However, I think this is poor service. I go to bars and I drink, and I go to bars and I drink water. I have had want for stools, or a chair, or even a sturdy wall to lean on. I have not ever cursed out another patron, either out loud or under my breath, because they have a stool and I don't regardless of whether they are drinking water or iced tea or long island iced tea. I think this practice is simply rude, and uncalled for.

All this Olive Oil Adulteration talk is making me wonder...

I disagree, I think redfish nailed it. Don't sweat the small stuff.

SE Print Jumbled Up

Maybe it's your browser? My computer at work has the same issue, but my home PC works just fine with SE.

August 19th -- National Potato Day

Found on Photograzing, if you're looking for a potato dessert.
I especially like the second one because I'm a peanut butter fiend, hah.

The Burger Lab: How To Make Any Cheese Melt Like American (Almost)

what would be the best way of doing this without a steamer? Maybe small ceramic cups of cheese in a mesh strainer over the water with a lid? Also I know it's about adding moisture but is there anyway this might be achieved in a microwave?

Do you like buffets...really?

I'll eat at a buffet occasionally, my feeling is you should kind of know what you're getting into. Most buffets, unless you find one that is really special the quality of the food comes in at a distant second to the quantity.

healthy sport snacks for all day tournaments

I've recently discovered this new mixture, dry whole rolled oats mixed with planters new 5 alarm chili peanuts. The oats help balance out the heat some, along with the carbs, fiber and protein to keep you going all day. Also they keep great in any kind of conditions just so long as they keep dry of course.

The World's Easiest Homemade Doughnuts

I'm a bachelor in my 20's and stumbled on this site a couple of months ago. I Love it and tell my friends about all the great stuff on it and while I appreciate putting together a complicated recipes every once in a while I also like shortcuts. Something like this sounds perfect to impress some friends hungover one morning.


I don't know if blanching is a necessity or not but using a cheese cloth with the strainer will reduce the grittiness

Going Nuts for Horchata

Has anyone tried adding coffee grounds to give this a little more of a mocha flavor? I'm planning on making this soon and am wondering if that will totally ruin it or not. Haha

Drink the Book: 'Jelly Shot Test Kitchen'

gin and orange, not so creative I guess but it was good

Taste Test: Peanut Butter, Creamy

Finally! I've been waiting for this test to be posted since May 6th when you guys teased it in the this week in HQ : ) peanut butter is my favorite

Cook the Book: 'Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese'

goat cheese and chive stuffed and breaded chicken breast