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Do you know where your meat really comes from?

One more thing, it has been over a decade. I refuse to step foot into McDonalds other than just to use their bathrooms. I remember watching a documentary that a few of their CEOs died of cancer or some serious diseases. Wonder why?

Do you know where your meat really comes from?

I am not a vegetarian. I have to confess that I do love meat. However, I strongly believe in humanely raised meat that is healthy for the body. I strongly believe that God makes us the way that we are and we should nourish our body, but do so in a manner where we do not abuse our privileges.

I am thankful that I have food on my table every day and not try to waste any bit of it. We source organic products as much as possible and eat grass fed meats.

My parents currently live in Southeast Asia and they shared with me that they witnessed load and load of hormones, drugs, stuff, etc...dumped into a pond filled with fish. And, these fish are exported to other countries like the US. I stay completely away from imported meat, fish products as much as possible.

Not too long ago, I changed my meat to grass fed beef but did not find a good place. Thank you to someone from a different post told me about I just ordered from them and happy with their site. One thing that I do learn from the site is understanding that my body requires nutrition. The story of the lady under the About Page is very touching. She suffered from an autoimmune disease, did not take "accept your fate" as the solution and went on to do her own research and cured her illness with nutritions. I relate to her story. One important thing that I noticed the site focuses on is "knowing your food source". I support that statement and think that it is very important for us to understand our food sources. Unfortunately, many grocery stores today do not publish their sources and what we as customers end up with is bad, unhealthy food that are inaccurately, dishonestly advertised.

100% Grass-fed Beef

I went to Waymae. I am impressed with the site and the information. I ordered the veggie-fed beef instead of grass-fed beef. I am impressed with the details and service provided.

Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed Beef - Your Opinion

I have not been eating grass-fed beef for very long, but I definitely like grass-fed beef. I just posted a question on where is a good source for 100% grass-fed beef...If you have any information, please join the conversation.

Grass fed beef as stated is definitely healthier. I like the taste because it is really nice and clean. I love to eat burgers but I know that in recent years whenever I ate a burger at a restaurant, I felt sick to my stomach. I had that awful, lingering, heavy taste. When I had a grass-fed burger made at home, my stomach was fine. Now - given that so far I have not had the best quality grass-fed beef, I still think grass-fed beef is better than grain-fed beef from a taste and comfort, tummy approved standpoint.

100% Grass-fed Beef

Thank you for the site
I will check it out. Great info by the way! I did not know about the fat and meat colors! Now, I know what to look for.

bobcatsteph3 - I live in the east coast as well, but I travel a lot. The challenges that I have with local farmer's market is it is a hit or miss. One time I got 100% grass-fed beef at a farmer's market and thought I was all set. It was not the best beef that I ever had, but I am the type of person that chooses health over taste. I came back a few weeks later and he was not there. I later heard from friends that they were not sure if his grass fed beef were 100% grass-fed beef. I did not know how he raised his cattle other than his sign said grass-fed beef. The other thing that I heard was it was not consistent, taste and texture were not consistent. To be honest, I am not even sure that my friends and I were all talking about the same person. Maybe, there were different vendors who showed up. Hit or miss sums it up. So far, I have not had the best experience at farmer's market. The other thing is the farmer's market that I have access to closes by noon on Saturday. So online is a better option for me if I can find a good source. I order and go. So far - I have not found a good source yet. The other problem that I have is, I am ignorant to this topic. I think that there is a lot to finding a good source and to know which is authentic grass-fed beef. I am still learning. Thank you so much for all of the information. I had bad experience with farmer's market, but it does not mean that I won't try again. So - thank you.

One thing that I do know at farmer's market is don't ask if something is "organic". Farmers who do not carry organic gets really offended.


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