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Highlights from Portland, Oregon's 2012 Cheers to Belgian Beers

Portland's Cheers to Belgian Beers is both a competition and a beer showcase. Each year, the previous year's winner selects a yeast strain, and in the winter prior to the fest, brewers throw darts to determine which style of beer they will make using that yeast. This gives them just a few months to craft their beers for competition. A combination of adventurous creativity, resourcefulness, and traditional Belgophilic inspiration seemed to be the keys behind the festival's most successful beers. More

Portland, Oregon: Via Tribunali

Seattle based mini chain Via Tribunali is turning out traditional Italian pies in Portland. The basics can't be beat, but while traditional, not all their pies are conventional Neapolitan pizzas and may take a little explaining. More

Daily Slice: Uncle John's Market & Deli, Portland, Oregon

A local food blog recently referred to Uncle John's Market, as a "destination of Portland pizza whisperers". I was surprised to roll up on what is essentially a convenience store with the word 'Pizza' emblazoned on the side. In between the cigarettes and the lottery machines stood a full sized, double decker, honest-to-goodness pizza oven and glass case full of slices. As one would do in a divey NYC joint, I went for pepperoni ($3.25). More

Daily Slice: Signal Station Pizza, Portland, Oregon

As most Portlanders will tell you, the St. John's neighborhood is not the most convenient place for anything, nevermind a slice of pizza. A clear schedule, an empty belly, and a cloudy afternoon created the perfect storm of St. John's-friendly travel circumstances. There I found the 'Cathedral' ($3.95/slice), a vegetarian melange of salty, savory garden fare. More

Portland, Oregon: Oven & Shaker

The Cauliflower Pizza at Oven & Shaker. [Photographs: Derek Arent] Oven & Shaker 1134 NW Everett St, Portland OR 97209 (map); 503-241-1600 Pizza Type: Cali-meets-NW-meets-Neapolitan Oven Type: Wood-fired Price: $12-15 for 12-inch pizzas Just like the bistro-style burger at Le Pigeon and the Fish Sauce Wings at Pok Pok, the pizza at Nostrana was a menu item deemed worthy of forming the foundation for a whole new restaurant. This formula is an apparent trend in the current Portland culinary scene, and the genesis of Oven and Shaker relied heavily on the weight of chef Cathy Whims' wood-fired pies. With... More

Daily Slice: Bridgeport BrewPub, Portland, Oregon

strong>Bridgeport's pies are named after local bridges, and "the burnside" (12", $12.50), with its Northwestern flair, held a lot of appeal on a winter's day. Smoked onions, local wild mushrooms, and Parmesan sat atop a base of mozzarella with roasted garlic oil. Fresh parsley and thyme added some green to the otherwise earthy pie. It was those vibrant herbs, coupled with the intense BBQ-like smoke from the onions and deeply charred bits of the crust, that defined this pie. More

First Look: Fire on the Mountain 3, Portland, OR

The Fire on the Mountain chicken wing nano-chain is the perfect example of a Portland institution. When hungry for hot wings, there is no discussion; Fire on the Mountain is the assumed destination. When a third location opened this fall, the prospect of pizza and house-brewed beer caused quite the buzz. A pizza menu which infuses traditional NY-style thin crust pies with eccentric wing ingredients could not hide under a blanket of mediocrity. More

Portland, Oregon: Pizza Kingdom Come

The pizza scene in Portland has been fairly stationary since the much-hyped New Year's Eve opening of East Burnside's Sizzle Pie. As we approach Sizzle's one year anniversary, a second location is preparing to open in Southwest Portland, and the overall pizza landscape in Portland has encountered a rapid growth spurt. Here's what's on the horizon... More

Daily Slice: Pizza Box, Portland, Oregon

The Portland food cart scene east of 82nd Avenue is rather limited in scope. Despite its hulking, house-like structure, Pizza Box is indeed a 'cart', and a welcome addition to an area somewhat devoid of tasty, non-Mexican options. It's set up as more of a call-ahead-and-take-out establishment, and while only open for two months, they seem to be cranking out endless wood-fired pies. More

Daily Slice: The Muddy Rudder, Portland, Oregon

Only in Portland will you find cheap happy hour bar pizza hand-crafted in the artisan style. OK, maybe other forward-thinking cities can boast this same anomaly, but walking in to a dive bar full of glazed-over old couples and shady 'hood denizens surely does not build anticipation for delicious pie. The midday (4pm-6pm) menu at the Muddy Rudder promises a $5 three-cheese personal pizza (in addition to $3 pints of craft beer) and I'd be a shame to the Slice organization to not take the bait. More

Daily Slice: Papa's Pizza, Milford, Connecticut

I cut my teeth (and occasionally the roof of my mouth) on the thin, blistered pies of Southern Connecticut. Exploration eventually lead this enthusiast away from the Holy Trinity (Sally's, Pepe's, Modern), and in to the arms of smaller, off-the-beaten-path gems like Papa's. The times I've sat down to enjoy a pizza from Papa's, I've been rewarded with the flavors and textures of New Haven without the headache or attitude. If you're traveling up I-95 through Milford, take the detour. More

Daily Slice: Sunshine Tavern, Portland, Oregon

For me, the sign of a great pizza is my ability to eat beyond fullness, oblivious to the stress placed on my internal organs. The amount of Sunshine Tavern breakfast pizza consumed far exceeded my typical a.m. food limit. The beautiful pies being pulled from the compact Baker's Pride oven will inspire any food nerd and satisfy the soul. Sunshine Tavern's two egg breakfast pie easily falls into my top five Portland pizza experiences. More

Daily Slice: Via Chicago, Portland, Oregon

Via Chicago is a food stand located at the PSU Saturday Farmers Market, essentially serving pizza for breakfast. The pizza takes a page from the Chicago bible in terms of pie construction; cheese and meat on the bottom, tomato and veggie on top, but that was where the Windy City similarities ended. More

Daily Slice: Dove Vivi, Portland, Oregon

Dove Vivi ranks among the top pizzerias in Portland when your average foodie, yelper, or google reviewer is calling the shots. For the purist/elitist, the idea of a cornmeal crust monopoly is rather obtuse. You're telling me there is no regular pizza, just cornmeal? Can the exclusive use of America's top crop outweigh the traditionalist prejudice? Can the lack of a flour-based crust yield adequate satisfaction? Only trained tastebuds and an open mind will know for sure. More

Great Milkshake: Black Tiger at Jim & Patty's in Portland, OR

The Black Tiger just may be the most intense thing on Jim & Patty's extensive menu. The process begins with just about a pint of Prince Pückler's Gourmet Ice Cream made with Black Tiger coffee grounds. Black Tiger, for the uninitiated, is a proprietary coffee blend/roast specially prepared for Jim & Patty's (and Coffee People before them) which is notoriously higher in caffeine than your typical espresso blend. It's whirled together with whole milk and as many espresso shots as you desire. More

Daily Slice: Baby Doll Pizza, Portland, Oregon

Pro tip: get what's fresh out the oven or ask for extra reheating here.

Daily Slice: Krust Artisan Pizza, Portland, Oregon

@TADIII- i choose places to review that i've never been to, and commit to writing the review, good or bad, before i even experience the pizza. i believe that it allows people to avoid places that are not good and save money.

New Beer: Cascade Apricot 2011

I spent my first super bowl Sunday in Oregon sucking down multiple glasses of this at the lodge in SW. Careful, its easy drinkin and catches up with ya! Great beer.

Daily Slice: Krust Artisan Pizza, Portland, Oregon

@texasblues- you had me cracking up with that one!
@chanterelle- yes. they have a single deck oven in there. perhaps they forgot to turn it on?

Daily Slice: Kindle Kart, Portland, Oregon

The initial comment was a pre-eating observation. I deemed the effort worthy after sampling the wares. What's awkward? Dude takes each order and cooks it before taking the next, regardless of size. You may sit there for 15 mins like me waiting at the window to be acknowledged. Service awkward too.. Weird forced small talk with every customer post-order. Probably to allay the frustration/anxiety. Still highly recommended.

Portland, Oregon: Via Tribunali

@frizz- i believe there will be a slice feature coming soon which will be a 'best of' list of sorts for the area, but you can't go wrong with my top places (in addition to Via Trib): Apizza Scholls, Lovely's Fifty-Fifty, Double Mountain Brewery, and Gladstone Street Pizza.

Portland, Oregon: Via Tribunali


sorry for not responding sooner, real life beckons at times...

i got garlic in the tomato mix. it may have been infused in the olive oil? either way, it's not listed on the menu.. so either it's my funky palate picking up something that isn't there, or it's a trade secret. your call, if you trust me. either way, its a freaking good pie. there is not garlic on the pie, i just tasted it in the mix.

@AG- those are not the happy hour prices, just the $3 beers. the happy hour pies are $5 i think, but are laughably small- reminiscent of the pre-cooked pizza hut discs in Back to the Future II.

@Kub- the location.. i dunno. Voodoo Doughnuts attracts tourist-sheep and the rest are crusty punks, junkies, homeless, etc. It wouldn't put you off going inside but you probably wouldn't hang outside (especially as you would towards Burnside).

Daily Slice: O'Malley's Saloon and Grill, Portland, Oregon

Adam, you are indeed correct. However, as usual, the photos are misleading.. this slice is HUGE, probably 30% bigger than the DiFara's slice. And yea, they reheat. I liked the crispy edges.. usually not a 'middle man'.

Adam L- happy hour AND late night.. check their website's menu for those exact times. worth a stop in, like i say, just to see their oven...

Daily Slice: O'Malley's Saloon and Grill, Portland, Oregon

the sharper stuff is indeed added post-bake. this thing is a beast to reheat at approx 10 mins in a 600+ gas oven!

Daily Slice: Uncle John's Market & Deli, Portland, Oregon

For sure.. if a certain food cart hadn't closed before their posted hours, this would have been a totally different review. That BD&P blog is fun for a totally different take on local food, chains, etc. Stuff that I want to eat in my weaker moments and rarely do.

Daily Slice: Signal Station Pizza, Portland, Oregon

@Adam - once it's food cart weather again, i'm determined to bring a PC review

Reality Check: New Bacon Shake from Jack in the Box

i love how the 1081-calorie is the "gluttonous" one... heh

Portland, Oregon: Oven & Shaker

@egad- people may just be slow to the punch on this one. adam and my reviews tend to get comments up to 6 months later.. which is strange, but so is the nature of the internet. most of the people who find my reviews seem to do so after they've already eaten the pizza, and

@adam- the mozz/ricotta transformation was the most frustrating part of my visit. that pizza was close to perfect, and then that grainy texture- argh!

i will return here to try some non-pizza items, for sure. and my cocktail was quite good, its just not slice material per se

Gresham, OR: Longburgers at Dea's In & Out

Good stuff as usual. Any time I see pallid onion rings a clear shade lighter than the fries, I am extremely suspect. Always heard about this place, and your review pretty much cements my 'MEH, if I find myself in Gresham, MAYBE' mentality. But then again, isn't Gresham all about the great Mexican food? Also, the trace red ink on that malt cup and the choice of straw makes it look like a McShake. Which is probably better.

Daily Slice: Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria, Kennesaw, GA

This looks like a really tasty slice. I really dont like when that douche Adam Richman pollutes a good eatery with his nonsense.. from then on, that place is known as a palace of gluttony despite the actual normal good food they serve.

Daily Slice: Bridgeport BrewPub, Portland, Oregon

@adam- i believe theyve been there a while, but it's been recently renovated/expanded. the coffin urinals are still there. the coffins at deschutes brewery are bigger, though...

First Look: Fire on the Mountain 3, Portland, OR

@walkingstickman- my comments on the beer, lets say, were underrepresented. i ordered an IPA and my companion ordered an american wheat. both were equally hoppy, and that is to say VERY hoppy. ok for an ipa, not so much for the wheat. additionally, there was a big diacetyl issue with the wheat. after those tastes, i went to the sierra celebration guest tap.

First Look: Fire on the Mountain 3, Portland, OR

@dmcavanagh- you can add chicken, but trust me it's not necessary. all the flavor is there and it shows you just how insignificant the flavorless protein can be

First Look: Fire on the Mountain 3, Portland, OR

it looks unmelted but it was definitely not. i think the cheeses have different melting points, rendering some gooey and others soft-but-shapely.

Portland, OR: Marginal Thumbs-Up for Lardo's Double Burger, Big Thumbs-Up for the Fries

i will agree with the comment about the broccoli rabe sandwich. definitely the best thing they make there. when violetta and lardo are both present at this food pod, i have trouble choosing lardo when i'm in the mood for beef. regardless, great pics and writeup as usual. kicking ass in portland!

Poll: What's Your Slice Per Person Ratio?

I am with attgig. Most people eat 2, some eat 3, and a few strange folks stop at 1. If you go with 2.5, you always have enough with minimal (but satisfactory) leftovers.

Portland, OR: Get Some Burger with Your Cheese at Veritable Quandary

i agree with @rah62 - those look like two totally diff burgers (closeup looks mushy/bloody, and the long shot looks medium)

good writeup as usual. i've kept out of this place for the same reasons you mention but may be tempted to try this burger. fries, though, don't look so hot. if limpness is a factor, i'm heading for the hills regardless of flavor.

oh, and that green bean looks like it's wearing a condom!

Portland, Oregon: Pizza Kingdom Come

@adam- no worries! it's what i do. you all can look forward to reviews on these joints starting next week.
@egad- good notation. also worth noting is fellow SE'er Adam Lindsley's review of the revamped pizza depokos.. cheers!

Daily Slice: Pizza Box, Portland, Oregon

@adam- yes. i'd even approve deviating from the marg because the crust and seasoning really made this a success...

@frizz- off the top of my head: apizza scholls, lovely fifty-fifty, double mountain, pizza box, and... um.. damn. maybe i only consider 4 great as of this writing!

Portland, OR: Nostalgia Can't Save the All-Too-Familiar Burgers at Stanich's

good honest writeup on a joint that has too many fans because it poisons them with fat and salt. this neighborhood is famous for overhyped mediocrity.. thanks for shining the spotlight a bit too brightly!!