• Location: Brooklyn
  • Favorite foods: Spicy and healthy asian, juicy and spicy bbq, fresh melty-in-your-mouth sushi, all fish, and anything that I can eat spicy.
  • Last bite on earth: Porky, egg yokey, spicy ramen noodles. For sure.

Will raw garlic cook once pureed in a mash?

@KB in Toledo - ha. I have never been able to spell worth shit.

Thanks everyone for your input!

Steamed Dumplings With Shiitake Mushrooms in Sichuan Soup

I would also do sesame oil here.

Sugar Rush: Jessica Sagert's Handmade Chocolates

This girl is weird. But I think I like it.

Will raw garlic cook once pureed in a mash?

I made a decedent mashed cauliflower and accidentally pureed raw garlic instead of cooked garlic. I love garlic but it's far too strong, bordering on fire-throat.

Any suggestions on how to fix/cook it?

For example, if I bake it in a dish, do you think the garlic in it will actually cook?