Win Chicago Food Film Festival Tickets to The Great Chicago Shuck 'N Suck

Normally it would be the Publican but a week ago that may have changed........Best oysters ever at the Girl and Goat

Win Tickets to the James Beard Foundation Awards, Monday, May 9, in NYC

girl and the goat

Ethical eating

To quote Big Mouth Billy Bass; "don't worry, be happy!"

Cook the Book: 'Fresh from the Market'

orange marmalade

Saving money at the grocery store.Whats your tip on how to do it

shop at ethnic markets
i can get any spice for about $1 at the Spanish grocery by my house compared to $5-$10 for McCormick

I defied death therefore I cooked...What's for dinner 8/18?

lol....not as bad as the time I ate 5 lbs of apples and a box of Bran Flakes

I defied death therefore I cooked...What's for dinner 8/18?

3 lbs of grapes
64 oz. orange juice joke

Bread Heel

heel = best part

Chicago - help!

Try this place.... It's awsome
La France cafe & crepes
939 South Main Street
Lombard, IL 60148

Does anyone Not care about there weight

Thaks for the comments guys!
Interesting debate. I like to see that some people could care less and others care alot.

As far as my grammer, lol. I only get to come to this website after work and I'm usually very tired and could care less. I'm also an awful typer so that doesn't help. At least ya'll knew what I am talking about.

Anyone ever eat goat?

I bought 4 lbs. I put some slits in it w/ a paring knife and marinated with cumin,coriander,garlic,parsley,scallion,serrano(roasted),allspice,olive oil, salt, pepper, brown sugar. I seared it. and braised it in stock. served on tortillas with cilantro,onions, and pickled radish. It is not as good as pork carnitas (what is??lol) but I will make it again. I would not say a "lighter" lamb. I do see a lamb comparison though.

Cook the Book: 'Fiesta at Rick's'

grahm elliot bowles or anthoney bourdain

Anyone ever try to make homemade salumi?

Sounds Great!
I'll look into it. I have a room built into rock formation and it would be perfect for curing. I also have an extra refridgerator.

Anyone ever try to make homemade salumi?

Thatis impressive. Maybe you should suggest what is good to start out with. I am definately more interested in cured meats rather tham pates and terrines though.

Uses for Pretzel Bread?

cheddar fondue
chocolate sauce
sandwich with black olives, roasted red pepper, salami, Oil&vinegar

Cheap Dinner for Guests?

Buy some deli roast beef, cube some french bread, buy whatever vegi you like and have a fondue

Cook the Book: 'Recipes from an Italian Summer'

peas with parmesan

Cook the Book: 'The Book of Tapas'

Perfect fried chicken

Maybe you can tell us what you do and it might help to see what ur doin' wrong

Cook the Book: 'Pig: King of the Southern Table'

tacos al pator are my favorite.

Main course for a fancy home cooked meal?

pork belly, lamb shanks, short ribs, pork tenderloin are all elegant and easy

Any Reviews on Emeril Lagasse's new show

Ion Network (ch. 38 on AT&T UVerse)
The Emeril Lagasse Show

Cook the Book: 'Ready for Dessert'

lime jalepeno granita

Any Reviews on Emeril Lagasse's new show

I agree but I always like Doc Gibbs. I wish he'd take over Kevin Eubanks for Jay Leno

Mother's Day Giveaway: Peanut Butter & Co. Chocolate Bonbons

Italian Calzone
Contains Prosciutto, Ham, Sausage, Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmigano, Ricotta

Awsome find at goodwill store!

was at goodwill today and I found the book "Mastering Simplicity: A Life in the Kitchen" by Christian Delouvrier. I opened it up to find out that it is signed by the great chef. I paid $1.75. Awsome!!

Does anyone Not care about there weight

I'm curious. Does anyone not look at the ingredient labels. I know I do. I try to stay away from any hydrogonated oils, simple sugars, and refined flour. Everyone else I know also does this.
Is there anyone out there who eats whatever they want, whenever they want?

Meat cooked to well done

I know that for the most part, most meat should be cooked to medium rare. However, is there a way to cook meat to a well done and still keep some flavor?

Looking for tips on lentil soup

I am looking for tips on lentil soup. I've looked at a few recipes and seen everything from paprika,cumin,vinegar,yogurt,cilantro and anything in between. I wanna know if any of you think you make a killer lentil soup - if so, can you share your "secret"

Vietnamese Summer Roll Question

I've been looking at many recipes and they all look similar. I want to know if you think it would be okay if I add a small amount of soy, fish sauce, garlic to the rice noodles. I'm just curious because it seem like nobody does this and I'm wondering why?

Does anyone here like Kombucha?

I was at whole foods yesturday and saw Kombucha for 2/$5. I've been wanting to try it for awhile now. So I bought one to try. How in the world can anyone stomach this? LOL! I know it is good for you but I think I rather not be healthy! It tasted like vinegar and Fritos. My question is, does anyone here drink this stuff regularly?

Making a lamb shank tommorow! ANY TIPS OR ADVICE?

I bought a nice 2lb organic Lamb Shank and I plan to braise it tommorow. I don't usually work with lamb so I wanna see if there are any tips out there?
I plan to braise it in Cabernet Sauvignon, however I read that many people prefer a stock to wine; Whats your take?


Thoughts on Culinary School?

Hi All!
My nephew is looking into going to culinary school soon. However, he is getting mixed responses from everyone. Some are telling him to get first hand experience and others are telling him school is the way to go. Now, I have never gone to culinary school so I don't know what to tell him. I would say that experience is a plus but just like college in the business world, thats what companies look for. Anyone want to share thoughts?

Also, if anyone has actually been to a culinary school he has a few questions. 1. What age are most of the students (he's 20 and don't really want to be in a room full of 45 yr olds) 2. What skills (if any) do you need before you attend?


Do you fortify your soup stocks with base?

Whenever I make homemade chicken stock, it is good but a little subtle. I usually add store bought chicken base to it? That usually gives it more of a chicken "punch" but I'm wondering if that is a waste of homemade stock b/c I taste alot more of the artificil base than the stock. Any opinions/suggestions


Any Chicago area restaurant serves fried calamari tenticles?

I love fried calamari but it seems that whenever I order it, I get the rings (squid body) but never get the tenticles (my favorite). I realize that there is only 1 possible tenticle per squid but I seem to be not even getting a few. Does anyone know where (near Chicago) I can get some good tenticle calamari?

Recipe Websites

Ideally, I do not like to make my food strictly from a recipe and if I do, I'll defiantly put a different spin on it. However, I do like to look at recipes for inspiration and techniques. While looking for a good soup recipe, I went to numerous websites and search engines to look for a recipe that is "out of the ordinary". Through my exploration, I noticed that 99% of recipe websites fall into 3 categories (Quick & Easy, Healthy, Cheap Eats). It kind of bugs me. I understand that if someone has worked a full day and is tired when the get home, the don't want to make a 10 hr Bolognese sauce, but these websites are getting out of hand. ( A soup recipe literally was opening a can of broth, a can of kidney beans, and bags of frozen veg). My question is, which websites (If any) have real recipes where you actually have to cook 99% of the items. It may not be quick. It may not be healthy, and may not be cheap but that is not what I'm looking for.

(Gluten Free) Corn Pasta review

I've seen this 100% corn pasta in the grocery stores for awhile now. I've always been intrigued because I've always loved pasta and corn and do not like the taste of whole wheat pasta (too grainy). I've never tried it because it's usually upwards of $5 per pound and I just can't get myself to pay that price. Well, that brings us to today ; I was at the store and they had it marked down to $1.20 lb. I thought, "what the heck" and bought a box. I just got done eating it and I was very very surprised. It is actually really good. There are a few things I must share though. The box called for 8-9 minutes (It took 13 minutes). This is a pasta for someone who likes there pasta al dente (like me!). The weird thing too is, I was expecting a "sweet" corn taste. That is non existent. Now, I'm not sure if it was the brand I had or if it is all of them, but if I didn't know it was corn, I wouldn't have guessed it.
All in all - It was very good! A better alternative to whole wheat pasta.

Has anyone else tried it and what do ya'll think about it?

How do you do your pulled pork?

There are many different ways to do it. I am going to make one on saturday but I've seen different methods such as (my methods are in "( )".........
type of meat ( I'm using pork butt)
brine or not (I'm not)
rub (Salt, Pepper, Brown Sugar, Cayenne, Papika)
Mop (None)
Time and temp (6-8 at 225)
Sauce (sweet vinegar based)

What are your secrets or methods?

What Veg do you add to your chicken stock

I know some people make stock with leftovers (which is a great way to not waste) but I wanna know what is your ideal stock.
I like mine simple.....
whole peppercorns
bay leaves
thyme sprigs
bunch parsley
onion (skin on)
garlic (skin on)

Giada's new Cooking line at Target

I was at arget today to pick up some K-Cups (would also like to know some of your guys favorites) and saw Giada's new line of food and cookware. She had it all - from dutch ovens to casseroles to knifes. Food wise, she had oils,coffees,tapenades. All-in-all it all was resonable prise wise and looked like pretty good quality. Has anyone seen/bought anything from her? Thoughts??

Quick Question! Grilled cheese!

a food cart.
I have worked in many restaurant/grills and of recently been asked if I would like to buy a food cart. The menu would be gourmet and artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches. I just would like to know how many of you would eat a grilled cheese for lunch? Tanks for the input and i'll kept you all updated!

What are the secrets to the perfect brownie?

There has to be a secret because it is impossible to make perfect chewy, moist brownies! Seriously though, what am I doing wrong? I cook more than I bake but I should be able to follow a recipe; any good advice or recipes?

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