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Greek-American Lamb Gyros

I made a double batch of this gyro meat for a party this weekend and it was gone in seconds! Also, super easy because I was able to prep it ahead of time. I paired it with harissa tzatziki and homemade pita. My husband and I have been wondering for years how to get a good gyro-style meat at home, and this was perfect. Thank you for the recipe!

Raspberry Rose Jam

I have never canned before and don't have the equipment. Is it possible to adapt this to a [smaller quantity of] freezer jam? I'm curious if the rosebuds would "work" if they aren't cooked.

Meyer Lemon Mascarpone Cake

Should the mascarpone and eggs both be at room temperature to start? My filling looked curdled so I wrapped a hot towel around the moving bowl until it came together. Unfortunately, my foil leaked and this got ruined (I've never done a water bath before. Perhaps the note to use large heavy-duty foil would be nice within the recipe). I will try again when I can bear the loss of the $30 of mascarpone! Also, the cornstarch slurry kept separating before it was time to use it and I had to remix it several times. Is there a reason it's made in part 2 and not in part 3?

Perfect Apple Pie

Made this today; the texture of the crust and apples are better than any other pie I've had, but the flavor is a bit weak. Next time I will add more sugar and spices.

Cookie edges turning out crispy

The recipe I use is basically Cook's Illustrated's "Big Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookie" recipe, but with different spices. When I bake the cookies, I let the butter get to room temperature, the recipe is all butter, no shortening, and I bake them on light colored baking sheets covered in Silpat mats. I measure all the ingredients by weight, so I don't think it's a measuring issue.

In other cookies I make that are chewy, I use melted butter (Chocolate Chip) or a combo of butter & shortening (Snickerdoodles), or even melted shortening in one. But my peanut butter cookies use all butter and they don't get crispy, thin edges.

I have 4 half sheet pans, so I always let the pans cool before putting more dough on them. I've tried chilling the dough between batches, but that actually made them spread even more, to the point of being inedible. Also, I have an oven thermometer in my oven to make sure the temperature is right, because my oven heats hotter than it says it is.

I hope that helps give you a better idea of what the problem might be. This cookie is becoming the bane of my existence. It's my white whale :/

Got a Question for The Food Lab? Kenji Will Answer Everything

When baking large batches of cookies, there is sometimes an obvious difference between the first tray and the last, usually in the way the edges crisp up or the spread. It has nothing to do with the temperature of the trays, because I always make sure they are fully cooled before the I put cookie dough on them. I suspect it has to do with the temperature of the dough as it sits on the counter, but I also get undesirable results if the dough chills too much in the refrigerator. What is the solution to make the cookies uniform from start to finish?


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