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How to Make Homemade Hot Dogs With Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats

A stand alone grinder and stuffer are totally worth it if you are planning on doing it more than once in a while. If you consider the cost per pound of good sausage from a reputable butcher compared to doing it yourself you'll be money ahead quickly. has absolutely everything you need to make any kind of sausage, good quality too in my experience.

Michael Ruhlman's Offset Spoons, for Better Basting, Skimming, and More

I bought these and the wooden "spanker" flat bottomed utensils. These spoons are nice, but the spankers are great. They are rough enough to scrape the bottom of the pan when deglazing, don't bend like cheap wooden spoons when they get wet. Look nice, come in 3 sizes and have a nice shape.

Serious Eats Goes Behind the Scenes at Maker's Mark

My favorite of the bourbons we tasted in Kentucky was the Woodford Reserve. Maker's was #2 on the list with buffalo trace a very close 3rd. Woodford and Maker's had the best tours of the 7 we visited. The bourbon balls at Woodford gave it a slight edge.

Gimme Your Burger Lab Requests!

Maybe sounds simple to others, but I have a tough time getting a burger to stay together on the grill when it's time to flip it without
a: packing the patty too much rather than loosely packing it or
2: cooking it more than I'd like on 1 side.

Every time I try to flip it falls apart. Any tips?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

Black, or maybe with a little sugar if it's good coffee, double double if not so good.

Hill Country Chicken: Are Fried Chicken and Pie the New Burgers and Cupcakes?

Isn't an 8 piece box at bojangles about 10$ The 20 pc. Jumbo Tailgate -- 20 pieces of chicken, 10 biscuits, 4 picnic fixin's and 1 gallon iced tea, serves 8-10 was 35$ I think. If you've never had bojangles I'm pretty sure they put heroin in the breading. 27$ for an 8 piece is pretty steep.

Poll: Do You Eat Chicken for Breakfast?

I bet I can't name 2 things better for breakfast than a cajun filet biscuit and a sweet tea from Bojangles. Possibly the thing I miss the most about living in NC. I think they must put something highly addicitve in the breading, black tar heroin, I don't know, but it's good.