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Food Fight: Food Network Awards to Debut Sunday

when are these awards being aired? went on the website and din't find a thing.
so no mention of the james beard award, they will make their own awards for their own idiot hosts. let me guess...rachael ray - biggest mouth, most annoying. low can my neckline be before i burn them in a sauteeing accident?
i hate the food network. so disappointing, since i enjoyed them a lot when they first started.

Liveblogging the Beard Awards

hope to see more coverage of the big night. what was for dinner, etc.
but i have something to say that may not be related but i couldn't help but think as i was reading your posting- and that is, we have this channel called the food network. however, they prefer to live in a vacuum and refuse to pay attention to anything going in the real world. a mention of the james beard award may have been nice- i guess none of their people will ever win anything,so why bother.
went on their website to send them a piece of my mind. surprise, way of contacting the idiot site.
anyone else feel the way i do?

What to put on which kind of bagel?

cream cheese and sirracha hotsauce on a sesame bagel- scrumptuousness glory

What is your indispensable condiment?

indian pickles, mago, lime or green chili-yummy

What are your favorite foodblogs?
great new blog about a person native to india returning after 10 years

Question of the Day: What food can't you live without?

pasta, rice, potatoes and bread. thank god the atkins thing is over.

Question of the Day: When did you first realize you really loved food?

i don't think it was a moment per se, just looking back on my childhood- all my significant memories revolve around food. that continues to this day.

Question of the Day: What food can't you live without?

bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. thank god atkins no longer rules


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