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Nicki--where did you find that dress? It's cute!

Ask the Critic: A Farewell Food Tour of NYC

As someone who moved from NYC to Northern CA, these are the things that I miss the most about the city:

1. Bagels
2. Good pizza
3. The halal carts for their chicken and rice
4. Apple cider/ apple cider doughnuts
5. Dunkin' Donuts' coffee (I know, I know.)
6. Pomme Frites
7. S'Mac

Looking for a venue for a bridal shower for 20-30 people

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, tea themed bridal showers are out as one of the girls who's also getting married is doing one. I forgot to mention that my sister is an extremely picky eater who only will eat either American or Asian foods. :(

Mix and Match Six Pack Distributor

Do you know if it'll be room temperature?

...I don't drink a lot of beer and have been asked to bring back bottles from the East Coast back to California.

Help! Drowning in Twenty Pounds of Produce!

I should also add that we have a two-pound bag of green onions as well. Again, at a lost as to what to do with any of this. :(

The Serious Eats All-Star Sandwich Festival in Photos

Having gone to other food events, I was like everyone else and experiencing long lines full of disorganized pure mayhem. But, in my tiny frame of time that I had before I started my shift as a volunteer, I was able to sample all of the sandwiches without waiting more than ten minutes. Also, I was impressed by the size of the sandwiches--usually, at these events, I get a little nubbin of a sample. During the day, it was nice to see how relaxed and happy everyone was at the event, despite it being so incredibly hot. Don't change anything for the next event except for maybe having sprinklers for us to run through.

It was great to meet and see all of the writers that I have been reading on this website. I'm sad that I won't be around in NY for the next one. :(

Last Meals In NYC (Under $20)

I'm in the same boat as you, only I'm leaving for California in three weeks. For me, it's the Meatball Shop, Grand Sichuan, Penelope, Ippudo Ramen, Two Little Red Hens' cupcakes, Pies n Thighs, Mister Softee, halal carts, and I'll be OD'ing on all of my favorite pizza places. I'll definitely be following this thread for suggestions.

Hill Country Chicken: Are Fried Chicken and Pie the New Burgers and Cupcakes?

Where is the Chik-fil-a hidden in NY? I know it's in one of the NYU dorms, but not sure which one and where. Please help. :(

Ideas for TEA in NYC!

Alice's Tea Cup. They have two in the UES and one in UWS.

Chain Gang -- Do you secretly love a chain restaurant??

Panera, Olive Garden, Boston Market, Cracker Barrel, PF Chang's and Denny's. No shame here. :)

Have You Ever Had Airline Food You Actually Liked?

JAL and Eva airlines both have really great food. They also tend to shove as much food in you as possible. I guess it's the Asian fear of letting their guests go hungry, eh? :)

Virgin America's snack boxes are quite decent. I liked mine.

NY Restaurant Week Help

Ah, that explains some things. When I was doing some research, I thought it was puzzling how most of the places didn't get more than four stars on Yelp. WIth that said, we were thinking about dinner since my boyfriend doesn't have a flexible work schedule like mine.

(Fast) Lunch Options at/near the Javits Center?

If you or your friends have a smartphone and the proctors allow delivery, download the Seamlessweb app and that should be able to help you. Javitis is in the middle of nowhere with the closest and fastest food option being McDonald's.

Is the Coffee Break Dead? Bring Back Mug Time

I used to work at a dry cleaners. The owners, who were Korean, would lock up shop everyday at lunchtime and we would have a lunch for two hours. The owners had a small kitchen in the back and made food for themselves and the employees. We then would sit together at a table together, talk about families, and share stories for the two hours. I wish there were more places like this in America.

San Francisco: A Taco Tour of the 24th Street Bart Station, Mission District

Thank you for this article. I'm going to SFO at the end of this month and am excited to try out these places.

Where do we need to stop to eat on our cross country road trip?

Sedona: Wildflower Cafe and Heartline Cafe (but only for lunch; I heard dinner could be expensive there.) I can't think of the pizza place that my friends and I went to, but if I find out, I'll post here again.

Sedona's really gorgeous. It was really hard for me to leave there.

Blowing Rock, NC has several really good places to eat as well

I highly recommend taking Highway 101 from the Redwood National Park to Portland, Oregon. It's one of my top three most beautiful drives that I've been on.

Is Your Pet Named After a Food (or Food Critic)?

I have two tuxedo cats named Maki and Unagi. Because, you know, they're black and white. They're still kittens and I believe my neighbors think I'm a crazy sushi chef always shouting things like, "Maki! NO! Bad!"

What's Your Favorite Hamantash Filling?

Does anyone have a good recommendation for Hamantash in Manhattan? I'd suggest Prantl's for Pittsburgh.

What Are the Must-Eats in Your City?

I wish I had this list when my friend and I were driving across the country in January. With neither of us having a smart phone, we were completely clueless as to where the good places to eat were.

Grilling: Apricot-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

I apologize if this is a silly question, but would this be possible in an oven? If so, what temperature should I heat the oven?

Somewhere to go near E. 57th St.

I was going to post this as my in-laws will be in town next weekend and will be wanting to do the touristy Christmas events around that area. So, keep your suggestions coming!

[Added: My in-laws aren't adventurous eaters so nothing crazier than Americanized Chinese. I'm not too sure if they would eat Mexican, either.]

Quality thai places in the city

Klong on St. Marks is really good. They have a lunch special from Monday-Saturday where you can have an appetizer and an entree for $7.95.