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The Best Mashed Sweet Potatoes

I'm a college student, so sweet potatoes are a great budget friendly and fuss free component to a lot of my meals. Just roasted a batch of sweet potatoes per your instruction, and they are mindblowing. Thanks Kenji!

Lox, Whitefish, and Beyond: An Introduction to Appetizing

Oh my this could not have come at a better time - I've been trying to explore the New York "appetizing" scene (and just order some salmon with my gosh darn bagel) but I don't know what anything is! Thank you thank you thank you.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

@ocean get adblocker!

Seriously Seeking Fall Editorial Interns

You're living in NYC after all - a little extra money always helps

Japanese Ginger and Garlic Chicken With Smashed Cucumber From 'A Change of Appetite'

Personally I love spicy ginger - I imagine this chicken would be great for stomach aches. Food processor tip is pretty neat, too, thanks!

Win a Copy of 'A Change of Appetite'

Tripe pho. High protein, selenium, zinc, calcium, and vitamin b-12, low fat, and oh so flavorful. And the texture! I normally just skip the noodles or use brown rice noodles also, plus extra bean sprouts & thai basil.

5 Delicious Cheeses You Should Throw on the Grill

So is paneer too boring to be on this list of grilling cheeses? Because it holds up to a tikka-esque yogurt marinade on the grill pretty nicely, especially on kebabs!

The Best Sweet Use for Your Smoker? Smoked Ice Cream

Smoked french toast!

Serious Entertaining: A 5-Course French Meal for Your Bastille Day Fête

SO ready to eat some cheese on monday.

Salmon Banh Mi From 'Vibrant Food'

Sardine banh mi is pretty tasty too! Also a lot of Vietnamese people go heavy handed with the herbs, so that's probably why you might think it's too much - just think of it like very assertive lettuce in a regular sandwich.

Cheese 101: Hard Facts About Hard Cheese

So does manchego and its sheepy cousins fall under hard cheese, or semi-hard?

West Coast Events for March and Beyond

what happened to these monthly pages? :(

How to Make Crispy, Crunchy, Totally Addictive Gluten-Free Brownie Brittle

Would these be sturdy enough to make some killer smores?

Yogurt and Dill Crackers From 'The Nourished Kitchen'

2 things:
Can you use regular whole wheat flour?
Would nonfat greek yogurt be an okay substitute (or would I have to water it down/use full fat)?

I absolutely would love to try homemade crackers, I'm always so lazy or intimidated by the process!

Balinese Chicken Lawar

Could this go tree-nut free if I subbed peanuts?

The Best Barbecue Beans, Whether You Have 1 Hour or 16

Ok I'm just curious - what would a vegetarian person do to replace that bacon?

Knife Skills: How to Cut a Pineapple Like a Badass

@AndroidUser I chew on the core. Yes! It's almost as good as getting the last bits off the mango seed.

I think pretty much anyone who lives in a tropical country cuts pineapple this way. It's so efficient! Plus the eyes are unpleasant (they make my throat itchy).

Leaf-Wrapped Salad Bites (Miang Kham) From 'Simple Thai Food'

I LOVE love LOVE this dish. It's so much fun to just sit around the table and chat with friends while assembling your own bite! I have seen some versions where people have used large spinach leaves, and also where chopped bell pepper was an added filling ingredient.

Salt-Cured, Soy-Marinated, and Fertilized: A Guide to Asia's Amazing Eggs

I've had almost all of these, with the exception of Balut (I have chosen to avoid this delicacy) and the elusive Tokneneng.

I must say tea-soaked is my favorite; it's gorgeous and simple to prepare. Salted eggs are great too because the white are almost like feta cheese (??). As for the thousand-year egg... no. I bought a box and got sick of them after the second one.

Star Wars themed recipes?

You guys are hilarious! I am thoroughly amused. Have a good one :)

Two Pounds of Ground Beef- What to make?

Thit Bo La Lot; Lemongrass beef, rolled in betel leaves and grilled - one of my aunt's favorite recipes, it's aaaahmazing!

Best stores for food souvenirs in New Orleans

-Cafe Du Monde for chicory coffee: yes it's cliché, but chicory coffee isn't that common!
-Central Grocery Co for pickles, cookbooks, spice mixes, and even bacalao: while you're at it order a muffaletta for some post-shopping fuel.
-I second Rouses above
-Pepper palace for hot sauces and spice mixes: slightly pricey, but most of the hot sauces they carry couldn't be find anywhere else

I believe all those places are in the french quarter. Have an amazing time!

When Breakfast Gets "Weird"

Normally I eat a traditional "healthy" breakfast of lightly sweetened oatmeal and cocoa powder. The oatmeal comes out looking unattractive but it's the only way I can get away with eating chocolate for breakfast nearly everyday and not feel bad. ;)

If I didn't live with my sibling I'd eat savory soup-like breakfasts (pho, congee, etc) but she abhors the smell of kimchi or pickles in the morning.

Generally my only rule is to go for the good carbs in the morning, since breakfast is my most carb-heavy (and filling) meal of the day.

Recipes for Cooking Demos?

@shoneyjoe GENIUS, what a great student appeal - definitely going to show off some twists with the quesadillas, too!

Recipes for Cooking Demos?

@bobcatsteph3 grilled cheese is actually a great idea. I will think about that one - thanks!

Star Wars themed recipes?

Tomorrow's May 4th! You know what that means!!

So, do you guys have any fabulous star wars themed recipes to celebrate? Puns welcome!

I have so far: Wookie Cookies (Chocolate coconut macaroons) & Han-burgers.

Recipes for Cooking Demos?

Hi! I'm currently a senior in high school and my school's associated student body is running their annual showcase of art forms (videos, photography, etc). I've been chosen to do a cooking demo!

However, I'm pretty stumped about what I should make.

What's a reasonably easy type of dish that I can prepare without a kitchen, possibly on a camping stove or with access to a few electric tools that is still impressive/interesting?

I will of course present my own cooking style, but I have no idea where to start!

NY vs. DC for a Californian

I'm from California, and my goal for myself in college (besides well, getting a degree) is to get on over to the other side of the country.
I'm asking all of you (who have lived/live in NY/DC & maybe even come from CA) which location will not shock me into returning to my home state, but will still introduce me to new (food) experiences? I'm also curious as to which city you think will be better suited for a college student. Where is it easier to survive and still be able to indulge my culinary curiosities?
For those of you who want more specifics, I'm referring to CUNY Hunter College and George Washington University.

What do you think about Yelp/Foursquare?

Hi all,

I'm just wondering, what do you think of restaurant-social media sites like yelp and foursquare?

I personally use yelp to find nearby restaurants, to "check-in" and see where my friends are checked-in, view images of the place, and write short reviews.

The yelp rating of the restaurant DOES have an affect on my initial opinion of the place, but that being said, I'm not too picky because reviewers opinions are so spread. For example, a place that one girl might 'really like' gets 5 stars, while that same place gets 3 by someone else because the service was slow. What are your thoughts?

Sticky/waxy/glutinous corn on the cob

I buy this type of corn on the cob steamed from a Lee's Sandwiches near my house. It's also sold at the Chinese and Korean grocery stores, presteamed and frozen.

My mom, who grew up in Vietnam, said that she hasn't seen this variety that often since her childhood. It has a wonderfully chewy, sticky texture when you bite into each kernel. Also, they aren't as sweet as regular corn.

I've seen them both yellow, or yellow with some brown kernels. They are always plump and shiny.

Have you ever had sticky corn? What are your thoughts on it?

Sheep heart? (Not for the squeamish!!)

Warning guys, this isn't completely about food. It's about a dissection, too.

I was doing a dissection in my physiology class this morning of a sheep heart. The muscle is mostly covered in a fatty outer layer. In order to help us orient the heart for our dissection, we were instructed to try and remove some of the hard, white fat on the exterior of the upper part of the heart.

When we were cutting it off, we used a scalpel and it came off in slices. Then I got a horribly sick revelation. It looked, and worse, smelled like sheep's milk cheese. I'm completely serious here, it looked like someone was slicing off pieces of Manchego, and I could smell it. It was white, and firm, but wasn't quite as oily as cheese. But still, ugh.

So, has anyone else experienced anything similar? It must be because sheep has such a distinct smell, it just permeates the whole animal. Eh, I don't know how I feel about that.

Vermicelli in Rice

I've noticed in rice that I get at mediterranean restaurants (I can't name their countries of origin off the top of my head) has little brown/golden colored noodles in the rice. Why is this? And does anyone have the recipe for this amazing rice?

Honey for dipping pizza crusts?

Recently I've been told that two chicago-style pizza places in the bay area have begun to offer a side of honey (Patxi's and Blue Line)
Apparently, you're meant to dip the crusts in it once you're finished eating the middle. Has anyone had this? Is it any good, or is this just blasphemous pizza practice?

Uses for raw cacao beans?

I just got 4 lbs of cacao beans for christmas. As much as I love them, I don't see myself being able to polish off the whole bag. Any ideas for not too decadent ways to use them up?

I don't want to make any more sweets since I'm giving myself a break after the holidays. I've already made a batch of date-cacao spread (dates + cacao in a food processor).

Great food/travel writers or books?

I'm writing my college essay this month about "a place or environment where I am perfectly content". I've chosen to write about visiting an ethnic market, as it's one of my favorite pass-times and I feel it makes me unique. Do you know of any great food/travel writers, or books perhaps, where I can draw inspiration? I'm having difficulty capturing the space in words. Thanks so much!

How do you eat whole artichokes?

I have been blessed with a half dozen of whole globe artichokes leftover from a thanksgiving table centerpiece.

The first two, I simply steamed and ate plain, as I enjoy the delicate flavor of the artichoke by itself.

However, I'm looking for some other ways to eat the rest. Any dipping sauces, besides a butter or oil based ones, that are good to dip the leaves in? I'd also prefer to eat the artichokes whole rather than just use the hearts.

So. How was Halloween?

Anything weird? Funny? Run out of candy? Have two bags left unopened? Did you make anything? Try any new candy bars? What were you? Discuss!

Other uses for an Air Popper?

I have an Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Popper that I use for popcorn. Are there any other things I can use it for (ex. grains)?

*I read rice in a popcorn popper shatters into flaming pieces, so I'd rather not try that.

Salvage Sad Zucchini, HELP! :(

I have a party tonight and one of the side dishes I prepared was two huge trays of baked breaded zucchini. Unfortunately most of the breading fell off, and the breading that did stay on is not even crunchy. :( I went ahead and baked the strips of zucchini for 20 minutes, but they are just unacceptable.

How can I salvage two trays worth of baked and soggy breadcrumb coated zucchini strips?

Sour Cold Brew?

Hi, I've been trying to cold brew my coffee in effort to remove the acidity. I know cold brew is supposed to eliminate this, but for some reason my coffee comes out MORE sour than it would've been if I'd run it through a regular old coffee machine. Is there a reason why?

My methods (that I remember): Trial 1 - In french press, place 1 part coffee to 3 parts water. Let sit for 24 hours in fridge with plunger on, but in up position. Results - WAY TOO SOUR

Trial 2 - In french press, place 1 part coffee to 3 parts water. Let sit for 12 hours on the counter covered in plastic wrap. Leave plunger aside. Results - Still sour :'(

Trial 3 - In a jar, place 1 part coffee to 3 parts water. Seal jar and let sit for 24 hours. Strain when finished. Results - Weak Coffee with slight acidity.

Also, is there anyway to remove acidity in already brewed coffee? I have a ton of sour coffee lying around now. I heard egg shells, but I'm a bit skeptical.

Beignets vs. Donuts

What's the difference? I'm going to New Orleans tuesday and can't wait to get my hands on a beignet, but I can't figure out what distinguishes a beignet from a donut!

On a side note, any tips on New Orleans? I'm staying a few blocks from the French Quarter.

On Paula Deen

How do you feel now that Paula Deen has been cut from Food Network? What are your opinions of her as a chef?

I'm curious to see how other people view the now-controversial chef. Personally, I'm rather indifferent about the whole mishap and her cooking style.

Silken Tofu Ideas?

Hey, I'm getting an oral surgery today and stocked up on silken tofu. I know I'm going to make smoothies for sure, any ideas for other things I can make?

Oh yeah, I am to avoid spicy, excessively salty food so Soondubu Jjigae is out :(

Farmers Market Pro Tips: Shopping Dos and Don'ts

I asked farmers from across the country how they think we should all act when we sidle up to their booths on market day. What are the best questions to ask about how you raise your animals or treat your fields? Am I a total jerk if I try all of your samples and don't buy anything? Are you just pretending to like my dog? More

The Serious Eats Glossary of New York Bread

Good bread lies at the heart of New York City's culinary life. Sure, other cities also have their loaves (San Francisco sourdough and Dutch crunch, Boston and its brown bread) but New York's bread culture runs as deep and diverse as the history of our town. More

A Beginner's Guide to Onions

Even if you use them almost every time you cook, onions can still be pretty bewildering. With about a dozen varieties readily available in most markets, as well as several less common types, it can be hard to know which kind of onion to choose for your marinara sauce and which to select for your pico de gallo. Never fear: let our ingredient guide come to the rescue. More

Where to Eat in Downtown Los Angeles

From Japanese standouts in Little Tokyo to sausage and beer halls in the Arts District to buzzy fine dining, these days there's no end to the possibilities in Downtown L.A. Here's our guide to where to eat in the revitalized neighborhood. More

Kenji's NYC Bucket List: What I'll Miss Most

In case you didn't know it, I'm leaving New York at the end of this month, quite possibly for good. But before I leave, I need to get a few bites in. These picks aren't my line up of the city's best restaurant or my best bites. What they are, however, is a good representation of the restaurants I'll miss most. More

The Wok Mon Converts Your Home Burner Into a Wok Range. For Real.

A couple months ago I was approached by Glen Lee, an inventor who claimed to have an ingenious new device for cooking on a wok at home. If it works the way he promised it would, it's going to revolutionize home wok cooking in the same way that the Baking Steel revolutionized home pizza-making. I played around with it a lot, measuring, tinkering, and generally cooking up a storm. I'm happy to report that this thing solves a problem I've been trying to work around for over a decade. More

How to Make Chicago-Style Italian Beef at Home

Chicago's iconic Italian beef is one of the most unwieldy sandwiches ever created by man. At first glance it looks like the less dignified cousin of the French dip, but instead of coming with a nice little side of jus for you to wet the sandwich's ends with, this bad boy is saturated from the start. Ask for it "dipped" and the whole sandwich is dunked in meaty juices, soaking the bread to the core. There's no respectable way to eat one of these, but it's well worth the mess. If you don't live in the Chicagoland area, here's how to make one at home. More

The Serious Eats Field Guide to Asian Greens

When you walk into the produce section of your local Asian supermarket, you'll probably be greeted by a dazzling but daunting display of unusual greens. They're all great, and easy to cook, but it helps to be armed with some knowledge to tell your shoots from your choys. More

How to Cook Lao Food Like a Pro

Food from Laos is a rare find in the U.S., which is one of the reasons chef Jeannie Ongkeo secret Lao dinner menu, the only example of homestyle Lao cuisine in New York, is so popular with Southeast Asian food fans. We spent a night cooking with her; here's the cuisine through her eyes. More

The Serious Eats Guide to British Sweets

We Brits love little squares of things on bone china plates served of an afternoon following a game of cribbage. We love puddings that steam like a behemoth emerging from a sauna, made from beef fat, treacle, and shrivelled fruit. We love sugared, crunchy things from packets. It's no overstatement to say tea and biscuits are our actual lifeblood. More

Easy Fresh Mexican Chorizo

This recipe makes a pound and a half of bulk fresh Mexican chorizo-style sausage to be used as a base ingredient for tacos, chilies, enchiladas, nachos, and many other Mexican preparations. The achiote gives the meat a deep red color, but it is totally optional. More

Portland Cheap Eats: 10 Great Dishes Under $10

For those looking to dine on the cheap, Portland's countless food carts provide an obvious solution. But there's also no shortage of sit-down places with stellar dishes for under $10. Good value can be found all over the city, including table-side at some of Portland's most celebrated restaurants. In fact, the difficulty isn't in seeking out bargains, but rather narrowing down the bounty of options. Here are ten of our favorites. More