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  • Location: Washington Heights, NYC
  • Favorite foods: coffee, lemon anything, that "the best garlic in the universe" garlic from the Greenmarket, BBQ pork from Chinatown, olives, any form of chicken that involves crispy skin
  • Last bite on earth: the hot and sour soup from Big Wong's on Mott St.

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Sugar Rush: Migliorelli Farm Cider Doughnuts at the Union Square Greenmarket

I am not a doughnut fan and even I can agree that those are the best. Migilorelli is at 175th St (June to November) as well.

Shamrock Shake in NYC?

Has anyone tried to find it at that giant neon McDo's in Times Square? They always have bizarre stuff (like donuts) so it seems like they're the most likely candidate...

Gourmet Genesis

Dude! I can't believe you just compared Top Chef's Marcel to Satan. Hasn't that kid suffered enough already?

What causes food hangover?

This happens to me every time I eat pizza for dinner. Every. Freakin'. TIme. I thought I was the only person who got food hangovers.

Personally, I suspect salt. My theory is a salty dinner followed by sleep must lead to dehydration (if I was awake, I'd be thirsty, ergo, no hangover), which then leads to waking up feeling hungover.

Does Cooking Make You Gay?

Ah, but you forgot to point out that Hasbro recently went on to make a REAL MEAL oven for REAL MANLY MAN BOYS. During the holidays, that post got a lot of traffic from Google for people searching for "easy bake oven for boys".


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