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Moody for Moderne

I disagree with what tdeane has to say. Obviously as the owner of Vera's Burger shack I am biased, but our burgers are cooked pink (we prob get more complaints about a burger being under-cooked when in fact it is cooked properly). We also quite a bit of fat in our burgers, and a spice pack that contains 8 spices. One of the commetns we get is that despite the 35 different flavour shots that we have, you can still taste the burger itself.

Shake Shack UWS Madness On Tap: Let the Frozen Fries Start Flowin' in My 'Hood

Potatoes are serious business, it took us a solid 18 months before we found the right potato, right sugar, right temps and cook times, don't even get me started on oil v lard v type of oil v duck fat. That being said, if people love their fries, then great, keep em coming.

Heart Attack Grill Is Up Front About Slowly Killing You

Vera's Burger Shack in Vancouver has had a dbl bypass burger since 1977.

Eat This Before You Die: The Doug Special in Vancouver

Actually, its served on a plate or on a basket, but never to go

Burgers in 'Martha Stewart Living' July Issue

have to say,I love your site, keeps me in the know on what is happening in the northeast burgerdom

Burgers in 'Martha Stewart Living' July Issue

right at the start, it should come crashing down on the screen

Burgers in 'Martha Stewart Living' July Issue

check out, for a similar burger deconstruction

Shake Shack Branch Coming to Upper West Side

As the owner of Vera's Burger Shack, which started on the beach in Vancouver Canada, I can tell you, when we expanded we were very conscious not to "gussy up" our decor, 9 locations and counting, no one has said we are not a shack.

Kosher Cheeseburger: Sacrilicious or Sacrilegious?

just a matter of time before you jump the fence. As i said to someone earlier this am, if you want to stay a virgin until your married, don't have sex with a blow up doll

Steingarten on Hamburgers: More Than a Mouthful

I own a chain of burger places, ice chips (not too many, ground product from a trusted source) produced in a COLD environment, will allow for the very good product.


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