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Small Christmas dinner

Now you have me planning for Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and any other meal I will have time to plan! Great ideas - thank you!

Best PB&J Combo?

Real butter on both pieces of bread (sourdough fave, but usually a whole grain) simply jif on both sides, and one side of strawberry or raspberry jam or preserves. The butter keeps the pb from sticking to roof of mouth. You'll thank me later.

Small Christmas dinner

Thx! Great ideas! Love the thought of individual game hens, duck or shellfish. Mussels are my fave weeknight easy meal so will likely shy away from that. Just needed inspiration and didn't want a ton of leftovers to keep it a special dinner for 2.

Heading to Cleveland around Christmas with 3 kids

I will second Melt, and Jenis. Swensons - is why I was going to comment. Its a Drive-in though but a must stop when we are in town.

Eating in Sandestin

Bistro Bijoux is great on the Wharf side. Graffiti is pretty good as well.

If you drive over to 30A, Red Bar, Bud and Alleys for the view, Fine dining would be Fish out of Water and Cafe 30A as my top picks.

And stop at the donut hole for key lime donuts is a must.

NCAA Basketball Tournament: 64 Great Foods in 64 College Towns

Bobcats didn't make it - but the Zips of Akron did - where's the love for Swensons, or Skyway? Or Luigis?

If it wasn't 14 hours away, I would be getting a Swenson's cheeseburger with everything and ketchup, fried tator tots or mushrooms, and a hot fudge milkshake. Perfection.

Good food in Destin Florida

When you make it to Destin - so much of it is great. A lot of what I have listed is more on 30A or in Sandestin good views, great seafood. But a touch expensive.
1. 30A cafe
2. the Donut Hole
3. Fish out of Water
4. Red Bar
5. Stinky Fish
6. McGuires
7. there's a Brennan's
8. Bistro Bijoux in Sandestin
9. Graffiti's
10 Bud and Alley's
11. Borago
12. Onano

there's a start - I want to head over right now!

Leftover Mussels?

Thank you! I was worried they would be chewy if I reheated, but 4 lbs for 2 people was just too much.

Linguini sounds perfect, since i don't want to waste the sauce.

Weekend Giveaway: 'The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook'

chocolate bourbon pecan pie or bread pudding with any "adult" anglaise

or maybe a wonderful vodka sauced penne.

Beer in chili or any braised meat.

Guess I cook with booze more often than I thought.

Other uses for pepper jelly?

grilled chicken + pepper jelly + pepper jack melted on top is awesome.

Eats in Tallahassee?

A few other recs:

Angelettes or Canopy Roads for Breakfast.

Black Bean for cuban.

Just ate at Kool Beanz the other day - which is always a good spot for dinner. Can't believe i forgot that one.

HALP! Weeknd in Cincinnati!

When i am in Cinci, we don't eat out all that much besides my husband's childhood favorites of Skyline and LaRosa's for pizza, and there is always a stop at Graeters.

However, I have been to Embers though near Kenwood, and that was wonderful. Their bar and sushi menu was perfect for us to catch up with some friends. The restaurant part is a bit more formal, but the bar was fun.
I would recommend.

But there are plenty of options in either Hyde Park and Mount Adams neighborhoods to give you the best options for finding a spot for the night.

good luck!

Eats in Tallahassee?


Tally gets a bad rap sometimes in food, but there are some good spots.

Cypress, Clusters and Hops, Sage, and Food Glorious Food are all good dinner options. Marie Livingstons is a local steakhouse, which I thought was good, but i have seen less than stellar reviews.

For more casual food we typically do Ricardos for Italian, El Tapatio for Mexican (no not like other places for serious mexican but their salsa is awesome). Pizza is usually Momo's.

Seafood: stinky's is great and i think they are still in the process of rebuilding their former place, so while atmosphere is still lack - where they are now is temporary. A little out of town in Sieneyard and further down towards the water either Hook Wrecked Henry's or Angelo's.

Even though we are so close to GA, bbq isn't the best, but I do like Piggys.

Also if you make it up to Thomasville, Liams is supposed to be amazing, we always talk about going but have yet to do so.

Marketwise - fresh market is good, there is no trader joes, whole foods etc. But we do have a good coop grocery, New Leaf Market which has a great selection and good prepared foods. There are 2 local CSA's as well. And depending on your neighborhood, Publix is usually pretty good

Hope this is a good start for you! Welcome to Tally!

Dinner for one...what do you make when you are all alone?

Baching it all week. Tonight was leftovers, but topping the night off with a good irish coffee - topped with real homemade whipped cream. Never really make end of the evening drinks unless i am by myself or we have guests. Nice little indulgence.

Gnocchi - In THIS corner....

For me, it more depends on the sauce if i want cloud like or a little more density.

Wish I had the patience to learn to make them from scratch - love the gnocchi.

Dinner Tonight: Cayenne-Rubbed Ribeyes with Lime Butter

Made this last night and it was wonderful! Thank you!

Washington D.C. Eats

Ted's Bulletin in Barracks for Breakfast (homeade poptarts for starters), lunch, adult milkshakes, whatever.

Zaytinya or Jaleo - for little bites. But my faves for goond dinners out are either cafe atlantico or Acadiana

Agreed with rays for best burger. Never found pizza to rave about in dc.

But cruise thru easternmarket for some wonderful finds, and leave the pizza to the cities where its worth it.

Every once in awhile i really miss living in DC...

Chick-fil-A's Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Love Chick-fil-a. Their service and their food is quality that's unexpected and unrivaled for a fast food chain.

For the spicy, its good w/o the cheese. But I like to add a combo of hot sauce and mayo for a sauce.

The closed on Sundays always makes me sad, but i am sure i would appreciate it if anyone in my fam worked there.

Recap: Top Chef DC, Episode 7

Sadly I followed Kelly's mistake and oversalted tonight's dinner. Wonder who I didn't want to share with...

Cook the Book: 'Farm to Fork'

gosh - picking wild blackberries from the the front part of the woods by my house. Or bi-colored ohio corn from the farm and then straight to grill and topped with local fresh butter. I want both right now!

Sushi with a Group - one large order to share OR my own please!

usually a combo - we may share a few, but then everyone get something(s) they really want just for themselves.

Serious Exercise for Serious Eaters

I was in a similar situation as you. Ran 5 days a week, training for a marathon but not seeing results on scale or in my jeans. I have been meeting with a personal trainer and working out an hr to 1.5 hrs 4-5 times a week for the past 10 weeks and its really beginning to show. weight training and doing cardio post circuit is what's making the difference. I was at a high fitness level but wasn't satisfied with my results before. i'm glad i spent the money to get a trainer and do various activities. But she told me, i need to workout at least an hour each time to really get where i want to be.

You can eat a whole box of _______in one sitting!!

Girl scout thin mints and cheezits. Also, the bucket of cheese balls, not to be confused with cheese puffs which are a sad imititation and I try to avoid unless its an emergency.

Fried Pie Suggestions

Agreed. Filling should be made ahead of time and cooled. I use dried fruit, and have never used cornstarch in the filling. Not overfilling is the key. For a 5-6 inch circle of dough i use just under 2 T of filling. Be sure to seal the wedges well or its a mess.

Although if using fresh fruit, the cornstarch may be necessary b/c of the juiciness factor

Sprinkle of powdered sugar, scoop of icecream and a cup of coffee - and you have perfection!

Good luck!


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