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The Secret Ingredient: Squid Ink

AnnieNT -

I just came across your posting & question re squid ink. Berkeley Bowl (both East & West) have small containers of frozen squid ink in their frozen seafood sections. It's quite good; we use often for seafood pasta with slightly seared squid. The chef at Kiraku is gong to give me some dried or freeze-dried squid ink next time I eat there. He also shops at Berkeley Bowl.

Trader Joe's Kouign Amann is Almost as Good as Dominique Ansel's

When we first tried these a couple of months ago, they were FAB, almost as good as the new bakery in Berkeley on Domingo. They rose overnight and crisped beautifully. However, in our last 2 purchases over the last month, the KAs fail to rise at all. While still quite good, not at all as good as before. BTW, we recently purchased TJ's frozen chocolate croissants. Again, in contrast to previous packages, they failed to rise overnight in our kitchen. i think TJs supplier is having serious QC problems with their yeast. Next time we'll try to poof around 80°F,

Taste Test: The Best Anchovy Fillets

Next time you're making Cesar salad, I suggest using anchovies with truffle slices in olive oil from Inaudi #25045. You can find their web site at They have several shops in Piemonte and will also ship to the USA. They have a fab flavor. I usually mix/mince 1:1 with white spanish anchovies in vinegar called boquerones that are available in many Spanish or Italian delis.

The Food Lab: How To Cook and Shuck a Lobster

Wonderful tutorial. We often grill lobsters. Steam with lid on for 2 min if small or 3 min if 3-4 lbs. Chill in ice water. Can store in refrigerator for a day. 4 hrs before grilling, slit down the underside from top to bottom, break back and crack/fracture claws. Baste body, tail, cracked claws liberally with flavored olive oil, or truffle cream, cracked pepper, coarse salt and thin slices of Meyer lemon. Grill over hot wood or charcoal fire with soaked apple or cherry wood chips. Place double layer aluminum foil under claws. Cook covered 'till tomalley is set, about 7-10 min, depending on size of lobster. Be careful not to overcook.

22 Asparagus Recipes We Love

Do you have a recipe for shaved asparagus with an aged Comté cheese sauce/espuma? We had last spring at a NY restaurant and it was fab.
Thank you.

Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

We have been drinking Trung Nguyen coffee since it became available in the US several years ago. Had it for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City in '01.
You can order at:
We like "Creative 4" - whole bean and grind daily for espresso, but there are 4 additional varieties available. I know it's excellent in gelato/ice cream.


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