Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Radishes?

I'm sad someone didn't mention how delicious they are sauteed. They take on a sweetness that makes them almost unrecognizable. They are so lovely that way.

Ice cream question

Gack! Thankyou! I kept thinking connole, canole, etc. You just made my brain very happy. Thanks again!!

SE loading slow?

yes, mine's slow too, despite formidable internet speed.

i'm still irked by the new site design.
i check everyday to see if they switched back, but to no avail.
til then, i'm not bothering to visit this site anymore.
you may be trying to get new readers, but you're losing this old one.

Welcome to Our New Homepage

i know you had the best intentions, but with no offense meant-i hate the design.
i really hope you switch back-no point in fixing something that wasn't broken.

Single-Origin Dark Chocolates from Pralus

might i suggest a book by mort rosenblum entitled 'chocolate: a bittersweet saga of dark & light'? it's how i discovered pralus along with a lot of other wonderful varieties. i've re-read it many times & highly recommend it.

Need a suggestion for a tasty beginner fish dish

if you happen to have a george foreman grill, then you can slap a salmon or tuna steak and presto-cooko; 2 minutes later eat some awesomeness.

alton brown also has some great pouch recipes.

welcome back to seafood-my sister found out the same thing about her allergies last year. :)

What have you eaten today?

i've been forced to eat out of a vending machine all day and feel ill.
can't WAIT to finally get home to something REAL.

buffets-how do you do it?

i don't eat buffets. ever. why? two words: sneeze guards.

Walmart vs Wholefoods

i'm completely anti-walmart too.

Dinner help: chicken, butternut squash, and apricot preserves

i think it sounds great :) go for it!

The Burger Lab: How Often Should You Flip a Burger?

where did you get the infrared thermometer?
fascinating as always :) i am shocked by the results-i've always been a single flip girl. think i'll have to turn on the oven this weekend & bust out my meat grinder.
and no, i'm not sick of hearing about your lovely wife.
keep up the awesome science!

Video: Stephen Colbert Plays Fondue Pong at the Vancouver Winter Olympics Swiss House

i am gonna start my own team.

Taco Cat T-Shirt

i find that strangely delightful

Restaurant Heebie Jeebies?

i only go out once every few months for a realy extraordinary meal with my boyfriend. otherwise, we just cook at home, where we know the freshest ingredients are used and how they're prepared. most restaurants give me the heebie-jeebies. i'd rather save up and go somewhere i don't need to worry.

Baking Cinnabon's New Cupcakes with CinnaMom Jerilyn Brusseau

life may need frosting, but not THAT much. ugh.

How do you eat popcorn?

i eat mine with lots of salt. (when i go to the movies i even sneak in a shaker.)
i do not like butter on my popcorn-too nasty all wet like that.
when my mom and i get together we each eat our own ginormous bowl.
sometimes we shove fistfuls down our throats, hogstyle.
other times i am a single kernel girl-one right after the other
(like when i'm being transfixed by LOST-automatic intensity defense mechanism?)
or i toss it up and try to catch it in my mouth.
(i refrain from doing that at the movies, however.)
caramel corn and kettle corn are wonderful too.

Last Week's Poll Results: Chocolate vs. Cinnamon Babka

never had it either. is it easy to make? anyone have a good recipe for it?

Poll: How Do You Like Your Mac and Cheese?

i like mac n cheese just fine, but i don't get crazy over it.
never been a huge comfort-go-to food for me.
just an occasional tasty side.
if i wanted kraft mac n cheese, i'd just pour a shaker worth of salt in my mouth.

Serious Cheese: Have You Tried These 6 Great U.S. Goat Cheeses?

@winternutt: i'm in columbus too! and i third the lake erie creamery suggestion.

also, firefly farms in maryland makes incredible goat cheese.
(i nearly ate my weight in it this past weekend.)

The Environment-Friendly Kitchen

i think the environment is pretty screwed no matter what you do...for every positive action you might take there are millions of other people and companies counteracting it all.

Dinner Tonight: Jacques Pépin's Spicy Ginger and Lemon Chicken

yeah-the thigh recipe is amazing.
next time i make it tho, i'll scoop out some of the fat so it crisps up even more.
jacques is the man.
read his memoir, 'the apprentice', if you haven't already.

How Much Do You Know About Chocolate Chip Cookies?

the whole spreading thing is why i use half butter, half crisco.

don't be sad, dave. it won't be on your permanent record.
we will have to revoke your serious eater card, though.

Video: Anthony Bourdain Appears as 'Dr. Tony' on 'Yo Gabba Gabba!'

it'd be a lot cooler if he dropped a few f-bombs.

Easter Cooking Demo - Help me brainstorm!

you could make monster peeps in the microwave-lol.

my first thought was deviled eggs, but who doesn't know how to make those?

ham also comes to mind...maybe demonstrate with small 'ham steaks' (for lack of a better word) individual plates you can do for people with them rather than one big, unwieldy ham?

show other uses for food coloring....pastel pink mashed potatoes? lol.

let us know what you wind up doing..this is so interesting! good luck :)

Different "milks"

i'm lactose intolerant, so i don't drink it.
when i buy it though it's to cook with, so i always go for the vitamin d.
goat's milk is supposed to be good.

Ice cream question

What's the technical term for the elongated oval shape that chefs scoop ice cream into? It's on the tip of my tongue and driving me bonkers. Please help!

bun in oven

my best friend is pregnant, which is very exciting.
she's also suffering horribly with morning sickness, which is not so exciting.
i've never been knocked up, so i have no advice to give her about how to alleviate it.
do you guys have any ideas or experience with it?
is it different for everyone?
any food in particular that you found wasn't so tough on the tummy?
p.s.-she's vegetarian.

Red Bicyclette Pinot Noir

did you guys hear about this?

"A dozen French winemakers and traders have been found guilty of a massive scam to sell 18 million bottles of fake Pinot Noir to a leading US buyer."

i don't drink pinot noir anyway, so it doesn't affect me, but i love the snotty lawyer's remark about how "not a single american consumer complained"

here's the full link:

crackering up

My boyfriend loves Cheez-its, so for Valentine's Day I decided to make him some, using this recipe that came with my cookie press:

* 1 pound sharp cheddar or aged swiss finely shredded
* 1/2 cup unsalted butter softened
* 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
* Dash hot red pepper sauce
* 1 1/2 cups flour
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* 1 teaspoon paprika

Preheat oven to 375°F. In a medium bowl, cream the cheese, butter, Worcestershire sauce and hot red pepper sauce until smooth.
In separate bowl, toss flour and seasonings with fork. Gradually add to cheese mixture.
Mix until dough holds together and shape into small logs.
Place in barrel of Cookie Pro™ Cookie Press using any disk, press onto ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake 10-12 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove and cool on rack. Sprinkle with paprika.
*Do not use pre-shredded or processed packaged cheese.

The dough came out rather crumbly and was darn near impossible to get through the press. I was able to form a couple crackers and stuck them in the oven. They weren't pretty, but tasted fantastic ! I added a little milk to the rest of the dough to help it bind better, which kind of worked, but I'm still stumped as to why it proved to be so difficult? Has anyone made crackers before?


So, my Mom informed me that my Dad is determined to throw a LOST party once the final season airs and watch the whole thing straight thru. My thought is to prepare in advance some awesome Dharma Initiative cans of food....start saving empties, then wash and paint them! I just saw on America's Test Kitchen a 'safety' can opener that doesn't leave sharp edges...I think it's worthwhile for me to invest in one. Now it's a matter of figuring out what menu I should make to put in them! Any ideas? Since it'll be a weekend long viewing party my initial thought is to do finger food munchy type snacks...that spicy caramel popcorn that was posted on here last week sounds perfect. But on the other hand, I'd also like to stay somewhat true to the show. I'm also thinking about making some 'dharma initiative' beer, but some kind of tropical drink could be fun too-any thoughts?

pumpkin shortage

so, awhile back-around thanksgiving, methinks-there was a warning from the good folks of seriouseats to stock up on pumpkin b/c there was a shortage about to hit.
i told my mom and we got our cans of pumpkin and of pumpkin pie filling then.
well, we've since used them up and neither her (in pittsburgh) or me (in columbus) can seem to find anymore anywhere?
anybody else had luck? if so, where are you located & what store did you find it in?

does anybody make their own hamburger buns?

my boy and i are grinding and eating our own burgers tonight and i just got off the phone with him, reminding him to grab buns b/c i'm completely out of any kind of bread. (i'm baking a few loaves tomorrow) anyway, the thought crossed my mind-why not make your own? i never really hear of anybody doing this? i haven't even googled it yet-i'm sure there are recipes out there, but i wanted to come here first and pool you guys. (i trust your recipes to be better more so than random interweb ones-lol.)

root veggie ideas?

I made a root vegetable soup recently and still have some leeks and celery root left over....any ideas on how I can use them up? (I also have a turnip, a couple waxy potatoes, celery, parsley, and chives.) I'd like to make some kind of side dish, but am just stuck for anything creative to do with them...

i got a meat grinder! now what?

The title pretty much tells it all.
My dear boyfriend had thirty bucks off at a kitchen store, so now I have in my possession a meat grinder attachment for my stand mixer! Even better, my dear boyfriend is a butcher, therefore we have access to the best stuff to grind!
Do me a favor and hit me with all of your best ideas and recipes?
We're getting together tomorrow night to do our first experiments!
Also, has anyone used it as a veggie grinder?
I was kind of surprised to see that on the list of uses for it in the manual.

properly drying and storing pasta

I finally took my KitchenAid Pasta Extruder for a test drive this weekend. Best. Rigatoni. Ever. (Seriously, I never got the hoopla over pasta before I ate it fresh--damn, baby. I am converted.) We ate about half the batch and then as per the manual, left it to dry on a towel on a flat surface overnight. I was in a rush the next morning, so I didn't have time to put it in my pantry or freezer. When I came home all of the rigatoni had broken into pieces on its own! Why did this happen? How can I prevent it from happening again? What's the best way to dry and store it? What are the best containers to use? Thanks :)

Soy Sauce

So I got the stuff to make Jumuk-bap, the Korean rice ball that Chichi wrote about recently. Amongst the ingredients it specified dark soy sauce. I had a regular bottle, but I checked the store to see if they had the dark variety. I wasn't able to find anything label specific-just the normal stuff or a reduced sodium variety. Is my issue that I am I looking at a generic grocery store? Or is what I have what they refer to as dark soy sauce? Online, they mostly say that soy sauce falls into the light or dark categories, but like I said, nothing popped out at me on the shelf to back that up. I'm going to make them tonight, so any insight would be greatly appreciated!

chocolate cookie help

my sister is looking for a recipe that will taste like pepperidge farm's soft baked chocolate chunk dark chocolate brownie cookie

that's the link to what the cookie looks like, if anyone has any suggestions.

RE: Angel Food Dressing

a couple of you asked me to report back about my attempt to recreate a restaurant dish resolutjc offered up as a way to use the angel food cake i've had in my freezer. well, i made it last night, so here's the lowdown. i cut the butternut squash in half & laid it cut side down in about an inch of water and put it in my oven at 350. it wasn't til about ten minutes later that i remembered resolutejc has said they roast it in a little olive oil-oops. it ultimately didn't matter too much, but i'd definitely like to try it that way next time. i also had a couple of potatoes baking in there, so i slid a bunch of the frozen angel food croutons on a cookie sheet and turned them to brown up. then i tossed them in my food processor and pulsed them into crumbs. once the squash was done i scraped out the meat of one of the halves with a spoon and mixed some kerrygold irish butter into it. then i pulsed it in my food processor to a nice puree. when i made the other half of the squash i drizzled some extra light virgin olive oil into the processor too, instead of drizzling it on top. they both tasted good-was curious, resolutjc-how do they do it at your place? anyway, i took the puree and arranged it nicely on a small plate. next, i sprinkled on the angel food crumbs. the first i coated lightly and the second one i had a heavier hand on. both were good, but i like a lot, so my vote went to number two. resolutjc had said to use parmesan reggiano, but i mistakenly grabbed percorino romano at the market instead. it still tasted good, although i'd like to do it the right way next time. i nixed the truffle/truffle oil entirely, however, if i ever get my hands on some this is the recipe i'd make with it. after grating on the cheese (just like the crumbs i did the first plate lightly and the second more heavy-the more the better in my opinion.) then i topped it off with some really good hand picked french sea salt. it. was. awesome. thanks resolutjc!

angel food dressing ideas?

i have a turkey that i'm planning on making for new year's eve. it was a gift from my boss and comes fully cooked, so all you have to do it warm it through.
however, i want to make some dressing for the side and last night as i looked in my freezer-i saw a tub of angel food cake and started wondering if i might be able to use it as the croutons and create a sweet, but savory this a terrible idea? what spices should i add? what about the other components? cranberries? celery? sweet sausage?

green beans on the side

So, I'm hosting Christmas dinner for my boyfriend, his mom, his sister, her fiance, his godmother, and his grandma & grandpa! I'm quite excited to say the least!
My menu, thus far, consists of ham (I'm getting a 16 pounder-does that sound about right for 8 people?), scalloped potatoes (it's my mom's recipe, so that'll be a guaranteed knockout), warm homemade applesauce, and green beans. I'm planning on doing a sweet baste on the ham, my potatoes will be nice and rich, and my applesauce will be on the tart, cinnamon-y side. So, I'd like for the beans to balance the rest of the meal...any ideas? I think the simpler the presentation, the better...maybe steamed with lemon? or perhaps incorporate some garlic?


My mom gave me a beautiful pineapple, but I'm having a problem thinking of anything to do with it other than eat it raw. I love grilling them, but can't due to weather. Also, any tips on hacking that thing apart?

Spritz Blitz!

I just bought a beautiful cookie press!
It came with a couple of for regular spritzes and chocolate spritzes.
It also had one for cheese crackers, which really got me excited.
What other delicious recipes do you guys use with your cookie press?


I have tix to see Bourdain this weekend. He's at a fairly large theater, so I assume he'll be speaking. Has anyone else seen him on this tour? What can I expect?

quitter's nibbles

So, I quit smoking. Yeah, yeah, yay me. I've been chewing gum like mad, but I need to come up with some actual food that I can incessantly snack on, but not get too fat. Obviously, celery and carrot sticks are good choices, but anything more interesting come to mind? Other advice? Been drinking lots of water and fruit juices and avoiding alcohol and coffee (which is actually giving me a fierce headache) On the upside tho, I haven't punched anybody yet.

What's orange on the outside & blue on the inside?

Answer? The pumpkin I carved. Mold grew everywhere, so I had to chuck it.
Any ideas as to why it happened or how to prevent it?

Also, while I'm on the subject of pumpkins, just how successfully can you use the 'meat' to make food? There was a discussion in a post the other day and one person said that they normally go with other types of squashes. Roasted pumpkin still sounds good to me at least in theory, but have any of you made it/tried it in real life?

dinner for 12 ideas

My boyfriend's birthday's next week & I'm throwing a surprise party for him.
(He thinks it's a romantic dinner for two, but there will actually be about 12 of us.)
I'm traveling all weekend & won't be back until late Monday night, so I won't be able to do any prep then. Tuesday's the party, but I'm working all day until 5-the friends will be over around 7-the birthday boy will be there at 8. Factoring in time to clean, shop. and cook...well, there really is no time.
A sit down dinner is impossible (my dining room table is big, but not that big-and hell, i don't even think I'd have enough place settings anyway) So, what I'm looking for is something simple...I was thinking a variety of easy, delicious, crowd pleasing appetizers served buffet style? Drinks (beer) & dessert (apple pie and homemade featured recently on SE)...are covered. Any advice?

a mouse in the house

so, i found a dead field mouse in the middle of my kitchen floor yesterday.
um, yeah-not happy.
has this happened to anyone else?
how do you 'mouse proof' your kitchen and pantry?

How to Spatchcock a Turkey

Spatchcocking is the key to perfectly moist, flavorful turkey and takes about half the time of the traditional roasting method. All you have to do is butterfly the bird, removing its backbone and breaking the breastbone. Yeah, the breaking part isn't our favorite either but it's the price you pay for a delicious bird. More

Freed Journalist Laura Ling an Apparent Hoagie-Lover

Freed journalists Laura Ling, with hoagie, and Euna Lee. When first published the news that journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee were freed from North Korea yesterday, these were the photos they used. At some point, the website cropped out the hoagie from Ling's photo—but not before sharp-eyed Philadelphia Citypaper blogger Drew Lazor noticed it and screen-capped it, saying: ...why did CNN decide to zoom in/crop the image after its initial posting? Is it inappropriate to show a former detainee brandishing a sandwich like a motherfucking microphone? We certainly don’t think so. On the contrary—nothing, in our opinion at least, screams democracy quite like this. Fuck you, Kim Jong-il, you evil commie bastard! This shit has THREE KINDS... More