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Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Radishes?

I'm sad someone didn't mention how delicious they are sauteed. They take on a sweetness that makes them almost unrecognizable. They are so lovely that way.

Ice cream question

Gack! Thankyou! I kept thinking connole, canole, etc. You just made my brain very happy. Thanks again!!

SE loading slow?

yes, mine's slow too, despite formidable internet speed.

i'm still irked by the new site design.
i check everyday to see if they switched back, but to no avail.
til then, i'm not bothering to visit this site anymore.
you may be trying to get new readers, but you're losing this old one.

Welcome to Our New Homepage

i know you had the best intentions, but with no offense meant-i hate the design.
i really hope you switch back-no point in fixing something that wasn't broken.

Single-Origin Dark Chocolates from Pralus

might i suggest a book by mort rosenblum entitled 'chocolate: a bittersweet saga of dark & light'? it's how i discovered pralus along with a lot of other wonderful varieties. i've re-read it many times & highly recommend it.

Need a suggestion for a tasty beginner fish dish

if you happen to have a george foreman grill, then you can slap a salmon or tuna steak and presto-cooko; 2 minutes later eat some awesomeness.

alton brown also has some great pouch recipes.

welcome back to seafood-my sister found out the same thing about her allergies last year. :)

What have you eaten today?

i've been forced to eat out of a vending machine all day and feel ill.
can't WAIT to finally get home to something REAL.

buffets-how do you do it?

i don't eat buffets. ever. why? two words: sneeze guards.

Walmart vs Wholefoods

i'm completely anti-walmart too.

The Burger Lab: How Often Should You Flip a Burger?

where did you get the infrared thermometer?
fascinating as always :) i am shocked by the results-i've always been a single flip girl. think i'll have to turn on the oven this weekend & bust out my meat grinder.
and no, i'm not sick of hearing about your lovely wife.
keep up the awesome science!

Taco Cat T-Shirt

i find that strangely delightful

Restaurant Heebie Jeebies?

i only go out once every few months for a realy extraordinary meal with my boyfriend. otherwise, we just cook at home, where we know the freshest ingredients are used and how they're prepared. most restaurants give me the heebie-jeebies. i'd rather save up and go somewhere i don't need to worry.

How do you eat popcorn?

i eat mine with lots of salt. (when i go to the movies i even sneak in a shaker.)
i do not like butter on my popcorn-too nasty all wet like that.
when my mom and i get together we each eat our own ginormous bowl.
sometimes we shove fistfuls down our throats, hogstyle.
other times i am a single kernel girl-one right after the other
(like when i'm being transfixed by LOST-automatic intensity defense mechanism?)
or i toss it up and try to catch it in my mouth.
(i refrain from doing that at the movies, however.)
caramel corn and kettle corn are wonderful too.

Last Week's Poll Results: Chocolate vs. Cinnamon Babka

never had it either. is it easy to make? anyone have a good recipe for it?

Poll: How Do You Like Your Mac and Cheese?

i like mac n cheese just fine, but i don't get crazy over it.
never been a huge comfort-go-to food for me.
just an occasional tasty side.
if i wanted kraft mac n cheese, i'd just pour a shaker worth of salt in my mouth.

Serious Cheese: Have You Tried These 6 Great U.S. Goat Cheeses?

@winternutt: i'm in columbus too! and i third the lake erie creamery suggestion.

also, firefly farms in maryland makes incredible goat cheese.
(i nearly ate my weight in it this past weekend.)

The Environment-Friendly Kitchen

i think the environment is pretty screwed no matter what you do...for every positive action you might take there are millions of other people and companies counteracting it all.

Dinner Tonight: Jacques P├ępin's Spicy Ginger and Lemon Chicken

yeah-the thigh recipe is amazing.
next time i make it tho, i'll scoop out some of the fat so it crisps up even more.
jacques is the man.
read his memoir, 'the apprentice', if you haven't already.

How Much Do You Know About Chocolate Chip Cookies?

the whole spreading thing is why i use half butter, half crisco.

don't be sad, dave. it won't be on your permanent record.
we will have to revoke your serious eater card, though.

Easter Cooking Demo - Help me brainstorm!

you could make monster peeps in the microwave-lol.

my first thought was deviled eggs, but who doesn't know how to make those?

ham also comes to mind...maybe demonstrate with small 'ham steaks' (for lack of a better word) individual plates you can do for people with them rather than one big, unwieldy ham?

show other uses for food coloring....pastel pink mashed potatoes? lol.

let us know what you wind up doing..this is so interesting! good luck :)

Different "milks"

i'm lactose intolerant, so i don't drink it.
when i buy it though it's to cook with, so i always go for the vitamin d.
goat's milk is supposed to be good.