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Kenji's Excellent Asian Adventures, Part 3: The Best Way to Order Food in China

Sometimes you just get homesick, you know? When I taught in Japan, my roommate and my monthly treat wasn't omasake or freshly made soba, but an all out dinner at Outbacks. Oh the soft pumpernickel bread and cheesy fries were what we looked forward to as much as I live my share of Japan foods.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I actually found three nice vegetarian/vegan places there. One (forgot the name) I even returned three times all I remember it was located on the second floor and buffet style.

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A Day in the Life: Ed Levine, Serious Eats Overlord

Thanks. I despise cold pool and always trying to find one that's warm...which is rare.

A Day in the Life: Ed Levine, Serious Eats Overlord

Ed, I'm a swimmer, too. Which pool is that ? Thanks .

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Mushy Brussels sprouts

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shrimp cocktail.

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Avocado black beans.

Ask a Cicerone: The Best Beers for Chinese Food

Sometimes my dad went ghetto and drink Budweiser with his dinner or hotspot.

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Flour, egg wash, flour

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Cheong fun with Chinese broccoli

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Banana walnut bread

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peach cobbler.

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kitchen sink cookies.

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Green color. Make chicken!

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Cooking Brown Rice...Oil Included?

Do you add oil to cook brown rice? I bought a pint of cooked brown rice from a Chinese take out joint this afternoon and somehow, I don't know if it's mental or not, but I feel some oil coating the rice kernel. Do you cook brown rice with oil then?

savory or sweet breakfast?

Which do you prefer? I feel the bo has an interesting balancing needs, such that if i had too much wweets at night, it craves savory taste in the morning.

Yam or Sweet Potato For You?

I know there's a great debate between the difference between a yam and a sweet potato, which do you prefer to eat? I personally enjoy roasted Japanese Satsuma imo the best. And have any tried dried sweet potatoes? I find them in Asian supermarkets.

Favorite eats in Hong Kong

I know I'll be stopping by cha chan tang almost everyday in Hong Kong, eating sweet dessert soups (black sesame!) every night, and getting crispy egg rolls in Macau. Any other good eats (vegetarian choices welcome!) I should also include?

Restaurant Inspection Grade - What's your cutoff point?

A? B? or C? Or you would even brave a "Grade Pending" sign? Mom just ate some XLB at a restaurant in Flushing and now her stomach isn't feeling so well. So far, I'm alright, but there were still lots of grits and sands in the plate of greens I ordered. The restaurant's grade is a 'B', so take that with a grain of salt (no pun intended).

Help me refresh stale pretzels

I got a fresh German pretzel (not the street cart ones!) that I forgot to eat yesterday and now it's quite hard to bite into. How can I refresh it (I want to eat it, not repurpose it).

Macaroon...macaron. Ahhh!

So which is which? I've always thought that macaron is the merigue-based confection, whereas the macaroon is the sweet made up of shredded coconut. Are they interchangeable? So very confused...

What's your favorite ice-based sweet treat?

From Filipino's halo-halo, to Japanese's kakigori, or good old American Italian ice served in a paper cup, what's your favorite icy way to cool off this summer? Mind is split between Japanese kakigori with red beans, matcha mochi and matcha ice cream or Malaysian ais kacang or even the DIY Taiwanese baobing with grass jelly, lots of beans, corn and green tea syrup.

Ok, it's time for an update

The "Best Baguette in NYC" post is two years old, so I think it's time for an update. With many new players in NYC now (Maison Kayser, Breads Bakery...), without discounting some of the old stalwarts might've lost/gained their yeasty touch, what's the best place to get baguettes in the city nowadays?

Flushing - good sit down area

I know SE has provided lots of Flushing coverage, but mostly cheap, stand-only good eats. I need a lunch place to celebrate my father's birthday. Nothing fancy, but not dingy either. Sure, we could do dim sum, but are there other good choices out there? While I'm from this area, just want to hear others' opinions. Thanks!

Favorite On-The-Go Bars

I'm working in the restaurant industry now, so I don't get a bite until after my shift, which is late afternoon. I would rather 'eat on the run' than to sit down and have a decent meal, especially if I needed to run errands before places close. I usually have a hummus sandwich on the train/bus or even standing waiting for these transportation. Sometimes it gets messy, so I'm looking into having bars instead. I'm not interested in overly processed protein bars. Lately, I've been obssessed with KIND bars, but I'm a little off put by the grams of sugar for some. I like these bars because I could pronouce the ingredients. I tried to recreate some, but just got too labor intensive and expensive to buy the nuts. (PS honey or brown rice syrup is best for bars?) Any recommendation for eating on the go or your favorite bars? Thanks!

Tipping from a server's point of view.

So I just got a gig as a server at a Vietnamese/Thai restaurant. Business is kind of slow, but it's a relatively new business. Since a server's income is based on tips, of course I get super happy when a customer tips 18% (I only do lunch shifts, so mostly lunch specials), but today, three grown men who ate around $40 US and sat around after finished with their foods and drinks, only tipped $3. That's not even 10%! I did my job as a server - refilled water bottles, cleared the plates and gave them space and not rushed them even after they were done. Of course I didn't say anything, but I was just dismayed by this (not that this is a first anyway). Any servers out there and how do you deal with these situations?

Sourdough starter help

I followed Dburrie's sourdough starter DIY down to the T (but used whole wheat flour), but my SS never grew. Any successor that could help me out? Thanks.

Any salmon eaters?

I know that there are studies and articles on how wild overrides farmed salmon (ecological and nutritional, just not economical), but is the farmed version that bad? I know that I can buy canned wild salmon, but subconscious, I still prefer to see 'fresh' fish flesh. It's just the wild version is almost 3X as expensive as the conventional one and I'm on a budget right now. Any opinions? Thanks.

Starbucks Vanilla Blonde - Anyone tried it?

I finally used my free vanilla blonde sample today and I couldn't get pass this overly sweetened drink! It just tasted really processed and regreted to even drinking (I actually didn't afterall) it. Who actually enjoys it or if there's ANY Starbucks that you would endorse at all?

Raw avocado

Darn it! My Hass avocado is too green! How can I ripen it? This firm flesh isn't the velvety texture I was longer for lunch.

Baking bread - yeast

I just baked spelt bread right now, but I can't over that 'yeasty' aroma from the bread, yet I never have this problem from the bread I buy. Is it a subconscious thing or you feel the same well with homebaked bread?

Coconut milk lovers, anyone?

As a vegan, I'm trying to incorporate more fats into my diet for satiety (avocado isn't doing it for me). So now I'm loving coconut milk, especially cooked as burbur cha cha (a Malay sweet soup). I know coconut is high in fat, but oh, I'm so addicted to it now. Any cookoo cookoo for coco lovers out there? :)

Easy Pie Dough

This makes enough for two single-crust pies or one double crust pie. For a slightly more tender crust, replace up to 6 tablespoons of butter with vegetable shortening. Pie dough can be frozen for up to 3 months. Thaw in refrigerator before rolling and baking. More

Coffee Panna Cotta

Imagine a creamy cappuccino, softly solidified. That's what the coffee panna cotta from Nigellissima reminds one of. Sweetened with brown sugar and flavored with espresso, this panna cotta is rich, yet refreshing. More

Banana Oatmeal Bread

Oatmeal adds a wholesome flavor and an interesting texture to this banana bread, and there are no wet chunks of banana in the bread because the wet ingredients are mixed in the blender. You still get the moisture, sweetness and most importantly flavor from the bananas. More

How to Stock a Vegan Pantry

The biggest hurdle I faced last year during Vegan Month was opening my refrigerator and realizing that there was almost nothing I could eat—my refrigerator needed a near-complete overhaul. Here's a comprehensive list of pantry staples for vegans. These are things you'll need to create easy, filling, and tasty meals with little to no extra ingredients. More

Raisin Tea Cake

It's always nice to have something alongside a good cup of hot tea. Sandwiches, cookies, and buns are all great choices, but to me a nice slice of tea cake and butter is hard to beat. This is a simple cake, dotted with raisins soaked in tea—but put it next to a pot of tea, and take a moment to read a newspaper or stare out a window, and you'll be ready to get back to the real world feeling satisfied and invigorated. More

Cook the Book: French Walnut Bread

In Nancy Baggett's Kneadlessly Simple index, this recipe rates a "Super Easy": short ingredient list, one-stage mixing, and no hand-shaping. The fussiest part of the whole process is toasting the walnuts to intensify their flavor. French walnut bread, or pain... More

28 Cookie Recipes from the Serious Eats Cookie Swap

Cookie swaps are really just an excuse to party and eat cookies. Since we like both of those things, we hosted one at headquarters recently. Take a look at 28 of the treats that were swapped: chocolate-chip cookies (with and without whiskey), brookies (brownie-cookies), gingerbread cut-outs (a given) and some critters (mice with almond ears and gingerbread Dumplings). Warning: You will only want to eat cookies after reading this. More