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What are NYC's Most Overrated Restaurants?

blue ribbon chicken in the east village. I think people fall in love with the idea and it clouds their judgment. Chicken coating was like eating a saltine cracker, you need the sauce cause it's so dry. Also the cronut/DA, sorry the hype has surpassed the food, I went there before the cronut was created, and I thought the food was ok, nice setting but overly sweet.

pizza horror story at Garlic NY Pizza Bar

they deleted the facebook post! So yes I don't feel bad for calling them out on it, I doubt anyone got fired because I took a cab past the place last night and the guy was still working there

pizza horror story at Garlic NY Pizza Bar

i don't like having someone fired if they were given a warning to make sure this doesn't happen again that's fine although i leave that decision to the management team of the store. If they took steps to ensure this doesn't happen that's ok or changed the incentives of why someone would try to shave off a few bucks in materials and a few minutes of time and risk something like this.

However my point is still the same. If you went to buy an item and the store/sales person consciously tried to cheat you, would you be satisfied if they replaced the fake item for the real thing and said sorry we got caught? Also i wouldn't' call it a free pie it was a replacement i still paid for the item in full. Another seamless member had a similar problem so it's not a 1 time thing. I do think that if a store tries to rip off their customers in this way I don't have an issue voicing my concerns/complaints. how the store wants to deal with the problem is their decision based on the business. If this were a simple error, or i just didn't like the food i wouldn't complain, I would just never order again, but trying to deliberately cheat the customer is not ok with me.

If you went to a restaurant and found out they were pouring generic scotch into the johnny walker blue label bottle wouldn't you complain? Or reheating leftovers and trying to pass it off as your freshly made entree, tried to pass off hanger steak as filet mignon, tried to pass off boxed wine for some vintage brand. Even if they comped your drink and meal after you discovered the scheme wouldn't you complain and let as many people know as possible to prevent someone else from getting cheated? You could be the one and only person they tried it with, or maybe others have too but didn't notice but i do think a deliberate attempt at something like this needs to be called out.

Also they only apologized on FB after i started making waves, in the store they were still lying to me which made me even angrier, the seamless reviewer who had similar experienced was the deal breaker. I don't like having people getting fired, I've been fired/lost my job even for things outside of my control. But bottom line if a store is cheating it's customers it should be addressed, if firing someone is what they think is best of their business that's their decision

pizza horror story at Garlic NY Pizza Bar

it's acceptable, sauce is too sweet though, i also don't like chunks of tomatoes in the sauce (i like a smooth sauce). Someone said dough boys is ok but i didn't want to walk the extra 3 blocks. I posted on their FB page they called it a mix up haha, how do you mix this up. Another seamless reviewer also had a similar suspicion so that makes me feel better. Any avid slice read would notice these blatant inconsistencies!¬if_t=feed_comment

Emmett's Does Not Serve the Chicago Deep Dish You're Looking For

the first thing is to discuss whether this pizza is good or not, and not if it's a true Chicago style pie. I think that is the most important thing. So things like the sausage is sliced or there things like that are not relevant unless it pertains to the actual taste of the pizza.

I would say for those who are hating it based on the review or pictures or loving it based on yelp reviews or scott's review to have a taste and then give feedback instead of pulling things from thin air!

I did have it, I liked it. My sausage of crumbled and very strong. I don't know what Chicago pizza is like but based on pizza I liked it because it was typical pizza flavor but magnified, no subtly no elegance, very in your face. and I've been to many of the NYC joints (di fara, motorino, keste, patsys harlem, adrianes, sal and carmine, joes, johns, l&b, rubirosa, luzzo, vezzo, rizzos, south Brooklyn pizza, artichoke, the original rays, lombardi, along with generic pizza and 2 times to slice out hunger)

The worst thing is having to go really early but that is not relevant to if I like the pizza, it's a given. Like eating at di fara I had to wait an hour for that not to mention the time it took to get there from manhattan.

Emmett's Does Not Serve the Chicago Deep Dish You're Looking For

my sausage was chunk (not sliced) I went on feb 13 so maybe they changed it. I'm prob gonna go back in a week or 2, early of course. The crust for me reminded me more of a pie crust in a not flaky kind of way. It didn't taste good or bad it was neutral, but on retrospect the pie has all mooshy textures (cheese, sauce, sausage) that I think a crunchy/hard element is ok. That's not excuse for bad crust just an fyi.

What's the Most Expensive Meal You've Had in New York?

I'm a more simple/picky eater. I don't like fancy food so I shy away from tasting menus and such, for me I not only don't feel it's worth the price, I don't particularly like the food either. For a "splurge" I'll just do a steakhouse, about 100 per person for 3 course gut bomb which I feel is the normal price point for nyc steakhouse

What's the Most Expensive Meal You've Had in New York?

worst I had was the prix fix at le souk for a bday, maybe people were being stingy on their share but I wound up paying $100 for barely any food. also Manon in meat packing worst price for the food even in trendy area, food is 25% more expensive than it should be.

What's the Most Expensive Meal You've Had in New York?

i think it should be based on how much per person (so 1,000 for 10 people is just $100) and before wine/drinks cause some really expensive wine throws the number off. so just food alone. but I think these "most expensive" things get skewed. There are a few most expensive burgers, or dessert but they add a $1,000 diamond and it comes with the price. Maybe better, what is the most expensive worst meal you've ever had, worst bang for the buck

Emmett's Does Not Serve the Chicago Deep Dish You're Looking For

I think maybe look at it from 2 angles, is this a representation of a "Chicago deep dish"? and the other is, is this good pizza? regardless if it represents Chicago.

Emmett's Does Not Serve the Chicago Deep Dish You're Looking For

and I agree with the sausage it was aggressively seasoned but I kind of liked that, I think if you want to eat in your face pizza flavors and have some good company to kill the time while waiting this place is decent.

Emmett's Does Not Serve the Chicago Deep Dish You're Looking For

I thought the pizza was fine although I've never eaten true Chicago deep dish so my experience is more neutral as opposed to comparing it to something else. The flavor was heavy, basically the taste of pizza but amped up, there is no subtlety with these pies. I do agree that the crust was thick and not pastry like, the crust or bones can be left out in this case. What I didn't like was the size pie was oversold, I asked what is appropriate for 2 people, I was told the medium, that is a mistake, unless you are going to cram your face or are 250 lbs, a small for 2, a medium for 3 people

I ate there the evening after snow storm so the wait was fine, although it got really busy later and I would only go if it was early.

Pizza Slice: You're Eating it Wrong

the pizza I had growing up was cheesy sort of like patsys harlem but bigger and cooked in a regular oven. I would take some cheese from the tip of the slice and save it on the side. When I got to the pizza crust, I would put the cheese on the crust and then eat it

What's Up in Pizza: Pizza Clubs, Chain Discounts, and Marc Malnati's Business Advice!

they need a pizza club in NYC. I mean there are pizza events like the slice out hunger, or scott's pizza tour but it would be nice to have something more regular getting pies fresh from the source

Where Are You a Regular in NYC?

It used to be Shanghai Café before they got new management a few years ago. Had been going there for a decade, waitresses knew me, already knew what I wanted to order, never got rushed, always got a table. Haven't really gone back since the change over. My regular spots are just nightclubs or non food related venues

Game of Pizza: The Battle for Chain Dominance

I agree I am not certain but I think for each square area they look to see what is the "closest" chain within that square. So a lower population density in the western states would probably mean it's not economic to have a pizza chain there and hence empty

Scenes From Slice Out Hunger

what would be cool is if the pizzas were roughly organized by type neap, coal oven, classic ny, square, etc etc

Scenes From Slice Out Hunger

even 1.5 hours early was maybe top 50 people to get in, I was 1.5 early last year and was top 10. I think if the event continues to grow and get popular maybe you can show up and get a color coded ticket to indicate an arrival time. Like 100 tickets to come at 6, 100 to come at 7:00 etc that way you don't have to just wait in line, sort of like a speed pass at Disney world. also a lot of line cutters... 1 person got there early to have 10 friends cut in line I feel is unfair when the line is so long. Pre event tickets you can pick up an extra to give to a friend.

Magic Souffle is Latest Creation from Dominique Ansel Bakery

maybe he puts some something inside which is later removed to prevent collapse. I would like to try one but I have to be in a particular "mood" to wait in line

Magic Souffle is Latest Creation from Dominique Ansel Bakery

looks like it, and reasonably close to the theory Chef Wurtz put forward in the article

Share Your 2003 Blackout Food Stories

was at my internship in times square, walked from times square to wall street, climbed up many flights of stairs, ate all the food in the fridge with my neighbors. Lots of people directing traffic and handing out water on the way

What Are Your Favorite Chinese Bakery Sweets in Chinatown, NYC?

hong kong cakes. The lady in the red shack is no longer there so I get mine from a cart on canal about a block or 2 west of mott

Best pie in NoLita / East Village?

yeah dessert pie. Vineros on 11th btw 1st and 2nd have Italian cakes and pastries not sure on their pie. I go to a place called Ivy Bakery on Houston near 6th but to get a whole pie I believe you need to call them ahead of time


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