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The domino's effect

You guys don't know what's like to be addicted Dominoes. The pepperoni passion takes over and I lose control. I've eaten domino's everyday for the past three years. It has total domination over me. My girlfriend broke up with me because by G and H(garlic and herb) breath. However, thats not the only problem it's caused. There are numerous domino's side(ummmm chicken strippers) effects that one must avoid. Cheese heart is by far the worst. It comes in hot(The Sizzler) flashes and there's no escape for the rest of the night. Someone please help me. I NEED TO STOP THIS DOMINATION!

The domino's effect

no dominos for you is right! a comment like that is a purely uneducated one and I would wager that a person like you has never even truly experienced 'the dominos effect' under such a sheltered life. you probably think this discussion is about 'dominos' the recreational game... well it isnt, dominos is no game, it is a passion, a pepperoni passion to be precise! put that in the oven of your mind and let it bake for a while. you've just been dominated

The domino's effect

domino's isnt a pizzeria, its a way of life.. you used the word 'REAL' lightly my friend. what isnt real about biting into a full house double double decadence after dipping it into a tub of garlic and herb?? "the dominator" (richard wyndham) and I consumed two larges and two sides with each pizza made to be a "half and half" so as to get a variety of those delectable dominos tastes all in one... step back, or prepare to be dominated!


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