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  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Favorite foods: Pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, oysters, fried chicken, raw veggies, and ramen.
  • Last bite on earth: A dozen oysters and a bottle of champagne.

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Meal ideas for the meteor shower tomorrow?

Haha, thanks for all these great ideas! I love the idea of s'mores and hot chocolate but I live in a city so campfires are out. Some kind of picnic would work though on my rooftop... chili actually sounds pretty good!

This may all be for none if it's cloudy tonight or everyone in my neighborhood has their lights on.

The Serious Eats Guide to Food Photography

I agree with Rodzilla about photographing in restaurants. Some places hate it but in this day and age with camera phones, snapping shots of your meal is pretty ubiquitous. I take a few moments to assess my lighting, angle, and camera settings when the food arrives (even before) so I'm prepared when it comes out. That way, I can pop off a couple shots right away and avoid annoying anyone and get back to enjoying the meal. Most of my friends are pretty used to me taking pictures anyway and they actually push their dishes towards me before they eat :)

Crock pots?

I obviously would love to spend less than $100 and it (luckily) seems as though I can - I just wanted to avoid being too thrifty lest I buy something that will break on me in 2 weeks. The timer and automatic high/low switch are totally relevant to my lifestyle so I will keep those in mind for sure. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and advice!

Cook the Book: Quick and Easy Korean Cooking

Sundubu jjigae is one of my top comfort foods.

Cook the Book: 'The Sriracha Cookbook'

In my dipping sauces for gyoza and soba noodles.

Does This Food-By-State Map Look Accurate?

I agree with Amy Cakes that Montana has a lot of quality beef, but I can see why my homeland is known for Rocky Mountain Oysters. Fried calf testicles are just so memorable!

Poll: What's Your Favorite Gummy Candy?

Gummy sour bears or the Trolli gummy octopi are my favorites, but I love pretty much everything gummy.

Cook the Book: 'Canal House Cooking Volume 4: Farm Markets & Gardens'

My usual farmers' market is at Civic Center on Wednesdays and Sundays, but I will occasionally brave the crowds at the Ferry Plaza.

Right now I am housesitting for my friends who have a rooftop garden. They asked me to water it, and I'll definitely be raiding it.

6 Ways to Build Your Spicy Food Tolerance

@ByrdBrain - Totally love that image of grabbing rose thorns while smelling the flower! I enjoy the taste of hot/spicy foods but I think the real pleasure comes from seeing how hot and how long I can go before having to drink something cooling. So painful, so good.

Slice Poll: How Long Have You Gone Without Eating Pizza?

About a month when I was abroad in France for a year. There were pizza places but in an effort to immerse myself in French culture I avoided my American eating habits (easy enough for burgers and such, but of course couldn't resist ordering a pizza margherita in an Italian restaurant occasionally). Once I got back stateside I definitely indulged in a large plain pizza from my favorite place in NY as soon as I could.

Nowadays I go a week at the most without grabbing a slice.

Multiple Studies Show the Health Benefits of Eating Pizza

@MandyEats - What? I can't tell which part of your comment is sarcastic...

Bread is totally fine by itself, it's the HFCS and other crap put into mass-produced loaves of Wonder Bread that our systems can't cope with.

Poll: Do You Like Small Plates?

@simon Bar hopping and eating little plates along the way sounds like a great evening, and I can see how its translation into the American restaurant scene just doesn't work. I'm not sure about other cities, but here in San Francisco one would have to take cabs or the bus to hit up the tapas joints scattered around the city. Buzzkill!

Some French Pizzerias

When I was in Paris for my year abroad the group would get together every few weeks to have a little taste of home. We definitely tried Speed Rabbit and a couple other take-out places. Those pizzas were on the small side, greasy, and chewy for the the most part. At the sit-down places like Pizza Marzano the pies were usually much better but still a far cry from what we craved from New York - I think the best one I had was in Lyon at a place called Pizza Luna.

San Francisco May Ban Happy Meal Toys

@jayteemo - Good government is whatever its people want it to be. Privacy, freedom, and liberty are all issues to be dealt with (ie, how much?) within a government, among others like economy, health, and environment. Unfortunately some people see the government interfering with capitalistic enterprises as invasive for violating privacy, others see it as a necessity to combat the harmful effects that business is having on society. Either way, you can do something about it through your government. For the people, by the people.

San Francisco May Ban Happy Meal Toys

@Acridian13 - Well put - I totally agree.

San Francisco May Ban Happy Meal Toys

@Leah - Yeah I know, I was just going for effect, or perhaps making a wish for the future. :)

@RichF - I have no love lost for the government but if we were talking about Exxon or some other corporation with obvious, seriously damaging effects on the environment would you be of a different mind? I wouldn't think the regulation of the corporation would be in the name specifically of ending child obesity. Child obesity would be on a very long list of detriments. Capitalism doesn't excuse CAFOs.

San Francisco May Ban Happy Meal Toys

@DavidPD Normally I would agree but the size and scope of McDonalds' influence across the globe should anything but excuse it from government attention. Not only because of the issue at hand (marketing terrible food to children [and adults]), but also because of its effects on the environment. We all live on the same planet, we should all care about what they're doing and how it effects us. This legislative act of banning Happy Meals is going to be more effective than a handful of Serious Eaters blaming "bad parenting."

San Francisco May Ban Happy Meal Toys

As a kid, the toy was never what really hooked me into wanting a Happy Meal - it was the icing on the cake that was the exciting television commercial and the idea of a meal made just for me, a kid! Children are a powerful player in the adult consumers' decision-making process and advertising companies know this. Banning the toys might help but there are so many other ways that McDonalds promotes the Happy Meal that I think ALL advertising directed at children should be banned to effectively combat obesity, diabetes, poor eating habits, etc..

Poll: How Would You Deal With Restaurant Error?

I would normally be super nice about the situation and not demand anything of the restaurant while hoping they will handle it and comp the offending dish. If they didn't I'd just say it was okay and not worry about it because I just hate confrontations. My response would be to never eat there again and tell my friends.

But once, since we're all sharing stories here, I was eating at a vegan Chinese place in San Francisco and near the end of my meal I noticed an inch long piece of steel wool. The server offered a new dish or a 30% discount but I was full and said "oh, don't worry about it" since it was a small restaurant. I was ready to let it go but my friends said, "Um, no, you could have a sliced up esophagus right now." They did most of the complaining to the manager and my entree was free.

Video: Cats and Dogs Licking Honeydew Popsicles

Cute! My cat LOVES fruity ice treats. I don't know why but it can get a little annoying when I'm trying to have some me time with a pint of sorbet and won't leave me alone until I let her lick the spoon.

How Long Would You Wait in Line for Food?

I used to live right near Dottie's and loved walking by the line, observing them observing all the Tenderloin crazies. They do serve great food but I usually lose my appetite after 20 minutes of waiting so I only went twice.

I wonder if the lines contribute to hype not because the restaurant looks popular, but because by the time you're seated you're so hungry and excited you'd find anything delicious.

Seriously Asian: Stir-Frying with Booze

One of my favorite titles for a blog entry though I am curious about the wine to vegetable ratio. Obviously it depends on the amount of food, but just a splash? A full ounce?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Ramen?

I'm so sad I got only half right! I know a lot about the ingredients and cooking process but very little about its socio-cultural-historical significance. Or whatever.

And now I want some and I don't have any. Dang.