The Burger Lab: How to Make the Ultimate Patty Melt

Kenji. I. What. You. Words. Drool. Wow.

Kenji's NYC Bucket List: What I'll Miss Most

Very sad to see you leaving the NYC area - but best success out west!!

Pizza Poll: How Do You Like Your Sausage?

Sausage 'bombs'. Lotsa fennel.
Zuppardi's Apizza in East Haven CT. (Extra cheese).
Tied with Delucia's in Raritan, NJ. (Extra Sausage, Extra Cheese, extra thin crust.)

The Food Lab: The Science of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

This may be your best. Post. EVER. Thank you!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

A prefect medium rare Strip Steak. :)

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

Latin American Cuisine: Cuban Picadillo

My parents (Cuban) never added the raisins, so that's how I have it (no raisins). White rice, black beans, picadillo, and tostones (fried green plantains) was a 1-2x weekly meal at my house. Thanks for the article and the recipe!

10 Incredible Mobile Pizza Operations

Wait a sec. There is such a thing as a "1949 REO Speedwagon oven"?? Seriously? Made my day!

Why Street Vendors are Vital to NYC Food Culture

dorek says, "Basically, rich people are assholes." Not every time, but I have found that this is often the case.

Spanish Tortilla with Broccoli, Chorizo, and Onion

Also, you don't need to slice the potatoes thinly - my mother would chunk them and fry them to a golden brown, creamy inside, then drop the eggs right in a flat pan around them and the onions (cooked to soften them a little) after adding enough oil to prevent the stickies.

Spanish Tortilla with Broccoli, Chorizo, and Onion

Ok, so this was, for a time, my mother's Friday (no-meat) got-to meal. (with potatoes, of course.) Your broccoli idea... intrigues me. I have made this a few times (potato version, sans chorizo) for my wife, and the last time I made it with chorizo... and she nearly ripped my throat out for sequestering the joys of chorizo from her for so long. (I exaggerate... a little.) The 'barely set in the middle' is my personal most-important part of the recipe.

Also, I have recently figured out an ingenious cheat that works well for me. My wife and I frequent our local 5 Guys burger joint, and we can never finish the fries. So I would routinely freeze them, not really knowing the best use for them... until my brain exploded - Tortilla! I've cooked these fries into tortillas several times now, and it works like a charm. I recommend it!

We Visit the Popeyes Test Kitchen and Try New Menu Items

Love Popeye's - I'll be looking for that pie, and those new sauces as well!!

Help - In-Laws coming into Philly Area!

Report on my trip: Didn't really go as well as planned. In-laws didn't really get the whole 'tasty food' thing... long story. BUT, on the bright side, several good meals enjoyed by my wife and I.

We went to the Dandelion pub, very good meals there. We enjoyed our meals at our hotel (Hyatt Penn's Landing), though the selection was sparse, the execution was excellent. Missed out on cheesesteaks (!!). Ate at Sang Kee Peking Duck house, very good eats there.

But the inlaws didn't really 'enjoy' the food, which was a bit of a bummer. I'll have to go back with the wife for a proper eating trip :) Thank you for all the help!!!

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Non-Guac Ways to Eat Avocados

I split one avocado (Haas) with my wife for a dinner salad. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, oil, and vinegar.

I used to eat the larger "fuerte" Florida type, but after a bad experience with one purchased from a local store here in NJ, (the meat was not creamy at all - it was more like a creepy melon-avocado hybrid, and totally turned me off to the Florida avocados...) I am now a Haas devotee, unless I'm actually in FL.

Cuban by lineage, so I like me some good 'aguacate'. When I was little, I used to mash it in with my hot white rice - gotta try that again sometime!

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Me too, In & Out Burger.

The Best Inexpensive Steak For The Grill Part 5: Tri-Tip

I have a question - the tri tip and the sirloin tip are a couple of cuts I "THINK" I am familiar with, from the Miami, FL area - are these not the "Cañada" and the "Bola" cuts, respectively, which are common in the hispanic groceries?

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Eat them... lots?
(Cook them on my cast iron pan, adn on an outdoor grill, and as patty melts, and smash'em, and maybe try them as salibury steak... you know, EAT THEM!!) ;)

A Whole New Serious Eats

I’ve been a fan of your site for a long time. I have a few comments about the new design:
The font is hard to read. It’s too ‘light’.
The colors… how do I say this… they’re, um, too ‘soft’. The old site had richer, bolder colors – this new scheme is very… Aha! I got the word – ‘Un-Serious.’ (TM.) ;) For a site called Serious Eats, the colors connote more “Sara Lee” than “Sara Moulton,” if you get my meaning. The content is great, of course, but I think some modifications in the design might be in order.

Cook the Book: 'Texas Eats'

Would have been the Cheesburger Platter from the Austin GM Steakhouse, but it's been gone for years.
The Golden Rice Bowl just outside Austin gave me many good meals in college...

Ate an amazing CFS platter in Tomball many years ago, that will have to have been my best meal in Tx (that I remember).

Latin American Cuisine: Gallopinto (Nicaraguan Rice and Beans)

It was always "moros" in my house - Cuban (I was like 30 before I understood the political implications, never really used that word for racial distinction, my Spanish was household-level, never political).

I have sometimes cooked it in a rice cooker all at once, adjusting the liquids. I like the combination of the bean-liquid with the rice - I would suggest doing it with the bean liquid substituted for some of the rice water (and onions and garlic in there to season the rice as well) - great stuff, thanks for the article!

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

My first homemade medium-rare burger - my wife showed me the way from 'well done' to 'juicy and amazing.'

In Which We Make A Centuple-Stuf Oreo

You... discarded... the... bare... cookies??

My God man, do you KNOW what you have DONE?

You threw away the best parts. It's like the most awesome cookie canvas ever created. You make me sad.


Memorial Day Grilling Giveaway: Win This Delicious Cap of Ribeye

Dogs and Burgers!!

The Food Lab's Asparagus Week, Day 1: Asparagus and Ramp Soup with Yogurt

Kenji, would roasting the asparagus (5 minute oven broiler, for example) help this recipe, or do you think it might be too much char flavor?

Help - In-Laws coming into Philly Area!

Yeah, I'm probably looking for one really nice meal, then a nice breakfast, a nice lunch, and one lunch at the Market. They'll likely pick up one or 2 of the meals, but I want to treat them to one nice one.

Thanks Erin for a great start, and carmason, I'll definitely look at Reserve as well - and more options is always good, keep 'em comin!

Help - In-Laws coming into Philly Area!

Ok, I could use a little help. Here's my situation: In-laws coming into town (Central NJ) on 6/15-6/18. We're going into Philly for the weekend. They're from Maine, in their early 80's. He likes meat-and-potatoes, she eats lighter, possibly fish. My wife and I are 'Junior Foodies' - we like good food, but not fancypants 'cuisine' - we'll both eat a great steak, or some great Italian, but we're not into huge plates with comically small amounts of food, nor 'fusion' cooking, for example - no real 'adventure' foods.

I'm expecting a max of about $200 for a nice dinner, and I would also love to hear about great lunch and breakfast options - I'm expecting 4-6 meals total, not looking to go TOO far .

Now with all these crazy caveats (no allergies, so that's a bonus), do any of you experts out there have recommendations on places in the central Philly area (Convention center, Rittnehouse Square, maybe as far as Penn's Landing). Thanks for the help!!

A sneaky plot involving Induction cooking...

Serious and slightly strange question:

I recently had a pretty extensive flood, and had to replace, among many other things, my ceramic stovetop (radiant electric) with an induction range.

Now, the strange part: I was thinking, with my science-y mind (as it were), of using a cast iron pan or griddle to be able to heat, for example, glass cookware on my induction cooktop. My sinister plot was to heat up the iron item in question with the glass item on top, thus heating the glass item by conduction. Is this silly, dangerous, wrong, amoral, or more strange than is worthy?

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