• Favorite foods: steamed kale, 100% whole wheat bread, pizza, French fries & ketchup and must be hot and fresh out of fry-olator, roast duck Chinese style, dead ripe back yard mangoes
  • Last bite on earth: anchovy & green pepper pizza, the whole pie, has to be red hot right out of the oven

12 Tasty Egg-Topped Burgers

I vote no. A fried egg on the side would be nice but not gooping up the burger blending into the ketchup and pickles

Pizza Poll: How Do You Like Your Sausage?

Jewish Corn Rye Comes Back From its Death Bed

Corn Rye is to real Jewish Cornbread.....Yes there is a big difference and the real Jewish cornbread is just as you describe. The bakery that made it in South Florida closed. But it was may favorite and same for my father.

real Jewish Cornbread...the name cornbread comes from Korn/Corn meaning grain in German... in this case rye and wheat. It has nothing to do with maize-corn from the New world

Poll: How Do You Eat Your Leftovers?

Never cold. Leftover pizza needs some Kenji style-heating with something extra if I have the time. Could be cayenne pepper, onion, leftover pastrami or salami, what have you
Microwave oven gives you gummy pizza

Open Thread: What's the Best Frozen Pizza?

Aldis has a "natural" pizza I like for about $4. The uncured pepperoni topping is good. The real plus is the crust comes out crisp. The best I have seen on a frozen pizza. I modded this pizza with some green peppers, garlic, salt and a few sprinkles of cayenne before popping it into the toaster oven.
Frozen pizzas need to be modded! This is my philosophy.

Poll: Pineapple on Burgers: Way or No Way?

More like a slice or two of golden pineapple on the side. Along with some pickled beets cucumber and tomato. I don't like the burger to be packed and overwhelmed.

Video: One of the Most Beautiful Pastrami Sandwiches We've Ever Seen

@Will Horowitz
Looks like superior pastrami/ Curated level/ an art that takes dedication. Van Gogh gave up an ear/don't give up a finger tip to the machete/
I like mine with -- Has to be Cel-Ray to drink and high quality French fries. If not FF then coleslaw and potato Salad

Emmett's Does Not Serve the Chicago Deep Dish You're Looking For

Max ate there with other people. From his review it seems to me that the consensus at the table was that Emmett's was sub-par. A reviewer doesn't go around town asking others how the place was. A reviewer submits his own review that is done in as unprejudiced way as possible

What's the Most Expensive Meal You've Had in New York?

I am not in NY but where I am, very happy with what I can get at the top tier Chinese restaurants. $125 for two with stuff (doggy bag) to take home. I do not like super refined surroundings where you pay $600-$1000 for new American cuisine. I am not impressed by the drama. But I am impressed by authenic (as possible) Chinese food on an expensive night out

Emmett's Does Not Serve the Chicago Deep Dish You're Looking For

Max. I know nothing about this joint but I think you were there on an off night. I see too many positive reviews here and on yelp. So your review is valid for the night you went but seems to be the exception. I think the lousy amateurish service further slanted your take on the pizza. It is possible to have gawd awful service and great food but you got neither. Maybe try it again in a while.

It seems Emmett's management is sensitive to this review. They should take this critique as a guide for improvement.

Poll: Which Standard Burger Toppings Do You Secretly Despise?

I despise mayo on burgers and not secretly.

My Pie Monday: Eggs, Tiger Meat, Cream Cheese, and More!

Tiger meat is the new pepperoni

RedFarm Comes Home to the Upper West Side

Steakcraft: Uncle Jack's Kicks It Old School

Willie Degel owned. He has that Food Network show

Why I Took My European Boyfriend to a New Jersey Chinese Buffet

Come on..... There must be buffets in Norway for people to pig out. I was at a Chinese buffet last week and ate a ton of snowcrab so got my moneys worth. The Chinese food where I live is suburban-mediocre. And this buffet's food is actually better with decent patronage by Asians so it has their stamp of approval. They even have good chow-fun

How Do You Feel About Chicago-Style Pizza in NYC?

Chicago style cheese, sausage and tomato casseroles. It takes 45 minutes to bake these goopy things while NY pizza maestros are cooking thin crust pizzas for a few minutes in super hot ovens. Not just NY but all over.

Pizza Hut Announces Plans to Sell by the Slice

I had a slice of Little Caesar's the other day. It was so useless...... I ate the topping and pepperoni and munched on the crispier parts of the crust. I tossed the rest to some ducks who really liked it, they gobbled it down quickly. First time in years I had any chain pizza.

Watch Jon Stewart Tear Into de Blasio's Pizza-Fork Faux-Pas

The camera can make anyone look like a sloppy fool. So astute politicians make sure that they don't have pizza oil and stuff dribbling down their chin. Same for other messy eating situations such as eating a sub sandwich while out campaigning. In a private situation Bill DeBlasio probably eats it folded style like everyone else in NYC.

Is This Neon-Covered Sushi Joint the Trippiest Restaurant in NYC?

Is This Neon-Covered Sushi Joint the Trippiest Restaurant in NYC?

Speaking of sushi... Is non-pink pickled ginger a common item. A sushi place near me has and I figure it is pickled in house. I mean, how hard can it be to pickle ginger and their version is very good.

This Fushimi place is doing the nearby hip and rustic restaurants a favor by providing a neon contrast. This way the hip joints and their patrons can can feel more cool

What Happens When a Restaurant Celebrates Colonial Kitsch?

I feel sorry for today's young people who have had their skulls filled with leftist mush by their university professors. Throughout human history all races (not just Brits & Europeans) have engaged in colonialism and conquest. Other that this.... a good enough review.

The Pizza Lab: The Best English Muffin Pepperoni Pizza

I need and love red hot pizza right out of the oven. So doing this at home will achieve this objective. When I get a chance I will buy this brand of pepperoni and pre-cook in the frying pan. I will prefer to give the English muffin a good pre-toast in the toaster over, not in the pepperoni oil. I will use store bought sauce that I modify a bit with more black pepper and garlic.

A great recipe that is well thought out. I can tell in advance that this will be as good as a fine artisan style pizza. For my taste buds at least.

First Impressions of RedFarm Upper West Side

Chinese restaurant should not be steakhouse expensive. It is obvious which restaurant has higher priced ingredients such as prime aged steaks. I rank fine Chinese cuisine over French and others. So if someone gives me $7,000 to spend on a tasting tour of China or France (or any European nation) I am going to China.

I have not eaten any $12 dumplings lately and don't intend to

A Slice of Kenya: Building a Pizzeria in Nairobi, Part 1

Grilled goat meat is very popular in Kenya. It is grilled plain over charcoal with salt water basted on it as it grills. Maybe this will be a popular pizza topping.

Paulie Gee on Belief, Baltimore, and Being Your Own Boss (Part 2)

I am going to be opening up a (not pizza related) business soon so I like Pauli's advice and can do spirit.

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