• Favorite foods: steamed kale, 100% whole wheat bread, pizza, French fries & ketchup and must be hot and fresh out of fry-olator, roast duck Chinese style, dead ripe back yard mangoes
  • Last bite on earth: anchovy & green pepper pizza, the whole pie, has to be red hot right out of the oven

How to Make the Ultimate Poutine

Hot, crispy french fries with good ketchup and salt are the ultimate. Why would anyone want to make them soggy with gravy? You might as well boil the potatoes any pour the gravy-cheese melange over them.

The Food Lab: How to Grill or Broil Tofu That's Really Worth Eating

Set the tofu in pan aside for 5 minutes before you can scrape it free for flipping. Immediate scraping to flip will break up the tofu.
I use blankets to preserve-conserve-trap heat during the five minutes. You can do it without blankets

The Food Lab: How to Grill or Broil Tofu That's Really Worth Eating

To create better denser more meaty tasting protein umami on the tofu surfaces try this:

Buy the tofu that come in a red rectangular package w four cakes inside. From California iirc
Press the water out of all of them with a plate and ten lb weight left on for 3-4 hours. I use a barbell weight
oil up a large fry pan till hot
put the four cakes in
turn flame down to lowest for 20-30 minutes
pan off the stove and under some blankets for 5 minutes
get a spatula and scraping them out intact is now easy. Intact tofu cakes is your objective
repeat this browning on the other side of the tofus
repeat putting fry pan under blankets for 5 minutes
put cakes in a bowl and slice into them a bit with a knife so that when you pour the marinade over them it will get into the crevices

I usually just pour a ginger juice-soy combo over them. Or ginger-miso. Add some sesame oil if you like. Garnish w scallions or chopped garlic or chopped onions.......

Champurrado (Mexican Hot Chocolate and Corn Drink)

What kind of brown sugar are you using? The most genuine whole brown sugar I ever see are those one pound solid blocks from Colombia, I bought one. They boil down whole sugar cane juice. No refining. I saw this on TV.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: What Happens When a Restaurant Dies

great writing on an interesting subject!!!

Meet Ragù Napoletano, Neapolitan-Style Italian Meat Sauce With Pork, Beef, and Sausage

Looks delicious and more interesting than meatballs and spaghetti. But I would eat it the same way. Maybe even over spaghetti. Goota have some Parmeasan cheese to put on it and a glass of red wine

The Best Pizza by the Slice in San Francisco

How much are slices there in SF? I'll bet they are a lot higher than in New York which is the slice center of the universe

Which are the Best Inexpensive Mandoline Slicers?

Which are the Best Inexpensive Mandoline Slicers?

I bought a cheapo one at Aldi's for $5 that does the trick. Aldi's offers it a few times a year. If you don't read their circular you will miss it.
My main use is shredding cabbage for slaw. Aldi's mandoline has two settings for this. Its nice and I grab faster to use than a larger one I have
Mandolines are really cool but why obsess over something you will use ten times a year

"The French Laundry Cookbook says this is what they use...." says Amazon review about the Benriner Japanese mandoline. I would buy this one since it has Japanese design and Benriner is a Japanese company. They are not dopes when it comes to cooking

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Standing Before the Community Board

Great writing style! Best of luck. My opinion the board is BSing you about their promoting light industry. Is there really still some in this area? My father had a sheet metal factory 1310 Greene Ave in the 1960s when pizza and subway token were both 15 cents. It was in an old brewery building. I worked there in the summers. Going by google street view it seems this building was demolished and replaced. It's a shame because it was brick and very stout.

The 11 Best Things I Ate During My Cross-Country Road Trip

Have a great time in SE Asia. You and your wife will learn a lot. Your minds will be expanded.

How to Make Pupusas (Salvadoran Stuffed, Griddled Tortillas) With Masa

Contra's Jeremiah Stone's Favorite French Food in New York

I doubt that bread photo is the typical French baguette. Too dark and charred. I would eat it but the French would be confused.

A Brief Ode to Fried Clams, the Best Fried Food in the World

Those bellies can be pretty funky sometimes as in oozing black silt and stuff when cut into. Just sometimes. When I lived in that area I would hit the No Name on the Boston Fish Pier but this was a while ago. I see they get a lot of pissed off reviewers at yelp these days. They had v good fried whole belly clams but what made them even better was a tartar sauce that had lost of pickles and less mayo. Plus their coleslaw was clean and delicious with minimum mayo.
All in all I like high quality fried fish better as in fish and chips

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Serious eats is scaling back. No more pizza, burgers, Robyn and KJ. But I have a feeling it is going to be even bigger in a year as it gets in some new blood. Sorry to see you guys go but.... you can't stay here forever in a NYC comfort zone. I mean this in a nice way.

How Katz's Deli Makes Their Perfect Pastrami

This is a real pastrami sandwich, just add mustard and have fries and pickled tomatoes and cukes on the side. Cel-Ray too, for some strange reason goes great with it.
No garbage like cheese, slaw and Russian dressing on it. Katz's never offered it that way but caved in to popular tastes about 20 years ago. Go eat it this way but it is not a pastrami sandwich

What's the Difference Between Light and Dark Brown Sugar?

If you want some real brown sugar go buy a brick of in a Hispanic mkt. They are from Colombia usually. Called panela. It is the boiled down sugar cane juice that has not been refined. It is whole sugar. Yes it comes in one solid piece!

Yes. The brown sugar you buy at the supermarket is refined white sugar that some molasses has been added back


Panela - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
Panela is unrefined whole cane sugar, typical of Central and Latin America, which is basically a solid piece of sucrose obtained from the boiling and evaporation ...

An Open Letter to Serious Eaters

Fold them all into Serious Eats but not your NYC coverage. You might be getting jaded living there and all.... I think you are missing that people who live a 1000, 3000 miles away are interested in the NY scene. Being that it is a trend setter and many of us visit. You originate out of NYC so make the most of it.

I want quick access to your NYC entries.
You should keep photo grazing right here. It works with the rest of the site to bring people in. Screw social media!

The Best Italian Hero on Arthur Avenue is a DIY Sandwich Hack

Artichoke is overkill here but the olives make it for me!

12 Tasty Egg-Topped Burgers

I vote no. A fried egg on the side would be nice but not gooping up the burger blending into the ketchup and pickles

Pizza Poll: How Do You Like Your Sausage?

Jewish Corn Rye Comes Back From its Death Bed

Corn Rye is to real Jewish Cornbread.....Yes there is a big difference and the real Jewish cornbread is just as you describe. The bakery that made it in South Florida closed. But it was may favorite and same for my father.

real Jewish Cornbread...the name cornbread comes from Korn/Corn meaning grain in German... in this case rye and wheat. It has nothing to do with maize-corn from the New world

Poll: How Do You Eat Your Leftovers?

Never cold. Leftover pizza needs some Kenji style-heating with something extra if I have the time. Could be cayenne pepper, onion, leftover pastrami or salami, what have you
Microwave oven gives you gummy pizza

Open Thread: What's the Best Frozen Pizza?

Aldis has a "natural" pizza I like for about $4. The uncured pepperoni topping is good. The real plus is the crust comes out crisp. The best I have seen on a frozen pizza. I modded this pizza with some green peppers, garlic, salt and a few sprinkles of cayenne before popping it into the toaster oven.
Frozen pizzas need to be modded! This is my philosophy.

Poll: Pineapple on Burgers: Way or No Way?

More like a slice or two of golden pineapple on the side. Along with some pickled beets cucumber and tomato. I don't like the burger to be packed and overwhelmed.

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