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Condiment Confessions

I don't like sour cream on borritos or sandwiches, I'll have a little with baked potatoes but that's about it.
I hate ketchup, I almost always use hot sauce or maybe bbq sauce instead.
Can't stand sweet mustard either, but I love the spicy kind.
Mayo based dressings/dips... I don't like them on salads or on veggies. I do like a little mayo along with other condiments on sandwiches, and I'm ashamed to admit that I also like it on fries.
Relish I also stay away from, tho a good hot pepper relish can be good.

I'm not too big on condiments anyway, I don't think loading up a meal with any amount of "extras" really makes an improvement.

Is This Food?

Yes, it's food.
But a $625, 2400-page cookbook? Coming from a Microsoft exec? I find this ironic...

Hey SE'ers-What do you do for a living?

Software developer.
I can relate to feedmillgirl. I excel in the gray area between art and science, and I find that both cooking and coding fall into that category.

Cooking for One?

I hear what you're saying about cooking for one. However have you seen the series small plates? It's intended to make dishes that can provide small servings for several people, however I think you could also use it to make a single large serving for one.

Best breakfast to get you thru the workday?

Greek yogurt with fresh berries/fruit and nuts is one of my summertime favorites, its always very satisfying.
For the winter I like savory oatmeal consisting of oatmeal mixed with an egg, herbs and maybe some cheese, or else with some yogurt and dried fruit.
Also, eggs in toast, and omelettes filled with whatever leftovers happen to be lying around the fridge.

Soft-Serve Poll: Vanilla, Chocolate, or Swirl?

I don't get why most places only offer chocolate and vanilla for soft serve. I went to a specialty ice cream place once that had some berry flavors- in fact their blueberry softserve had to be the best ice cream I've ever had.

Crepes with lettuce filling -- looking for a recipe

I'm not familiar with anything like this myself, but this sounded interesting so I did some research on it.
Are you familiar with blintz/blini, basically a Jewish/Eastern European crepe? I found a cabbage-filled variation of it here which sounds a lot like what you're describing.

What is Your Absolute Favorite "Ethnic" Cuisine?

I'd have to say authentic Greek. Actually offers a very good variety...
roast leg of lamb, kebabs, and Greek sausage for meats, obviously you'd have all the seafood you'd want. Some of the best vegetarian choices, like stuffed grape leaves, spanakopita, tomato salads. Amazing pastries like Baklava for dessert. Greek yogurt with honey is one of my favorite breakfasts. And of course, classic Greek dishes like mousaka and pastitsio.
Honestly, I've traveled over a descent part of Europe including Italy, France, and Germany, but Greek cuisine had to be my favorite, it really is underrated. Of course, the fact that most American Greek restaurants are poor quality doesn't help.

Cook the Book: 'The Book of Tapas'

definitely have to go with spanish tortilla

What's the Weirdest Sandwich You Make?

A favorite wrap: Ham and turkey, with pepperjack cheese, french fries, spicy mustard, hot peppers, and a little of each of any veggies available, wrapped in a wheat wrap and toasted.
Sometimes I leave out the fries and cheese if I'm not looking for as much of a comforter... some people think it's a weird combo but ham and turkey is delicious.


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