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Need NYE Catering for 6 people.

We had someone lined up to cook NYE dinner at our place for 6 people that just canceled and other people we've called are already booked up. As an alternative, we thought we could order food in from a nice restaurant. Does anyone have any ideas for places that would have family style servings, or a good NYE dinner package that we could pick up or have delivered preferably in the BK region.

My birthday is saturday. Thoughts on where to eat, please?

For the past two years I have had wonderful birthday dinners at 9th street market. Today the boyfriend painfully reminded me that I would need to pick a new locale for the special occasion. My first instinct was to say Marlow and Sons because like 9th St. it has the same warm ambiance, but then I thought maybe I should ask the masses. He has suggested market table, chestnut, and the general greene. All reviews seem positive but I just wondered if there were any other places I should consider that is comparable to the experiences I have had at 9th and M&S, mainly good food, and an intimate environment (tiny tea lights optional).

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