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  • Favorite foods: Pizza, Barbeque

How to Make Japanese-Style Pork and Cabbage Dumplings (Gyoza)

ah, I'd been crimping on both sides you don't get as much of a crescent, must try your method.

Was making a big batch recently and left first lot under the broiler (to keep warm) a bit too long so ended up crispy tops too, which wasn't bad

The Best and Most Accurate Way to Measure Wet and Dry Ingredients for Baking

"the average cup of flour... weighs in at about five ounces (148 grams). This is the equivalency we use in all Serious Eats recipes"

What about republished recipes, do you adjust those?

Are all the old recipes going to be updated with weights? I remember some were just volume in the past

The Le Creuset Bi-Material Spoon Is the First Plastic Spoon Worth Owning

This is a really good silicon spoon/spatula, its reinforced with a metal rod internally so its strong, all one piece so the top wont come off in sticky batter or get gunk/bad flavours stuck between handle and head, spoon is shallow enough that it can be used a regular spatula but can still scoop stuff:

Waffle Iron Churros

How long does the batter keep? could you make night before?

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Tomorrow's My Grand Opening

Godd luck, planning a trip to NY in Dec/Jan will definitely pay a trip to AS

Cast Iron Cooking: The Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots That Will Forever Change How You Entertain

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Decorating With Flamethrowers

Good work on the photos Tyson (& Max)

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: My 18-Hour Work Day

@Tyson, why the same photos each week? a few in progress shots would be goods. Caleb Schiff posted them on his series was interesting to see the place coming along week to week.

and yes why no macro or script for the spreadsheet?

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Trouble With Contractors

@ Tyson, how many times did you have to visit Show Palace for research purposes?

Gadgets: Breville's Smart Waffle Maker Produces Perfectly Browned Waffles

Read some more of DB's reviews on here she's generally pretty neutral and has given bad reviews for less useful kit so I think her reviews can be trusted

Salt-Cured, Soy-Marinated, and Fertilized: A Guide to Asia's Amazing Eggs

Why Have I Never Tried: Time Out?

try Nestle Drifter bar, doesn't have flake but has caramel and wafer

The Best San Francisco-Style Sub Sandwiches in the Mission District

In Our Community Corner: Meet Paul Maki (aka: Meat Guy)

Where's the meat questions?

Ask The Food Lab: Is It OK To Probe My Meat?

Which part of a thermometer measures the heat? is it solely the tip or the shaft leading up to the tip? if it's inserted into a large piece of meat the shaft will be in the warmer outside part while the tip will be in the coller inside part, what is my temp reading showing me? Tip(min), shaft(max) or average?

American Classics: Potato Chip Cookies

Bar Bites: Sea Salt and Vinegar Peanuts

can i use really thin potato slices instead of peanuts?

raw peanuts = monkey nuts

Ikea Recalls Meatballs; Mark Bittman's Op-Ed; Celiac Disease

your info on the horse meat scandal is a bit out of date, the source of the horse meat is now thought to be eastern europe, the Irish plant was processing only it (as were French, Endlish,Czech and other plants).

My Pie Monday: Savoyarde, Dutch Gouda, Gas Station Pizza and More!

NY pie looks good Scott, must try that big slice idea again, i've veered over to Neopolitan for the last while

The Food Lab: Can I Dry Age Beef At Home?

ki Kenji,was that an anomoly in your graph that the two day had lost more moisture that the one day steak or just a typo?

Ask The Food Lab: What's The Best Way To Freeze Pizza Dough?

if you freeze in individual plastic bags you can tie them and put them in warm water to speed up the defrosting when they come out

The Food Lab: How To Make Carne Adovada (Chili-Braised Pork)

Airport Food That's Actually Good

O'Hares international terminal sucks, made the mistake of walking past the decent stuff in the other terminals from a connecting flight, think it's McD's, hotdogs or deepdish pies

One Reason Coffee Is Hard to Make: How Much Is a Cup?

Any chance Serious Eats could put metric measurements beside the imperial ones on your recipes?

The Food Lab Lite: Fried Fish Sandwiches With Creamy Slaw and Tartar Sauce

Hi Kenji, would you use this batter for fish tacos or switch out the beer for water/vodka?

Japanese Grape Marshmallows

Have these been done on the Japanese candy reviews yet? if not, get on it! I came across them in an asian food store yesterday ate the bag while walking around other shops and went back for more. They also come in peach, orange and strawberry. Seriously yum!

Could Seitan be used increase protein content of pizza dough?

Hi All,
I've found high protein flour (>11%) hard to come by but recently came across the (to me exremely weird) process of making Seitan (popular Vegan/Asian vital wheat gluten food), which involves washing the starch out of flour to be left with pretty much only a blob of gluten.

Being a devout meatatarian i hadn't come across Seitan before and i was wondering if it could be used in Pizza making to up the protein level in the dough receipe?

Anyone tried it or would whey powder or something like that be an easier solution?

Honeymoon eats....

Hey folks,
I'm getting married next week in Tuscany, should be in for some good food there, but i'm looking for some suggestions for our honeymoon.

We're hitting Vegas (3 nights), Kauai (1 week), Oahu(1 week) and San Francisco (2 nights) and we have a lovely 4 hour stopover in Newark airport.

We're both pizza, bbq and donut fans but not big into fish(yeah i know we're going to an island!).

I'm hoping to get to UPN in San Fran and the malasadas lady on Kauai ( but haven't really really tied down anywhere else.

We've both been dieting/starving ourselves for the last 6 months and I'm down to 160lb so i'm really HUNGRY, anyone got any suggestions?

Pizza Slices: Larger slices from smaller pies

My pizza stone can hold a 12 inch pie but not much more, so my slices are are usually 6 inches long but i prefer the cheese to crust ratio you get on a larger slice also the foldability..

Has anyone experimented with non round shapes to produce larger slices? I'm thinking the sort of shape you get from 4 interlocking slices (you'd have a crust at each end you have to cut off and have a B shape on eiter side...)

maybe i'm losing it....

Pasta extrusion and extruders.

I'm sure many of you have made homemade pasta with pasta roller machines or a rolling pin but have any of you made pasta shapes or spagetti with a pasta extruder at home?

I love spagetti but never liked the squarish shape it comes out of my roller attachment

I've looked online and unless you spend big bucks on a massive bronze/steel die machine there doesn't seem to be many options, has anyone found a reasonably priced one worth buying?

Eat out or stay in and cook, which do you prefer?

This subject may have come up before...
I lived in New York for a while and the price of produce there meant that eating out or cooking in cost about the same, also the great choice of restaurants meant that you could mix it up without having to travel too far, so i ate out a good bit while i lived there.

Since returning to Ireland though i've found i don't eat out too much any more, I like to cook (and my other half likes my cooking!) plus restaurant prices here are much higher than what it would cost to make at home.
Also i've started to find restaurants a bit stuffy, i like to eat in a more relaxed environment, you can't unbuckle your belt at the table in a least without getting dirty looks.

So going out for dinner is nice for special occasions but i much prefer to eat in, am I alone/weird/antisocial in this?

Masterchef new format

Anyone watching the new series of Masterchef on BBC? What do you make of the new format?

I think the audition rounds are a bit X-factor but looking forward to the next episodes in the new kitchen

Pizza Sausage Recipes??

Hi All,
I've seen recipes for every other parts of a pie on here but none for sausage and i here most good pizza joint make their own, anyone got any sausage recipes?

Is it generally different from the breakfast sausages?

I live in Ireland and sausages here are a good bit different to the ones in the US, they are usually pork (should be >80% but some times not) and breadcrumbs with some flavourings, they are fattier, usually fried or grilled and always served in what you would call links (no patties).

Not sure they would work on Pizza as they can be a bit greasy and aren't a flavourfull as the sausage you get on pizza in the US

Road trip NY => Kentucky => Chicago....where to eat??

Hi All,
I'm new to this site but love it straight away.

I'm planning on flying into NY around halloween and doing a road trip to Chicago via Kentucky.

It'll probably be 3 days in NY and 10days on the road.

Obviously food could dictate some of the route. Can you guys recommend the places i should visit and where to eat and the places that i shouldn't miss?


Samantha Bee's Salty Caramel

To make this salty stunner, a couldn't-be-simpler pretzel crust serves as the base for a honey-sweetened, brown-buttery filling, topped with a thick layer of melted chocolate and cream. A healthy sprinkling of flaky sea salt is the finishing touch. More

The Complete Serious Eats Barbecue & Sauce Style Guide

A few years back, When Pigs Fly columnist James Boo published two separate but equally comprehensive guides—one to American regional barbecue styles, the other to American regional barbecue sauces. Now, to celebrate Barbecue Week, we've combined both posts into one glorious super guide, designed to provide you with the most encyclopedic barbecue coverage possible. More

NYC Pizza Crawl: Where Do You Take Out-of-Towners?

So, I've got a couple of friends staying with me for a few days in New York. One has been here before. The other is an English boy living in Los Angeles who is here for the very first time, which, to me, means one thing: we need to get this guy some pizza, stat. So much pizza, so little time. Where do I start, and where would you take them? More

New York Quintessentials: 12 Classic Pizza Joints You Should Know

New York has long been regarded as a, if not the, pizza Mecca. But these days, many of our city's most highly publicized pizzerias share increasingly less with the slice joints and classic pie shops that engendered that reputation in the first place. Whether you're a native New Yorker or a first-time visitor, here are 12 old-school pizzerias you should definitely know. More

The Pizza Lab: Pesto Pizza

Back when I was a wee food labber who spent his summers at band camp,* my favorite day of the summer was when the camp's cook, Glen, would make his pesto. We'd have a camp-wide pesto spaghetti eating contest, in which I may have been the only competitor. This simultaneously made me a winner and a complete loser each time. What can I say? I loved my pesto back then as much as I love it now. Today, we're gonna stick it on pizza. But first, a few words to the wise. More

Richard Blais's Brisket with Coriander, Black Pepper, and Brown Sugar

With Passover right around the corner, it is the perfect time to perfect a roast brisket recipe. For something different than the standard salt, pepper, and go method, look no further than Richard Blais's Brisket with Coriander, Black Pepper and Brown Sugar. Hidden towards the back of his new cookbook, Try This at Home, this brisket is piquant enough to awaken any family member dozing in the middle of an hours-long dinner. More

The Serious Eats Pizza-Making Guide

Welcome to our brand new pizza index! Over the years, our staff and readers have worked to build a treasure trove of pizza recipes and techniques, ranging from regional classics to home kitchen adaptations and twists. Have we covered it all? Absolutely not—that would take all the fun out it! One of pizza's greatest qualities, at least in our humble opinion, is how difficult it is to pin down or define. Ideally, this list will continue to grow and evolve indefinitely. In the meantime, we've done our best to organize our existing pizza resources to make things a little easier for all the home cooks and aspiring pizzaoli out there. Have at it, Slice'rs! More

Dinner Tonight: Pork Chops with 'Magic Dust'

If you're done much research in the realm of barbecue, you may have come across a spice mixture, credited to the great barbecue pitmaster Mike Mills, known as "magic dust." It is a marvelous, intoxicating mix of spices that can be used as a dry rub not only on a rack of ribs for smoking, but just about any cut of meat (or even sprinkled over vegetables), making it a handy mix to have around at all times. I always make up a big batch and use it regularly, which is how I found myself with a gorgeous, marbled, thick-cut pork chop and the inspiration for an easy way to dress it up. More

Winter Baking: 10 Cream Pie Recipes We Love

Admittedly, cream pies are the stuff of slapstick comedy and road trip restaurants. But they're also one of our favorite winter desserts because most are made without any out of season ingredients. From classics like Boston Cream Pie to upscale takes like Bourbon and Brittle Banana Cream Pie, take a look at 10 of our favorite recipes, no frozen fruit required. More

Seriously Asian: Velveting Meat

The Chinese technique of velveting meat is an oft-used yet underappreciated one. It refers to the coating of meat pieces in cornstarch, egg whites, wine, and other seasonings such as garlic and soy sauce, to make it more tender. Learning how to velvet meat is as integral to Chinese cooking as say, browning meat is for the French or Italian. More

Bouchon Bakery's TKO Cookies

Think of these as an elegant Oreo. An elegant, giant Oreo. Deeply chocolatey, with a white chocolate based cream that's far more satisfying than sugar paste, these are cookies you can eat alone, or filled, or double filled. Don't tell Keller. More

Cranberry Sauce! 5 Different Recipes

Cranberry sauce is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. (Anyone else?) Tart and delicious, it holds the Thanksgiving meal together. The gorgeous red-maroon hue brightens the otherwise brownish plate, and its refreshing flavor improves just about everything it touches. Look here for 5 different ways to make a saucy cranberry side. More

The Food Lab's Complete Guide To Pan-Seared Steaks

Summers are made for the grill, but what's a steak lover to do when the weather's too cold and wet to light the suckers up? Just cook them indoors. Indeed, pan-seared steaks have several distinct advantages over grilled steaks—enough that there are times when given the two choices, I'll choose pan-seared just for the sake of it. While grilling will get you a rapid-fire crust on your steak with all those delightfully crisp, on-the-verge-of-burnt bits and a good smoky flavor, I find that the even golden brown crust you can develop in a hot cast-iron pan really accentuates the flavor of the beef itself, letting it shine. On top of that, pan-searing affords you the opportunity to add your own flavorings in the form of aromatics. Pan-seared steaks come out about 4 percent moister to boot.

Here's the best way to do it.