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  • Last bite on earth: A huge platter of french fries, dripping with mushroom gravy and caramelized onions.

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Crispy All-Cheese Taco Shells

Kind of a weird question, but where did you buy the plate?

Staff Picks: Do You Prefer Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin Cookies?

I vote for oatmeal chocolate chip too. The oats just kinda cut into the sweetness, and the raisins add a tangy dimension to the chocolatey profile of the cookie. I could write a thesis on this.

Let's Get Drunk Watching: The Bachelor

I hope this column stays forever. The closest I will ever get to watching The Bachelor. Dude, whatever happened to that Alex guy in season one?

Cheetos from 'Classic Snacks Made from Scratch'

Serious question, I thought these product names are copyrighted or trademarked? How does stuff like that work?

And I agree, the cheetos do look a little weird. I'm wondering if you can make them thinner and less, uh, tubular.

Midnight Snack: Upper West Side Meatballs

My husband is not at Cotta anymore (he was the chef). God, I miss the meatballs.

Dinner Tonight: Steamed Salmon with Chard, Pine Nuts, and Raisins

It looks like there is serum albumen -- doesn't it just mean that the steam is too hot?

Win Tickets To 'The Food Porn Party' at NYC Food Film Festival

A classic layered cake.

It keeps its shape in room temperature, you can color each layer all sorts of funky colors (or not), you can alter the frosting and decorations as much as you want. It's beautiful when it's whole. It's also beautiful by itself as a slice...or even if someone is cutting a slice. It's versatile and you can make it, mold it into whatever you want it to be. That's why cake is awesomely delicious and photogenic.

Milk Burger in East Harlem: No, This Is Not Shake Shack

Robin should sue the pants off of them for image stealing. I HATE people who do that.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Foods on a Stick

This weekend, I made this easy snack:

About two months ago, I made green bean casserole on a stick for the Minnesota State Fair Affair in Brooklyn (as a Minnesotan in New York, I REALLY appreciated this event). Weirdly, it ended up on FoxNews' main site. The recipe for that, is here:

'Never Said About Restaurant Websites,' A Blog About What's Wrong with Restaurant Websites

I don't think people understand that some restaurant owners are hella stubborn on the way they want to do things....

Weekend Cook and Tell: Thanksgiving Leftover Derby!

I made a savory Thanksgiving [leftovers] pie (leftover mashed potatoes, leftover turkey, mixed vegetables)!

NYC: Head to Whitman's in the East Village for Pimento Cheese-Stuffed Burgers and More

Being from Minneapolis (and currently living in New York), I didn't care for their Juicy Lucy. The cracked kale is pretty good though.

A New Griddle Makes Mark One of the Best Burger Bargains in the City

Their Guinness milkshake is my most favorite thing in the ENTIRE world.

Who Sells Your Favorite Croissants in New York?

I love Ceci Cela croissants as well as the ones from Patisserie Claude.

And one HUGE peeve about this post: pain au chocolate IS NOT A CROISSANT.

Enter to Be a Judge in Tomorrow's SE Chocolate Chip Cookie Tasting

My nutella cookies.

(I'm not trying to do it for the sake of plugging in my blog but the recipe is here:

Fish-and-Chip-Flavored Ice Cream

I had a seafood sundae in Taipei: one scoop each of shrimp ice cream, squid ink, and nori with red beans and some condensed milk to sweeten it. I have a picture of it somewhere!

seeking an old-fashioned candy

I think Economy Candy on the Lower East Side is a good bet: they have a lot of nostalgic candies and harder to find items. The second alternative is Dylan's Candy Bar but it's too trendy to be priced reasonably.

Craving Pancakes

I'm super biased towards the lemon ricotta pancakes at Five Points. More importantly, the pancakes at The Smith with rum: yum!

here's the real reason not to eat in the subway

Sorry, but that's creepy that someone would just take food from a stranger. Carrots don't smell so I wouldn't be annoyed if someone ate that. Eggs and citrus on the other hand, a different story.

BTW, even though I don't eat on the subway but I have no respect for