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Do You Have A Weird Pizza Eating Habit?

The first bite is absolutely the best, I eat it first, while its hot. I also think the crust tastes better inside out.

Holiday Wawa: The Turkey Gobbler

While it may be true that none of the ingredients are spectacular, something special happens when they all come together

A Guide to the Flushing Mall Food Court

I was sad about the takoyaki leaving too!

I 100% agree with the salt and pepper squid, probably the best fried squid for the price.

I also love the hand drawn noodle soup in the corner.

Don't forget the pork burger at Temple Snacks!

What the takoyaki looked like there:

Seriously Asian: Amaranth Greens

I love this stuff, so earthy and pretty and very inexpensive

Cocktails: A New Style of Pisco Explores the Spirit's Potential

Pisco is delicious. In Chile, everyone drinks it with Coke- piscola. They rock. Liquor stores will sell a bottle of Capel pisco and a liter of Coke for a few dollars. It is usually tourists who drink pisco sours. Capel is the standard brand you see every where. Los Artesenos is considered a little better quaility. And Alto del Carmen is when you want to get fancy with it. The degree you see on the bottle coorelats to the percentage of alcohol. 35% is standard, 40% is more potent.

Eggs Travaganza in Midtown: The First Power Breakfast Cart Ever?

the food cart on 33rd and 9th also serves eggs and chorizo sandwiches. yum!

Off the Beaten Path: Qingdao Cuisine at Flushing’s M&T Restaurant

Thanks again for pointing this place out, the flavors here are more subtle and refined than other places in the neighborhood. I loved that fern thing. You gotta try those sausages, really really good!

Dim Sum at Ocean Jewel in Flushing, Queens

@ gusto I think Gala Manor has the best dim sum in Flushing
@gogo Isn't that dish peppers stuffed with shrimp paste?

The Heaven Chicken Is Hellishly Good at Golden Shopping Mall’s No. 31

Didn't think it was that spicy... The chicken was a little fatty, but the sauce was awesome, we took it home with us yummmmm

Adventures in Aebelskivers: 'Viking Cuisine' at Madison Square Park Pop-Up Market

pancake takoyaki is also the first thing that came into my head. what is it about that shape that is so irresistible?

Joseph Leonard for Lunch: Next Stop, Yummyville?

The hash browns and stuffing look devine-omite!

My Favorite Breakfast Meat: Chinese Sausage

what are the good brands to get? I love them in sticky rice but never know which to purchase when on my own.

Otokomae at Sunrise Mart, Revelatory Tofu Imported from Japan

thanks! absolutely amazing, I will keep my eyes out for it! It does sound like a great thing to bring for lunch.

Otokomae at Sunrise Mart, Revelatory Tofu Imported from Japan

Sorry, I feel like I am missing something- it looks like you are just eating it out of the container- it doesn't require cooking? That would be awesome

Seolleongtang, Ox Bone Broth, from Gahm Mi Oak

I royally ruined the soup with too much salt, don't make my mistake

Visiting supermarkets when traveling - doesn't everyone?

YES there is nothing better. I think I got this love of international grocery stores from my mom. Its one of the ways to truly understand a country. All the hanging jamon in Spain- drool! Local produce always excites me as well.

Hey Ed, how was Pizza Suprema?

I love Pizza Suprema. D'aiutos is all about the cheesecake, though I recently had some amazing rainbow cookies that were freshly baked. That corner holds all the classic american staples: pizza, cheesecake, hot dog venders, and burgers and fries (from the Burger Shack)