German Potato Salad

when I said that she used the bacon reserve the drippings is what i meant and she never used the same brand. i know they use vinegar and or mustard in the "other" German potato salads but this is a sweet salad hence the apples. thnx everyone for the input, tho'.

Military pizza with a 3 year shelf life...

wow. G.I. canned pizza! Way back I had to eat C-rats and I cannot believe that they would make a canned (?) pizza that I would want to eat.

German Potato Salad

My ex- always made a potato salad that consisted for red potatoes, coarsely chopped red onion, a red sweet apple and a granny smith, bacon, eggs and kosher dills. For the sauce she started with the bacon reserve. For some reason I cannot get the same taste. This came originally from her Mother who was from Hattingen am Ruhr. Has anyone heard of this recipe that can help me with the finishing touch? I do not get online often as I am an old fart who would rather read a good book with pages so if someone out there can answer this request I'll get it a lot quicker with an email.

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